Make A Back To School Wreath

Let’s take a look at how to make a back to school wreath.

Because of the theme I made a wreath to symbolize items that remind us of back to school days.

Rulers, pencils and crayons especially remind me of school days gone by.

supples for the back to school wreath

As you read this post, the pencils illustrated here changed with my wreath design a bit.

I enjoy making wreaths for all the seasons, here’s one I recently shared for the upcoming fall season.   This is also a pretty craft for Christmas too.

These pieces remind me of school so much. This project is especially budget friendly.

deciding on a layout

By the way, this back to school wreath can be made in 10 minutes. 

Sanding the Rulers to Make them Look Old for the School Idea

Step 1: Sanding to Add Age

To begin, purchase two wooden yard sticks are from the local home improvement store for $1.49.

Before beginning the wreath, using a coarse sanding sponge I sand the yard sticks. Sanding the yard sticks is a great way to add character to this easy wreath.


Cut the Wood Pieces to Size to Make a Square Form for the Returning to School Wreath Design

Step 2: Cut the Sticks to Make a Square

Next cut the yard sticks 13 inches.

Heating the Glue Gun and Gluing the Pieces Together to Make them Form

Step 3: Add Hot Glue to Make a Square

Meanwhile, my glue gun is plugged in and heating to glue the base of my school wreath together.  Once hot, a dot of glue is you need to add in two corners of the cut yard sticks.  Press them lightly to set. Next, do the same steps to the other cut pieces of yard sticks to form a square. 

The yard sticks cut to size with glue gun heating
hot glue in the corner
yard sticks getting glued together

Adding Dark Wax for an Old Look

Step 4: Use Wax to Add an Worn Look

After forming the square, apply a light coat of dark wax.  This is a great way tyo add character to this fast wreath project.

maison blanche dark wax
dark wax added to the yard stick for the back to school wreath
dark wax rubbed in
back to school wreath form with dark wax

Adding Extra Dark Wax in Spots

Step 5: Extra Bits of Wax in Areas

After I am finished rubbing in the dark wax. I like to add an extra amount here and there. I do this because when pieces age naturally the pieces generally don’t age the same allover. Doing this extra step truly add the aged look I’m wanting for this craft.

showing extra dark wax in certain areas
showing extra dark wax again in extra spots of the school wreath

However, if you don’t have wax, to keep this on budget old-fashioned shoe polish in the can with the twisted metal tab works. Also, raw umber craft paint mixed with a tiny bit of water will work as well

Add Pencils to the Square

Step 6: Place the Pencils on Top

Adding the pencils keeps with the theme of my back to school wreath. 

tape gun and pencils

Stacking Pencils in Threes for this Project Idea

Step 7: Tape the Pencils in Threes

So next, using clear packing tape I group the pencils into four sets of three and connect these together. 

Because I have a slight pencil obsession,  I am using unused and used pencils.  Besides, I think mixing them adds a bit more interest to this learning wreath, don’t you agree?

After you have your pencils in threes take a piece of packing tape and wrap the pencils. 

three pencils stacked together and taped for my project

Gluing the Pencils and Adding Them to This Piece 

Step 8: Adhere the Pencils to the Wood

Next, using the hot glue again, add glue to the back and secure the pencils to the wreath.

Hot glue getting added too the pencils for my back to school wreath

Hanging the Colorful Crayons to the Center

Step 9: Dangle Crayond grom the Middle

Because this is a back to school wreath, crayons are a must. Nothing says learning more then seeing these colorful pieces. So hanging these in the center adds memories to this project.

ribbon getting added to the crayon pack for the back to school wreath

When adding these to the wreath, I slid the ribbon through the cutout where the crayons hang from in the store. Next, glue the piece of ribbon to the yard stick of the school wreath to hang. Glue the ribbon to the back as well. 

Adding Ribbon To Hang on a Door

Step 10: Add Ribbon of Your Choice to Hang

Lastly, using the same ribbon, I made a loop around each set of pencils and tied a knot. This adds a pretty touch to this simple wreath idea.

stack of pencils getting tied to the wreath with ribbon
showing the way the ribbon is tied to the pencils in a knot hanging on the school wreath
trimming the ribbon to the correctlength hanging from the pencils

And here is a cute very inexpensive back to school wreath.

back to school wreath hanging on the door.  showing a close up of the pencils and crayons
closer vew of the back to school wreath.  showing the yard sticks, pencils nd crayons

Additionally,  this would also be a cute idea to make for child just starting school.  They can use the pencils for their math, writing and spelling homework. The yard sticks will help them learn how to measure and read a ruler.

arrow pointing to my Pinterst Pin

Pin It To Remeber It For Inspiration!

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29 thoughts on “Make A Back To School Wreath

  1. Cindy this is a super cute wreath! I love how you used all things back to school. And I had forgotten about using shoe polish for wax. Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. Cindy, your back to school wreath is absolutely precious! You always come up with the best ideas! I can’t believe it’s almost time for school to start. Summer has flown by in a blink! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  3. This is adorable Cindy. On a teacher’s door would be so cute. I also thought this would be cute in a families home and put some hooks on it for backpacks when the kiddos come home. Super cute. You are so crafty. Have a good day. xoxo

  4. Cindy, you come up with the best ideas for seasonal wreaths!! This is cute and not expensive to make at all. It’d be fun to make for my teacher. 🙂

    Thanks for another fun wreath idea,
    Barb 🙂

  5. This is so cute and festive for the season, Cindy! I love it. It’s so hard to believe summer is almost over. I’m definitely ready for Fall but I know the littles are going to miss the lazy days on the beach. Hugs, CoCo

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