Cindy’ Corner

Welcome to Cindy’s Corner where I share a bit about what’s been happening at Cloches & Lavender and what’s coming up on the blog. Here I also share a bit about myself and what I see that interests me on the web. Recently I read an article about birds in NJ and bird feeders. It […]

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How To Style Country Lavender Pots


Do your love lavender? I sure do so let’s see how to style country lavender pots 5 ways. Adding lavender to the home whether country, French country or Farmhouse these flowers work perfectly in home decor. In addition to using these in the home these will make wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas! When I think […]

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2 Years Since Peanut Went Blind How Is She Doing

Hello all, it’s been 2 years since Peanut went blind how is she doing? I want to share our experience of living with a blind dog. After Peanut lost her sight, I truly believe it affected us more than her. If that makes sense? Having this happen is scary. We also didn’t know how her […]

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How To Update A Dining Room Table

Let’s see how to update a dining room table. Can I Paint My Table Without Sanding? One question many may have is can I paint my table without sanding to update the piece? The answer is yes, milk paint is an option as well as chalk paint. Sanding isn’t necessary if the furniture is in […]

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Cindy’s Corner

Hello all, welcome to Cindy’s Corner, this is where I share what’s been happening on Cloches & Lavender. This week on the blog I did host a Sweets Hop. Here 5 Bloggers’ and I shared great dessert recipes for Easter, Passover and spring. You can find a great and easy recipe HERE. I can’t keep […]

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A Piece Forgotten That Brings Me Joy

things that bring mt joy

A Piece forgotten that brings me joy! Has this ever happened to you? Well, it did to me, and I can’t be happier. You may remember a few days ago I wrote a post about the little things! It’s so important to not overlook those moments in life don’t you agree? How A Piece Is […]

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