How To Make A Hazlenut Wreath

Today I am sharing how to make a hazelnut wreath. This has been on my craft bucket list for some time now. Do you have one? If you do let me know what’s on it.

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Begin Adding Burlap Ribbon on The Round Form

Step 1

First, begin by buying an 8″ wreath form.  This can be this wreath form or this wreath form. Now for my easy nut wreath project I am using an 8″ wire wreath form. Because its wire wrap the form with burlap ribbon. This is simple to do and takes no time.

beginning to add the burlap to the round form
the wreath form wrapped in burlap
glue gun, burlap wrapped wreath and hazelnuts

Now is a great time to plug the glue gun in to heat up for adding the hazelnuts to the wreath form.

Begin Adding Adhesive to The Bottom of Your Pieces

Step 2

Begin gluing the hazelnuts around by adding glue to the bottom of the nuts. The first row is the most time consuming the rest of this project is simple.

the first row of nuts glued to the wreath
finished gluing first row of the pieces

Here is a good time to choose the ribbon to hang your easy rustic wreath for decorating Doing this now will allow for the hazelnut wreath to hang flat. Lay the ribbon in the center spot on the wreath to give you an idea of the space needed. Notice the gap in the photo below.

after adding 3 rows of nuts

After adding the first row, continue filling the wreath form with the remaining nuts. Incidentally, adding the rest of the pieces to this project goes very quickly. For this craft project I used 105 hazelnuts.

By the way, after gluing the first row of hazelnuts, this project flies.

almost finished gluing

Items Needed:

  • 8″ wreath form
  • hot glue gun and hot glue
  • burlap ribbon if using a metal wreath form
  • hazelnuts in the shell
  • metal skewer or a thin heat resitant tool
  • ribbon
  • Spanish moss
  • scissors

Adding Spanish Moss For A Finished Look

Now, add Spanish moss to the easy wreath craft for a finished look. A small amount of moss is all it takes to fill in the spaces on this project. Cut a small piece with a scissor.

Spanish moss

Next, add a tiny amount of hot glue in a section. Using metal skewer or heat resist tool push the Spanish moss in empty spaces. Incidentally, this step goes quickly.

pushing the Spanish moss in between the hazelnuts

The Spanish moss gives this quick wreath craft a finished look and adds texture as well as another nature element.

Finishing The Simple Project And Adding Silver For Added Elegance

Lastly, I add silver gilding wax to the nut tops to add an extra touch of elegance.

Another option is dry brushing the tops with silver metallic craft paint. This process is quick and adds another layer to this simple craft project. Let dry for an hour. However, if gilding wax is added rub with a lint free rag.

the hazelnut wreath finished being filled with the moss
adding the silver gilding wax

Now hang tis easy nut wreath with ribbon of your choice. I added a dark silver satin ribbon to blend with the gilding on the hazelnuts.

a full shot of how to make a hazelnut wreath
full picture of my project hanging with dark silver ribbon
Another picture of the finished hazelnut wreath

By the way, this wreath idea will look great hanging from and interior, closet door or mirror. Use as a centerpiece with a battery operated candle in the center

I hope you enjoyed how to make a hazelnut wreath. It’s a very easy project to do and works from fall throughout the winter months. I’d love to read your thoughts about this easy craft project so please leave comment and feel free to reach out to me.


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  1. When you write a book about gorgeous wreaths, I’m definitely going to be the first in line! I love this one so much, Cindy, it’s really beautiful. I love how you added the spanish moss for an extra layer of texture and of course I’m bananas for your ribbon too. It’s all stunning! Pinning this one too! Hugs, CoCo

  2. This is my kind of wreath Cindy! I love using natural elements for decor. Adding the moss was brilliant – it really adds another level to this wreath! Pinned 😊

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