Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts

homemade christmas gifts

See the best easy homemade Christmas gifts. Christmas is around the corner. Most are finishing up their shopping. Gift-giving can get expensive however, it doesn’t always have to be.

Because it’s becoming crunch time with gifts. I’m sharing the best easy homemade gifts.

See The First Easy Homemade Gift Idea Making Homemade Cookies

My first easy homemade gift idea is homemade cookies. Everyone loves cookies, especially at Christmas. I threw these together over the weekend. These are chocolate chip cookie dough cookies without the chips. I will be sharing this recipe soon. This is easy and delicious and perfect for a homemade gift from the heart.

homemade cookies in a mason jar for a christmas gift

Because it’s so good I am going to make some for Christmas day. As a result of thinking of a new version of these, I will share them soon too. How does chocolate chip cookie dough with no chips and caramel pudding sound?

Here is a great recipe perfect for Christmas and now is the time to make this recipe because it gets better as it sits in the refrigerator.  

I also made these and they flew out of the house.

Add the homemade cookies to a sealed jar and they are the perfect gift to give to anyone in your life.  These also are great to have for hostess gifts!

snowflake hanging from the jar of cookies

The Second Best Homemade Gift

Small Wooden Glitter Snowflakes To Add To Gifts

Now let’s see the second-best easy homemade Christmas gifts and a great addition to many things for Christmas. For instance, adding it to the jar of homemade cookies is a cute addition.

painting the snowflakes white
finishing painting the snowflakes white for homemade christmas gifts
snowflakes added to glitter
snowflakes with glitter for the best homemade christmas gifts

I also like these to be placed on the table for Christmas day and let your family or friends take them home. These are great because it gives your guest something homemade for Christmas and a memory of the day.

snowflake hanging from the jar of cookies as a gift

Adding these to gift bags and packages so the family has another memory of something homemade from the heart.

The Third Best Homemade Present For Christmas Gifts

Hang Them On The Tree

Finding these wood slabs HERE I simply printed images and cut them with decoupage scissors and added them to the tops.  Using Mode Podge and adding these takes no time at all.  Again, these are easy and are gifts from the heart.  Homemade trinkets added to Christmas gifts often mean everything to loved ones. This lets them know I take extra time thinking of them.

cutting an image out with decoupage scissors for a christmas gift
adding white to edge of the wood slabs
the image cut out lieing next to the wood slab
adding the image to the wood slab after adding Mod Podge for the best christmas gift
after adding the image to the wood slab

This is a great homemade piece to also hang from the jar of cookies. 

the homemade christmas gift hanging from the jar of cookies

Slip string of some kind through the hole and it becomes a Christmas ornament.  When it’s hanging on your family members tree they will always think of the special Christmas.

the snowflakes and the wood slabs with string for christmas gift

Here’s another idea, buy a metal ring and during next Christmas, they can use it as a key chain.  Now how heartwarming and special is that?

My Fourth And Final Best Homemade Christmas Gift

Lastly, I bought wooden tags from the craft store. I simply printed the images out again. Using Mod Podge I added them to the tags. Next using different trims I have in my workspace I hot glued them around the edges.

wood tags with images on them and rusty washers

You may notice rusty washers. Stay tuned or tune into my YouTube channel and I will teach you how to make these rusty washers. So, simple easy, and uses items in your home!

adding hot glue to the edge of the wooden tag
adding silver edging to a wood tag
adding red trim to the edge of another tag for the best and easy christmas gifts
three sides of red trim added to the tag
three wood tags with imges and edging for christmas gifts

Again, the reason I like these as small token gifts is because they will remember the day.

These also are easy to make and also comes from the heart. I am telling you I have made many gifts as presents over the years. I can honestly tell you they are so loved because they come from the heart.

wood slabs with snoemen images and snowflakes lieing next to them

The person receiving these can hang it on their Christmas tree next year and remember you every time they see this homemade gift. Or they can display it in a bowl with ornaments inside the home next Christmas.

So again, remember Christmas gifts can be large or small. Christmas is about showing the ones we are closest to they are loved, thought of and appreciated. Adding these to gifts or to their place settings to take home after Christmas dinner or brunch will mean so much.

slowflaeke hanging on jar of cookies

I hope you enjoyed this post seeing the best easy homemade Christmas gifts! Let me know which is your favorite. I love chatting and connecting with my followers.

Do you make homemade tokens of your love for Christmas?

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  1. Hi Cindy. Oh I love how you put so much love into your homemade gifts. Makes them so much more special to give out. The cookies sound pretty delish. I make homemade Christmas cookies each year. Love to bake and give them as gifts. Happy New Week. xoxo

  2. Cindy, these thoughtful homemade gifts are perfect! I always love making cookies and candies for my neighbors. The ornaments you made are so pretty and such a special gift. I love keepsakes! Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

  3. These gift ideas are almost too cute to giveaway,Cindy! Love your creativity and how you always share an easy step by step guide too. It’s so helpful! Loving and pinning, CoCo

  4. There’s nothing like a homemade gift and you have such great ideas. I’m smitten with those stars. This girl loves a little sparkle!

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