How To Decorate a Wire Wreath Frame

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Today we are going to talk about how to decorate a wire wreath frame. As many of my readers are aware I have a passion for making beautiful wreaths. I have made these using many wreath bases such as grapevine wreath forms which is one of my favorites, a foam wreath form, and straw forms.

As soon as a new season is almost upon us my brain thinks of different ways to add a fun twist to a wreath project which is one of the best parts. Getting to create and make my idea from a basic wreath to work with our color palette is a fun challenge.

Do you get this way too? You know the itch to change things up in rooms around your house?

My friend and I joke and once July 4th is over we are finished with summer. I know gasp right? Neither one of us are a fan of summer. I think it’s mainly because NJ summers tend to be hot and humid. Especially this year it has been unbelievable.

We love gardening and flowers but we will take fall and winter over it any day.

I know many dread the winter because of the snow, especially in the upper Northeast and in the colder states.

I look forward to sharing step-by-step instructions with my followers so you can make one or add your own look using what works for your home.

So if you were to walk into my office/craft room there’s a good chance of finding, floral wire, straw wreaths, metal frames, a wire form, grapevine bases, pipe cleaners, wire cutters, and other wreath supplies. Generally, my wire snips are in my basket under my walker seat so I have them for anything I need. Ah bet you didn’t see that coming, I keep certain handy items inside there to make things easier.

This is another one of my DIY wreaths that work for two seasons. It’s a perfect fall wreath as well as early spring. This is why I love sharing my passion for making seasonal craft projects.

Here is a great time to plug in your glue gun.

How to Decorate Wire Wreath Frames

Step 1: Wire Forms Should Be Wrapped

First thing on my list wrapping the wireframe with burlap ribbon. It’s particularly important to do this when using a hot glue gun. This gives the base a foundation to hold the glue. For the most part, a larger roll of burlap ribbon is needed for this step.

By the way, this is my favorite wire wreath to work with and you can find this at Michaels craft stores for a great price. Unfortunately, I discovered they don’t carry it anymore and Amazon is out of stock. I’m genuinely disappointed because this mesh form has a flat surface and I have used it many times. Additionally, it’s one of my favorite wire wreath forms to use.

So because I’m passionate about this wreath I did find this as another option and the price is great too!

I did find this at JoAnn for a great price and because it is being wrapped it won’t melt from the hot glue.

After you wrap the ribbon around the entire wreath glue the end of the ribbon to secure it.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame wrapping with brown burlap ribbon

gluing the end of the ribbon to keep attached

By the way, if you have fabric scraps that match and are a dark color such as brown or even dark green these work as well. This also adds no extra cost.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame holding the burlap to set

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As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

Supplies Needed: some of these are affiliate links. There’s no extra cost I earn a small commission so I can continue to share my projects with our readers.

  • 16 inch wire wreath frame or another option
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 10 wood slices 4-4.7
  • 11 small wood slices 30 pieces
  • sponge brush
  • walnut shell halves – optional
  • Spanish moss
  • dried lavender heads or fake flowers
  • dried orange slices
  • Varathane aged wood accelerator or stain if it’s on hand

Adding Age to the Wood Pieces

Step 2: Begin Aging the Wood Rounds

Following the directions on the can shake or stir the product well. Using a sponge brush apply one coat and let the slices dry for an hour. When applying this product using a circular motion seems to work best.

wood slices for tis project

how to decorate a wire wreath frame aged wood accelerator

sponge brush in the wood accelerator

First wood round stained with accelerator

Repeat the steps until all the pieces receive a coat of the accelerator.

Wood slices covered with wood accelerator

If you don’t care to use the accelerator stain that’s on hand will work for this step as well.

Adhering the Pieces to the Form

Step 3: Adding the Wood to the Round

Now begin adding the wood slices to the outside of the wire frame. Simply add hot glue to the back top and bottom and place it on the frame.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame adding the first wood slice with hot glue

The top edge will lay on the outer ring and the bottom on the inner ring section. Also, begin gluing the smaller size rounds and overlap these over the larger ones to add extra depth. This step goes very quickly.

adding hot glue to the small wood piece

Next, add the unstained wood rounds to the center of the larger wood pieces with hot glue.

two plain small wood slices glued

Now add the smaller stained wood slices to the innermost ring using hot glue again.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame  adding the small stained pieces

Above you will notice the three small rounds are touching.

Splitting and Filling the Empty Shells

Step 4: Filling the Empty Shells

Above I mention using empty Walnut shells. This is optional but these do add tons of charm and natural elements which is a favorite of mine, especially in the fall.

