Easy Star Anise Wreaths

Star Anise Wreaths

Before I share these easy star anise wreaths let’s talk about what star Anise is, what do you think?

What is Star Anise?

Star Anise is a Spice?

These star-shaped pods look beautiful and have an amazing exotic scent.

Have you ever wondered how to use star anise? I never gave it much thought because I have always been curious about its star shape.

The first memory I have vivid memory I have of seeing a star anise is seeing it in a bag of potpourri. I remember being in our local home decor store and seeing these tucked inside a bag filled with dried pods, cinnamon sticks, small dried orange slices, dried lemon slices, and dry limes. So naturally, I thought star anise, was for home decor.

This symmetrical star seemed to be the perfect piece to place next to a bowl, dish, or a small basket filled with pinecones and sticks of cinnamon. This of course is especially perfect for me because I love natural elements.

Where Do You Buy Star Anise?

Buying This Earthy Spice?

Generally, this can be found in the local grocery store. However, in my experience buying this in the spice aisle, the star anise pods tend to be broken so finding a specialty shop for whole pods may be necessary.

Because I don’t want to pay the price of a specialty shop I did find anise stars on Amazon in bulk.

This is the perfect solution for a crafter to make wreaths I had planned for Christmas time and make these wreaths for the holiday season. Were some of these broken when they arrived? The answer is yes, but star anise is delicate and most remained whole with the seeds intact in various sized pods.

So then I reminded myself these pods are part of nature. And I love using nature and natural elements in home decor, especially during the cooler weather. I also reminded myself I often say I love exploring our own backyard because nature is the best because it’s free and not perfect. You can take a look at how I use pieces from nature such as pine cones, dried oranges, orange slices, acorns, nuts, and even sticks. These are also great pieces to add to large wreaths, medium wreaths, eucalyptus wreaths for Christmas, and garlands for the holiday season.

I have preserved many of these and added them to our fall, Christmas, and winter home decorations every year.

Star Anise in the bag

Can You Decorate With This Spice?

Should You Add This Spice to Decor?

Of course, you should and can, how about adding these spiced stars to citrus slices and adding twine or jute and hanging them from your Christmas tree? Or, some of the anise stars to bundled cinnamon sticks by adding hot glue or tied with ribbon, wrap the anise around a candle or add these to the edge of a mason jar filled with faux snow and a tea light or flameless votive candle.

Also, anise stars will make a pretty delicate garland. Of course, I did find a great Christmas garland for you! Imagine the smell combined together with orange slices on the tree! By the way, some of these festive ideas may contain affiliate links. What does this mean?

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

This also helps Cloches & Lavender share all our crafts, DIY, home decorating, and easy recipes. We truly thank you and appreciate our readers.

Putting These Easy Wreaths Together

Making These Wreaths

Supplies List:

  • Star Anise 25 per wreath for an 8 inch wreath
  • Black wreath hoops, foam wreath forms, or metal wreath forms
  • Ribbon or burlap ribbon to wrap metal wreath hoop or styrofoam wreath form
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Velvet ribbon, silk ribbon, burlap ribbon, or lace ribbon for hanging

Step 1: Wrap the Wreath Forms

First thing plug in the hot glue gun. Add a dab of glue to the end of the ribbon and hold to set the glue. Now wrap the metal or foam wreath forms with the ribbon and add a dab of glue to the end of the ribbon to attach. By the way, this is the longest part of these rustic wreaths.

Also, I’m using the ribbon I had in my supplies. Before purchasing black burlap or plain dark ribbon check to see what you to help with the cost of any crafting project.

Step 2: Gluing Pieces to the Base

Begin adding hot glue to the back of an anise star and place it on the wreath base. Hold it for a moment until each piece of anise is set.

Because these vary in size and they will be larger size star anise and smaller anise pieces to glue I recommend setting your glue gun. Setting the heat of your glue gun on low will help to avoid burning your fingertips.

Where Can I Add a Smaller Wreath?

A Place to Add Small Wreaths

There are many places to hang smaller wreaths

Hang them from the back of dining room chairs or kitchen chairs. You’ll notice this was my plan for my 8-inch anise wreaths

These will be pretty inside an elegant wood or painted wood frame

Also think about hanging these from closet doors, a piece of a gate, architectural pieces

Finished projectm hanging from a dining room chair

This is a perfect size wreath to hang from a china cabinet, armoire handles, or leaning inside a bookcase or open shelves

Hang mini wreaths on decorative hooks in a mud room or the entranceway of your home

Lastly, layer these small size wreaths inside a larger wreath or medium size wreath to create a different look in your kitchen or family room

I made six of these in total and amazingly enough, these only took half an hour to complete adding the star anise!

Close up of this finished natural wreath

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these easy star anise wreaths and think about adding these to your Christmas decorations too!

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