Christmas Time Dining Room

Today is Christmas time in the dining room. So, I am getting the table ready for the entire family for this Christmas and can’t be happier.

I can’t wait to have the family enjoying food, laughter and storeies at Christmas time. It’s been while since we had a normal Christmas celebration.

If you are visiting from Corine’s from Junk to Gems welcome.  She has so much Christmas inspiration to share.

Because we are going to all be together, I’m making sure to not miss a thing and enjoy the process of getting ready for Christmas time in the dinng room.

Of course this means getting my menu down and my baking begun this weekend. I have all sorts of goodies I plan to bake this year. I generally, bake for the family gatherings however, this year is different. Why, you may wonder? Because it’s been too long.

Updating Chargers For With A New Craft

First off, I made sure I updated pieces for Christmas. I began this process with updating my dining room chargers. For the most part, I enjoy feeding my family because they enjoy everything I cook and bake.

close up of the charger redone and one dinner dish

However, I did this update to fit in with our French home style. Additionally, there’s no better time to make an easy update than to celebrate Christmas time.

graphic for homes on a christmas tour

When I made the decision to update the chargers for Christmas, I decided to try a new craft.

Here is a project using the technique with that’s interesting. 

Because I enjoy mixing elegant and natural decor adding greens to the table feels like a no brainer.

Adding Greens To A Jardiniere With Birch Logs

Greens add a soft elegant look in this antique French Jardiniere on our Christmas dining room table. Adding a few birch logs keeps it neutral adding another rustic element.

French jardiniere filled with greens, birch logs, pinecones and a crown

If you enjoy seeing vintage French style you may enjoy seeing these vintage French pieces.  This may give you inspiration for your home.  I share links to quite a few easy crafts that make great gift ideas!

I generally, add layers of fake and preserved real greens to the centerpiece in our Christmas time dining room to add a layered realistic look. Scattering pinecones is pretty. I also added a signature of mine, a crown. I have a particular fondness for crowns.

picture of the centerpiece for christmas time in the dining room
an angle looking at the centerpiece

Choosing Dishes For Our Christmas In The Dining Room

For the most part, when adding dishes to my tables I like to combine different patterns. However, this year for Christmas time in the dining room, I’m using my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dishes. Some are antique and a few are newer. Remember mixing old with new pieces is a great money saver.

a close up of the dinner plate and charger

Keeping with my neutral table theme I added grain sack napkins in soft blue and gray. On top of each place setting I made glitter snowflakes.

showing a napkin with a glitter snowflake on top for christmas time in the dining room

Take a look because they are truly easy and budget friendly pieces to add to packages and table settings.

the dining room table with candles lity and showing the table set for christmas time in the dining room
a different angle of the centerpiece on the table
showing the candles lit and a close up of the candle sticks
another angle of the dining room
a full picture of the christmas time dining room
a different angle of the dining room
clsoe up of the back of a dining room chair with a small wreath
another angle of the christmas time in the dining room with candles lit and the table set

Christmas Pieces In The Rest Of The Room Include Trees And Ornaments

On a small buffet I added plain green snow covered trees to my antique copper Jardiniere with satin ribbon tied to resemble a neck tie on each end. Satin ribbon says Christmas time. In all honesty I have no idea why I haven’t added this to our home before. I love satin ribbon as accents.

close up of the copper bucket ad the snow covered trees for christmas time in the dining room

After addig these subtle touches I added a deer next to a canvas I made using an easy transfer process.  Here I also share another canvas for another season with a tutorial.

close up of a deer and christmas canvas on a shelf

Next is a wreath hanging on an old door.  Incidentally, this is an easy and fast tutorial and makes a great gift.   I share links for all the pieces in the tutorial!

a door leaning againt the wall with a fluffy white christmas wreath

Here’s a cabinet I make new with paint in a full tutorial.  This needs a visit, the transformastion is huge!  Here’s a link to the paint I use for this transofrmation.

picture of the dining room with a small cabinet

On the cabinet is a piece from France with Christmas time ornaments that are easy and quick to make.  Again, you will notice a crown with a Florentine candle holder and a jingle bell wreath.

a close up of a small china cabinet in the christmas time dining room
a dish holding christmas balls on a book with a crown for christmas time in the dining room
close up of candle holder with a jingle bell wreath

Lastly in the dining room is a Florentine table with vintage ornaments and satin ribbon for Christmas time in the dining room.  The cherub dish and the Floretine candle holder is from one of my favorite Etsy shops HERE.  By the way if you enjoy Florentine this is the shop to see. 

