How To Make A Christmas Wreath

Today, I am sharing how to make a Christmas wreath. Also, it’s the third day of Christmas in July and a GIVEAWAY!!

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For those of you who are to Cloches & Lavender welcome.  I have an affection for crafting and decorating especially for the holidays. 

However, seasonal wreath making is fun for me.  It allows me to be creative and come up with different ideas how to make a wreath for the holidays. 

You  may enjoy this wreath I shared for day two of Christmas in July.  By the way, this wreath will work from fall straight through Christmas.

Also if you missed day one, this post share how to make dried orange slices and dried clementine for this wreath as well.

Here, I hope to inspire you to make a wreath. 

How about giving you inspiration for how to make a seasonal wreath and make your own front porch wreath to suit your style?

Here are a few I enjoyed making for other seasons and these are also easy to make.  They can also be made as a family and are great especially other holidays.

Besides making this wreath for Christmas this holiday wreath will work through the winter monthsSo it’s like getting two wreaths for the price of one.

Supplies Needed to Make this Holiday Wreath

  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • ribbon for hanging

How to make a Christmas wreath is also easy to make and took about 15 minutes.  To begin with, lay your pieces out for your holiday wreath and plug in the glue gun.

This wreath took me about 15 minutes to make.  

Incidentally, this is the the form I used for how to make this Christmas wreath. 

Next, start wrapping your wreath form with this so the hot glue will not melt the Christmas wreath form since it is Styrofoam. 

Wrapping the ribbon around the wreath
Beginning to wrap the ribbon around the wreath form

After your wreath is wrapped start adding the feather trim to your holiday wreath.  Glue each section as you wrap your wreath.

The ribbon finished being wrapped and glue to the wreath

Incidentally, I’m happy I used these two trims with satin because the tape keeps me from getting burnt when adding hot glue to my wreath. 

Also, it took the two of these feather trims to cover the wreath.  

adding fur trim with satin to the Christmas wreath
Adding glue to the fur trim as I am adding it to the Christmas wreath
Wrapping the fur trim with satin over the wreath
Showing a close up of the fur trim
Drop of glue to glue the last wrap of the trim with satin to the wreath

Next, because I want my Christmas wreath a bit more full, I add this to my wreath too.  Here, it’s important to use this piece for your wreath because the trim from the feather trim will be noticeable on the finished wreath.

Because this wreath is full but isn’t too deep this Christmas wreath will work with a storm door on your front door. It also will work on your covered front porch for the holiday.

Adding Charm To Your Christmas Wreath With Trees

Because this is a Christmas wreath, I also began adding charm to my wreath using these.  I must admit I have a HUGE  obsession with them for the holiday season.  When you come back to see my home for Christmas you will see many of these on display.  I’m getting quite giddy writing about using them for the holiday. I love them that much!

Bottle brush tree getting added to wreath

By the way, when adding the trees, I add glue to the bottom of the wood base. Move the fur on the wreath and press onto the ribbon and old until set.

After adding the trees to my Christmas wreath I came up with an idea to make a Joyous Noel sign to add even more charm to my Christmas wreath.

Adding A Banner To The Christmas Wreath

By the way, if you aren’t a French lover like I am in decorating your home or for the holidays, no problem.  Instead of Joyous Noel, add, Noel, Joy or Christmas to name a few for your wreath. Make this Christmas wreath to fit your home and style.

Next make your print out for your Christmas wreath on these Jolee’s.

Also, remember, I am here to inspire and share ideas and my vision for the holiday.  I’m here to supply information on how you can make your own wreath for Christmas to suit your home.

To create my banner for the wreath, I did use a Word document. The first step is to choose the correct size and the font of your choice for, your wreath.

Christmas wreath graphic after printing

Before printing your image it’s also important to reverse the image on your computer.

Next, after printing your words for your wreath, cut around you the words carefully.  It’s especially important to cut as close to the words you are using for your Christmas wreath. This gives a cleaner and neater look for your holiday wreath.

For these particular transfer sheets it’s best to choose a light colored fabric for your Christmas wreath.  For example, an old ivory color cotton tablecloth, a drop cloth from a home improvement store will work well.  A heavy weight duck cloth or cotton curtain or napkin will even work for this on this holiday wreath.

As an example, I had an old tablecloth that shrank to use for my banner and Christmas wreath so look to see what you may already have in your home.

Old tablecloth getting cut

Assembling The Banner

After laying your fabric out, cut the fabric into your banner shape for your wreath.  Next, you will iron your fabric pieces to make them flat.

Christmas wreath banner getting cut to shape

Next, iron on your transfer for the wreath. As you are ironing your transfer, make sure you DO NOT use an ironing board. I did use a leftover piece of wood from the garage. A tempered glass cutting board will work or an ironing matt on a hard surface.

Ironing the banner to make flat
Christmas wreath banner after ironing on fabric transfer

Next, assembling the pieces to hang on your Christmas wreath.  This next product is essential for creating this easily. It not only bends for a the shape but also keeps it sturdy for your wreath.

Also, to keep the banner shape for your seasonal wreath, two pieces of this product works perfectly. By the way, I decided using two wires would give the ability to create a better shape.  I have seen it done with one on Pinterest and it is too floppy and doesn’t look nice. 

Florist covered craft wire added to the fabric for the banner

Cut them to size using scissors to add to your banner for your wreath. 

Applying HeatnBond To The Fabric

Next, cut your HeatnBond to fit the shape of the banner for your wreath.  Cutting this to shape will also allow for a clean look.

For the next step, apply your HeatnBond following the directions on the package.  Also again, I used a piece of wood for the HeatnBond for my Christmas wreath.  Follow the instructions for your iron on the package.

Heat N Bond getting cut to size to seal banner

Before the next step, heat your hot glue gun to attach the banner to your wreath.

Glue gun and glue sticks

Lastly, carefully peal the paper from the HeatnBond.  Next, fold the end over to connect to the other side and press with your iron to connect the sides together for your wreath.

The Heat N  Bond after heated and applied
The finished banner for the wreath

Next, bend your fabric to form a wave shape as if it blowing in the wind like a banner.

Now, add dots of hot glue to the corners and middle of your finished banner for your Christmas wreath adding it to your wreath.

 Christmas wreath DIY closeup

Hang and enjoy.  Do not be intimidated by the steps for this wreath.  As I said at the beginning of this post, this Christmas wreath is very easy. Follow the instructions and you will have no problem creating this for your holiday.

Christmas wreath finished and hanging


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I hope you are enjoying Christmas in July. Also many other Christmas crafts are coming for Christmas are coming so stay tuned to your inboxes!

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