12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

I have 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for husbands or the man in your life. It truly can be a challenge at times when deciding what to buy the man in our life for Christmas.

Before I share these I have to admit the title of the classic holiday song began playing over and over in my head.

You know, on the first day my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Let’s see how I do. Then there are two turtle doves, three French Hens, 4 calling birds, and 5 golden rings. Not bad but for me, I have to be honest this is when I have trouble getting the rest of the days of Christmas song right.

How about you?

How About Beginning With Advent?

Begin With Advent Pieces

An advent calendar is a great way to lead up to the twelve days of Christmas and is typically filled with small gifts. Normally a gift tag hangs from the handle of the knob on a small drawer or house and it’s a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

We didn’t grow up with these but I bet the kids especially when young have so much fun seeing little items they may find on a particular day leading up to the Christmas holidays.

A great starting point for advent is to add inexpensive gifts. For example, tuck little gifts like milk chocolate, homemade coupons, a little note saying I love you DAD and a special treat! Another great idea to add to the advent calendar for him is an IOU for taking over one of his chores. This is especially easy and thoughtful for the kids plus they will have quality time together.

12 gifts of Christmas gift ideas for husbands
Advent Wreath

By the way, here’s a fun holiday gift for everyone especially to use on Christmas Eve. It is a ring toss game with large reindeer antlers.

I just purchased this to use on Christmas day with my family and I know we will have a good laugh and so much fun playing this together. My hubby and I even know who we are going to pick to wear these. I know this is going to make them wonder if it’s them after reading this post.

When we were young in our family golf balls were our gift of choice for dad and grandpa. Our family is full of golfers so this was easy for my mom when we were young and all the men in the family were thrilled.

When Should You Begin the Twelve Days of Christmas

When Twelve Days of Christmas Begins

You may wonder when the traditional twelve days of Christmas begin. The twelve days begin Christmas morning, December 25th and it ends January 5th at midnight.

This is also a great way to begin a new tradition and is an easy way to get the kids involved. They can be handmade gifts or buy a delicious treat that makes this a special gift.

For these gift ideas, I will be sharing reasonable price ideas as well as a few larger-priced items. This is a great way to share many choices with you and some of these will work for stocking stuffers too!

Also, my hope is I can take some pressure off of you so you can spend time enjoying the things you may enjoy doing during the holidays. Maybe it’s going to see friends and extended family. Maybe this will give you time to bake if you enjoy baking as much as I do.

This may also give you time to relax and enjoy a favorite Hallmark Christmas movie or an old black-and-white holiday movie. I’m truly one of the people that can’t get enough of Christmas movies, and Christmas music.

12 gifts of Christmas gift ideas for husbands

Now let’s take a look at 12 gifts of Christmas gift ideas for husbands. Are you ready for some great ideas? What do you think?

Gift Ideas for the Men in Our Lives

Present Ideas for the Man in Our Life

By the way, the one thing I like about these gift ideas is they will work for birthday gifts, father’s day, other special occasions, and even family members.

My husband has a birthday on December 30th so the good news is many of these help me get a headstart for Christmas and I’m all set for his special day. Do you have any birthdays around the Christmas season?

If you do this list has some of the latest gadgets and they all don’t break the bank.

Day One Gift

Here’s a great idea for the first day of Christmas especially when he’s hard at work and needs his cup of coffee to stay warm. This is also perfect for the gift giver too to keep your tea, cider, hot chocolate, or even your coffee warm while reading a good book or even crafting.

Second Day of Gift Ideas for Him

For the second day of Christmas gift ideas, these are the best gift ideas for him to keep his devices, wallet, keys, and sunglasses together so he never has to say “has anyone seen my sunglasses, keys, or phone?” Extra bonus it keeps items off the counters and dressers.

Buying one of these for my husband has been great because items seemed to pile up on the kitchen counters. Now my husband doesn’t do things that drive me crazy, however, having a keyfob, money, etc. in the kitchen makes me nuts. So now all his items are in one spot and are neat and the counters are clean from clutter. And he loves having this piece to help him out.

By the way, these contain affiliate links. What does this mean?

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. Also, keep in mind I try my hardest to pick items I know are the best and own or have family or friends that have most of these items. I appreciate you supporting my blog a tiny bit so I am able to continue to share content with you.

Day Three Gift Idea for Husbands

Here’s an example of thoughtful gifts for the third day of Christmas. These may help your better half relax and is perfect for him to bring with him to a sports game with his friends or family too.

Added bonus, this will be perfect for keeping items cold for springs and summer getaways with the entire family.