 A loretine tabel with a candle and ornaments and a pitcher
a picher inside a crown and antique ornaments with satin ribbon
closeup the antique ornaments
dining oom looking into our foyer

Let’s See The Christmas Foyer Ready for Family And Friends

Here I keep the foyer realitvely simple.  The Bombay chest holds a large piece filled with pinecones.  A small Floretine dish from my Fall home tour has a new home for Christmas time.  This has acorns, pinecones and walnuts.

our foyer decorated for christmas which is next to crhistmas time in the dining room
a large bowl filled with pinecones on the bombay chest
close up of walnuts, acorns and pinecones on a dish

This Hazelnut wreath is a favorite.  The best part, it works throughtout the winter months.  A full tutorial is follow and I share all the details!  Also, this is easy and makes a wonderful gift and is budget friendly!

close up of hazelnut wreath across from christmas time in the dining room

Next to the Bombay chest is French candle holders with a crown and flameless candle.

clse up of a crown with a battery operated candle

Another candle holder has a very special Christmas ornament. 

close up of a specisl ornament to me
a lantern with a candle walnuts, pinecones and a book

Lastly, a tree filled with an assortment of ornaments that are very special.  Most of these ornaments I purchased with my best friend.  She loves the Christmas time as much as I do.

a cristmas tree in  basket next to the bombay chest

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas time in the dining room ready to celebrate with family.  If you missed the first part of our tour I’d love for you to visit aans see all the details of our home.

Now see Coco’s home from The Crowned Goat for her beautiful home sparkling for Christmas!

Are you enjoying Christmas planning too?  How about Christmas baking.  Let me know, I enjoy connecting with you so much!


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31 thoughts on “Christmas Time Dining Room

  1. Cindy, you have a beautiful home. I love how you decorate with the greenery, soo pretty. And that tree with the special ornaments is just breath taking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I pinned so many beautiful things from this post, Cindy! Asalways your French Country touches are amazing and feel so warm and inviting. I’m beyond excited you guys will all have the chance to be together this year. I swear there is nothing more special than gathering around the table to enjoy a meal together. Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your home tour blog hop. It was so much fun! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Your dining room looks so pretty, Cindy. I have always been a huge fan of your Friendly Village china.

  4. Cindy! This is all so gorgeous!! I have to say I love it all, but your centerpiece is outstanding and the little wreaths on the back of the chairs are so elegant and special with their sweet adornment. Looks like a happy holiday in the making!! Enjoy!!

  5. Your dining room looks lovely for Christmas, Cindy. The jardinière is beautiful, especially in candlelight. I am loving that print on the wall in the leading photo. It looks 3-D, almost as if you could go right down that little cobblestone path from the dining room, very Narnia-like! Happy holidays!

  6. Your dining room looks gorgeous all decked for the Holidays, Cindy! You’ve made everything so lovely for your family! I love the crowns and all your vignettes. The Jardinière looks beautiful with all the greens and natural bits and bobs – you know I’m a fan of natural bits and bobs too! Merry Christmas my friend! Pinned this for later!

  7. Cindy, it is elegant and rustic at the same time, with all of your natural touches. I can imagine this dining room in a french country home. Just beautiful!

  8. Your dining table looks beautiful, Cindy. I am a fan of brown transferware. I inherited some from my grandmother and treasure them. Your table arrangement is beautiful. I love all of the greenery.

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