5 Amazon Must Haves To Buy Now For Christmas

Before I get into my topic today I want to let you know what’s been going on this week.

I’m truly sorry for not posting but you are my Cloches & Lavender family and I’m sure you will understand.

Especially if you are a pet lover.

It’s been a tough 2 months in puppy land for us and my bestie Audrey.

You see we both have mini dachshunds. In fact, they are from the same breeder and are a year apart.

Audrey’s pups are 13 and ours are 12 and quite frankly we don’t know how time has flown by so quickly. Yes, we call our dogs puppies because Dachshunds stay perpetual puppies.

Actually, Peanut is our baby and Reeses is our 2-year-old toddler.

Reese and Peanut our pups

Reeses and Peanut’s Couch

Her one dog has been dealing with serious health issues and it has been quite upsetting for us all. But the best part, he’s on the mend. Yay, Sproutie.

Our girl Peanut has liver enzyme issues and we finally had to get a needle biopsy done we are waiting anxiously for the results.

Hence we have to wait for the results until this afternoon at 4:40 so it’s been a tough week. However, Peanut’s other tests came back great so we are all encouraged. She had an ultrasound and special urine tests and her liver is functioning.

So, to my readers, I’m sorry I was missing this week. But be ready I have many things in store for you and I can’t wait to share these.

End of October and What Should be in the Plans

October is Over and What Should You be Planning

Can you believe October is over? You know what this means right?

You may not want to hear this however NOW is the time to stock up for Christmas. So, let’s see my 5 Amazon must haves to buy now for Christmas!

I shared many tips about getting ready for Christmas in July and some information about getting ready early. So, I’m going to share ideas that may be similar but not the same. Does this make sense? Are you on board and following? I sure hope so.

However, today I’m sharing some of my favorite Christmas decor items that sell quickly.

no sew stockings and free pattern 5 amazon must haves to buy now for Christmas
I share easy stockings with a free pattern

By the way, I made these stockings for our mantel, and guess what? These are no-sew and share every detail!

Also, some areas in the country are still having supply chain issues. So, I highly recommend shopping for certain items now before they are gone.

Let’s face it I have been there too. I see something and say I’ll come back for it and it’s gone. It’s the worst feeling, isn’t it?

So let’s get a jump on things now and avoid this issue together. What do you say?

I’m going to share some Christmas decorating essentials. Most products we own ourselves and these items I’m sharing are perfect for any home decorating style.

Best Christmas Decorating Items for the Home

Best Christmas Items or the Home From Amazon

Number 1: Wreaths

Wreaths are perfect for so many areas of the home when decorating for the holidays.

Add These too:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Indoor decorative doors, shutters, gates, and old windows with a satin or velvet ribbon
  • centerpieces on the coffee table or dining table look beautiful too with a large candle

This is a pretty wreath with pinecones and a touch of red

How about a cedar and mixed juniper berry wreath

And here’s a pretty natural-looking wreath with soft white lights!

Finally, this wreath is pretty with lights and a bit of red as well.

I didn’t want to forget the ribbon to hang these pretty wreaths. Here’s a velvet that comes in many colors and a satin ribbon available in different colors. I have these both and love them!

Number 2: Best Christmas Trees & Skirt

Here I chose some of the best Christmas Trees. By the way, we have the Puleo and we love it. Friends of ours have a Balsam Hill and they are beyond thrilled and another has one from National Tree Company. The small tree from Afloral is amazing. We also have the Norfolk garland and it’s gorgeous!

Also, a few of the trees I had in mind to share are sold out as well as a few wreaths.

I also enjoy adding smaller trees to baskets and crates throughout our home. These can easily be found visiting Home Goods, Target, and even Amazon for great prices to stay on budget.

Here’s a Christmas tree from the National Tree Company that friends have and love.

Balsam Hill has gorgeous trees and friends love this and it’s on SALE!

We have this Christmas tree and love it! We also have this little one and it’s so pretty!

Also, we can’t forget about tree skirts, right? This white one is very pretty and this knit looks like an Irish sweater without the price.

Number 3: Ornaments for the Bowls or Trees

The best thing about these Christmas balls and decorations is they come in numerous colors. These are also shatterproof so add these to trays and bowls with berries, pinecones, nuts, oranges, red apples, or other seasonal fruits from your local grocery store.

How to make a pinecone wreath easily
Make this easy pinecone wreath to add to your home for Christmas

Here’s another easy craft that works for fall, the holiday season, and winter. How budget-friendly is that? This is a great wreath to make and again I share all the easy steps.

These ornaments come in various colors for a great price. And these come in tons of colors and they have more in them.

And this pack of Christmas balls comes in different colors and has some elongated pieces.

Number 4: Candles for Warmth for Celebrating

Especially during this time of year candlelight is the perfect addition to a home. I have candles lit everywhere inside our home. I love burning one scented jar candle every day.

I have these flameless candles and the timers are wonderful and the batteries last for months. These are especially perfect when the home is filled with family and friends and there are no worries about a flame. Also, they don’t compete with the many meals we are making and serving.

These flameless candles are beautiful and I use these all fall through winter! Can we say great timer options too?

I also have these and use them all year round and they are perfect for dining tables! The timer and flame are perfect!

These are perfect to add to a mantle, table trays, and basket trays around your home. And these are perfect in brass!

Number 5: Trays to Add to Tables or Use as Centerpieces

Here are some great trays and bowls for the holidays as well. Fill these with real or faux greenery. Use garlands and seasonal sprays with white berries, red berries, or silver and gold berries.

Use these as centerpieces on a coffee table, dining room table, kitchen island, or even accent tables.

Also, pine branches, holly branches, and a small wreath in the center with a flameless candle looks pretty. Surround these greens and branches with ornaments, pine cones, and nuts, and add real cranberries or faux cranberries too.

I have been looking for one of these and think you may like it too. I’m adding this to our home!

Here’s another piece that’s perfect to hold greens, pine cones, and more! Here’s another perfect piece and a sale!

And here are a couple more for the road that will work perfectly! This piece isn’t only decorative but useful too.

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2 thoughts on “5 Amazon Must Haves To Buy Now For Christmas

  1. Prayers for sweet Peanut. I am anxious for you to get her results. I think it is very encouraging that her liver is function and no masses and her blood work is good. Sometimes when we age our liver enzymes can elevate so I hope that is just the case with Peanut. Nothing more. Keep us posted Cindy I know how worried you are. They are our family members too and we love them like we love our children. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks so much Kris. You know how we love these two. Her liver is functioning fine. We are waiting for the needle aspiration results today and to see if Copper is in her liver. We were told the copper is rare. I will keep you posted XXOO

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