Fourth Gift Ideas Perfect for Outdoors

The best thing about the fourth day of Christmas gift ideas is these will keep him safe when riding his bike, hiking, taking a run, or even walking the dog in the evenings. These are especially perfect if you live in a wooded or dark area.

Day Five Gift Ideas Great for Relaxing

Now for the fifth day of Christmas, I am sharing some pieces that are the perfect way for him to stay comfy and cozy on the weekends.

These also are great gifts for the fitness man in your life.

My husband goes for a run every morning and he loves these pieces especially now with early mornings being cold and at times windy.

12 days of Christmas gift ideas for husbands
12 days of Christmas gift ideas for husbands

More Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Some More Ideas for the Man in your Life

Sixth Day of Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas for the sixth day of Christmas to have in his man cave or to enjoy outside by the fire pit with his friends or even when he wants to enjoy a glass of whiskey or bourbon while toasting marshmallows for smores. Oh, you know that even grown men especially my husband have sweet tooths. Put a bag of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows out and my husband will eat them in a minute. In fact, he will eat the chocolate more than anything else especially if Hershey bars are involved.

By the way, this recipe is perfect for Christmas and is delicious!

Gingerbread Biscotti a delicious treat for 12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas for husbands
Gingerbread Biscotti

Day Seven Present Ideas

For the most part, the seventh day of Christmas gifts is more for the outdoors but I think these are great ideas to have ready for the warmer weather.

Plus, this will help with the grilling season to help him know when meats are at the right temperature. No one enjoys an overcooked steak, burger, or chicken from the grill or barbeque. Am I right?

Eighth Day of Gifts

Here’s an example of ideas for the eighth day of Christmas that’s especially great if one of his favorite things is pizza. I’m even sharing extra pieces that will work perfectly with this gift idea so he’ll be all set to go!

I have to tell you we have a 30-year tradition of making homemade pizza every Friday night. So my husband has been doing this for a long time and quite honestly, I’m a pizza snob because he makes the BEST! We call it Pizza Friday! Getting John all of the gadgets and pieces he needs to make pizzas is one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten!

Day Nine Present Ideas

Now, how perfect is this for the ninth day of Christmas? This is the perfect Christmas gift for the beer lover and it’s even pretty copper so it works with your decor.

Also, throw in some glasses to keep the beer cold and his hands dry and comfortable while enjoying a cold beer on a hot afternoon during the warmer weather months. He can also enjoy this with friends!

Tenth Day of Gifts

Here’s a great gift for the tenth day of Christmas to help when he’s doing chores and repairs around the house to make the job a little bit faster. Besides this will help if your husband needs to build you anything on your wish list or honey-do list. Of course, they know we always come up with ideas for them to build us something.

And for all you DIY women out there you can ask to borrow it too! I for one, am chicken when it comes to power tools even a drill. This is why it’s fantastic to have my husband as my handyman.

Day Eleven for Presents

For the eleventh day of Christmas, this is one of my favorite gifts, especially for someone who struggles to get relaxed and needs a goodnight’s sleep. This may be an obvious choice and helpful for parents to turn their minds off.

I actually think this is perfect for anyone who’s under tons of stress too.

Here’s another gift idea that may help relieve some stress and even help with tight muscles from shoveling snow, cutting the grass, lifting heavy items, or being sore from exercising.

Twelfth Day of Gifts

For the twelfth day of Christmas, a gift card to uncommon goods or Amazon may be the best way to go so he can purchase something he’s had his eye on and hasn’t mentioned to anyone.

This happens or maybe right now they aren’t sure what they want and he will use it down the road.

Another example of a Christmas gift is taking him to his favorite restaurant so you can have a relaxing evening together and catch up after the busy holiday season.

I hope these 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for husbands offer some help and you find something you like especially for the man that’s hard to shop for during Christmas or any occasion. Again, these gifts are great for birthdays, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and Father’s Day too!

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10 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

  1. Love all these gift ideas Cindy. Men can be so hard to buy for and there are some neat things you showed. I like those glasses that keep your hands warm and beverage cold. Going over the Amazon I have a few on my list that would like those. Have a great Thanksgiving. xoxo Kris

  2. My husband would like almost every gift on this list. But by far his favorite gift he’s gotten besides his game systems would be a Man Crate. Those things are filled with amazing high quality products, and they have come out with so many various kinds it’s not even funny. (No, I don’t work for them or with them!)

    But this is list full of affordable reasonable gift ideas for the men in our lives.

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