Tip: Getting the half shells

Carefully use a pairing knife to slide the knife through the crease of the nut and split it in half. I also recommend wearing a pair of thick gloves to keep your fingers safe. My husband did this process. By the way, a few shells may have cracked edges. This is nothing to worry about because the moss covers the broken edge.

splitting the walnut shell in half.  My  husband did this and wore gloves for safety

the shell halfway open

how to decorate a wire wreath frame the walnut opened and empty

Next. I added hot glue and placed the Spanish into the shell. So then I add dried lavender buds to add an extra layer of character.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame Spanish moss, empty shells and dried lavender buds

adding hot glue to the shell

adding the moss

how to decorate a wire wreath frame adding glue to the lavender

By the way, when adding the walnut shells I added glue to the sides so these can easily be seen. Adding glue to the bottom had them laying flat and the lavender wasn’t able to be appreciated as much.

Holding the lavender to set

how to decorate a wire wreath frame showing the piece filledwith moss and lavender

If this doesn’t work for your wreath I have another cute idea. How about adding small pine cones, acorns, acorn caps, cinnamon sticks, artificial flowers, leaves in different colors, or even small branches from the yard?

Adding Orange Slices

Step 5: Adding Dried Orange Slices

Because I’m a huge fan of dried oranges adding these to one of my seasonal wreaths is perfect. I often dry citrus during the cooler months and add these to bowls, compotes, centerpieces, different sizes of plates, and dishes with acorns, pinecones and hazelnuts, and walnuts nuts in their shell.

I have even made an easy garland and added it to our china cabinet one year.

Besides being beautiful dried fruit is easy to make and works great as a holiday decoration and Christmas ornaments too. I also did find dried orange and apple slices for you that are already finished. These are pretty and I think the apple slices will be pretty with their green skin.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame adding hot glue for the dried orange slice

dried citrus slice gluued in place

Add Whole Nuts

Step 6: Glue Whole Nuts

Here’s an easy step that adds to the rustic natural feel of this project. Finally, since I had hazelnuts in the shell in my wreath supplies I glued them to the empty sections in between the larger wood slices. If you don’t want to go through the expense and trouble of buying these a small pinecone, acorn, or wooden bead stained will work here as well.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame holding a hazelnut with my finger to set the hot glue

how to decorate a wire wreath frame showing the orange slices, wood pieces and nut shells closely

In the last step, pick a ribbon of your choice to hang. Because I knew I was hanging this in our home I finished the wreath with too small size wood circles. However, if you are thinking of using this as a centerpiece it’s a great idea to keep the pattern going to give it a finished look. Imagine how pretty this will be with a flameless candle in the center. By the way, I have many of these and love using them, especially when, making things cozy for the fall and winter months.

how to decorate a wire wreath frame the piece hanging and showing the entire gate it's hanging from with 3 dishes o the wall above

I think this is a gorgeous wreath and the best part is it works for French Country, Country, or Farmhouse style home decorating. I hope you enjoyed learning how to decorate a wire wreath form and make one for your own home.

close up of the finished product

how to decorate a wire wreath frame showing a lose up of the details

Are you getting ideas for fall or are you still enjoying summer? Do you enjoy adding nature to your home for the fall? Let me know because I enjoy connecting with my readers!

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  1. I have been thinking of making a new pinecone wreath since my old one is pretty shabby. I love your idea of mixing in nuts to fill in spaces. Do you seal your finished wreath? I also have a good supply of dried orange slices and may use them for an addition to fall foliage and bittersweet wreath(faux) I am revamping. Thanks for all your great ideas. Enjoy fall when it finally arrives next month.

  2. Such a great idea, Cindy. I love how you layered the wood slices. And, anything with orange slices is fantastic! Missy

  3. LOVE this wreath Cindy!! I’m so excited to be featuring it in Fabulous Friday Link Party. Thanks so much for always sharing such great content.

  4. Your wreath turned out beautiful! It’s so versatile & unique. You could easily use it from August thru December. I found you over on Wonderful Wednesdays at Ducks ‘n a Row. If you get a chance, I’d love for you to come by & share your posts on Crafty Creators Link Party. It’s open Thursdays at 6am CST through Mondays at 11:59pm. I found you on Wonderful Wednesdays & I’m sure my readers would love to fine you too! Hope to see you there!
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  5. Such a beautiful way to get ready for the fall season, Cindy! I love all the different layers you added and how you accented with the oranges and the lavender too. It’s really pretty! Hugs, CoCo

  6. What a stunning wreath!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before. I love the layered wood pieces and the colors from the oranges and lavender are gorgeous. This is a beautiful wreath to use any time of the year!

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