How to Make Sugared Champagne Raspberries

Do you love raspberries? Of course, this little red berry is delicious. Well, how to make sugared champagne raspberries is AMAZING! Besides the fact berries are low in calories, these provide potassium, they are great for the heart and they lower blood pressure. Also, this fruit contains omeg-3 fatty acids which makes these even healthier. […]

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How to Make Cheese Markers for A Charcuterie

Hello everyone, today I am sharing how to make cheese markers for a charcuterie. These are easy project, and this is a great time to gather ideas for the upcoming season. First off, I have been thinking about making these DIY cheese markers for my charcuterie for quite some time.    Because Memorial Day, Father’s […]

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How to Make a DIY Moss Topiary in a Pot

moss topiary

Let’s talk about how to make a DIY moss topiary in a pot. Because it’s close to mid-May, this means flowering planting is so close for annuals in our neck of the woods in Northern NJ. I look forward to trying some different plants this year in our containers. My goal, grow flowers for cutting […]

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How I Got Fortunate Twice

Mother’s Day is around the corner can you believe it? Mothers are truly amazing to me. From the day one they do ever thing just because they love us. They love us even though they have no idea what to expect. Really automatically it’s unconditional love. Speaking of mom, my mom was truly amazing. The […]

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How to Make Pool Noodle Grapevine Frame

pool noodle idea

Have you wondered how to make a pool noodle grapevine frame? I see pool noodle creations often, so I am making mine a bit different. Let me share how my noodle wreath project is different? Above all my goal is to share crafts with my readers that are budget friendly, and this is easy beyond […]

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Cindy’ Corner

Welcome to Cindy’s Corner where I share a bit about what’s been happening at Cloches & Lavender and what’s coming up on the blog. Here I also share a bit about myself and what I see that interests me on the web. Recently I read an article about birds in NJ and bird feeders. It […]

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