How To Make A Rustic Christmas Décor DIY

Let’s see how to make a rustic Christmas décor DIY from an old furniture leg. Yes, I said furniture leg and rustic Christmas décor in the same sentence.

Kippi from Kippi At Home sent a few of us furniture legs.  She also gave us the challenge of being creative and work our magic and make a piece for Christmas.

Coming Up With The Design To Make Rustic Christmas Décor

Step 1

After opening the package and seeing the size of the furniture leg I immediately saw a candle.  However, making a flameless candle for a rustic Christmas décor DIY that didn’t light wasn’t going to be good enough.

First we took the long screw out from the center of the wood furniture leg for my flameless rustic DIY.  It was an easy process.  After removing the screw and metal cap, using a drill, he drilled straight through to the other side. 

furniture leg for the DIY
drill, furniture leg, drill, drill  bit, pliers
furniture leg for my rustic décor DIY
furniture leg taken apart for my DIY
drilling the hole through the furniture leg for my DIY
hole that is drilled through leg

Finding A Warm White LED Light For The Flame

Now, I had to come up with a plan how to make this flameless for my rustic Christmas décor DIY light.  This is when the internet becomes my best source of information.  As I did some looking I Googled, LED battery operated light.  Jackpot, Evan Designs popped on my screen.  This immediately gave me a smile because I was beginning to see my vision come true.  Take a look around their site because you may find pieces for a project.

Next, I placed my order for a package of LED lights for my flameless rustic Christmas candle.  Lighting is accomplished.

lighting kit and an old bulb for my rustic Christmas DIY
lighting kit close up for the décor DIY

Putting An Idea Together For A Flame For The DIY

Step 3

Next, I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have a flame for my flameless rustic candle.  So, because, we designed our home with an outlet under every window for window candles all year round I had my solution.  Because we have window candle lights all year round we have frosted candle flame shape bulbs at all times.

lighting kit parts and old bulb for the rustic décor DIY

So next, my husband took an old bulb out to the garage and snapped the bottom piece off to leave me an opening. Exactly what I need to add a flame to my flameless rustic décor DIY project. I’m over the moon happy at this point. My plan is really coming together because I now have my flame for my rustic candle.

light bulb and pliers
pulling the tip of the end of the light bulb
light bulb after the end is removed for the rustic décor  DIY
drilling to remove excess plastic
showing the drill bit in the light bulb
showing a new bulb next to a bulb with a hole on the end for my DIY

Incidentally, if this project is inspiring you, then you may enjoy this Christmas project and this beautiful easy Christmas project.

Painting My Rustic DIY

Step 4

Painting and adding character to the flameless candle base for my rustic DIY is next.  Using Old White chalk paint I painted three light coats on the wood base.  I used an artists brush for this step.  When painting with chalk paint using a good quality brush, painting in the same direction and using light coats is the best way to avoid streaks.  Do not be impatient in between coats because the end result will not be smooth.

painting the base of my rustic décor DIY

Adding Character To My Christmas Décor DIY Candle With A Hot Glue Gun

Step 5

Next, adding more character to my rustic Christmas DIY, I used a hot glue add drips resembling wax.  Because I wanted fake wax drips my hot glue gun seemed to be the best answer.  Here, I began adding drips of from my glue gun starting at the top of my painted base.  I glide the point of the glue gun downward to the length of the drip desired.  During this step remember when adding drips it’s best to work on a section and layer at a time.  Because drips on a real candle are not all the same I made some drips longer and shorter.  This makes the drips on my rustic décor DIY look more realistic. 

adding hot glue to the base to resemble real wax drips on the décor DIY
adding more hot glue to look like wax drips on the rustic Christmas décor DIY

Also keep in mind, when burning a real candle, the top tends to get a build up of wax.  On the top of my rustic DIY candle base I added thin layers at a time of hot glue to get a realistic look. I did this in small circular layers.  Hot glue dries rather quickly so this truly didn’t take long.

painting the drips on the rustic DIY to blend

After the wax drips are added to my DIY project, I lightly painted them one coat of Old White paint.

Adding Light Brown Wax To Drips On My Rustic Décor DIY

Step 6

Next, using a thin artists brush I begin adding thin layers of light brown wax to my flameless candle to resemble soot.  After reaching the desired look, using a lint free rag, I lightly rubbed the wax into the drips.

brown wax
adding wax to the drips to look like soot on the the Christmas DIY

Notice the flame bulb is temporarily in the candle. Doing this gave me the ability to know where to add wax.

adding wax to the drips on the candle
last picture of wax getting added to drips of the DIY

Assembling The Rustic Décor Project 

Step 7

Now that we have the flame, assembling the rustic Christmas DIY begins.  

Next, we slip the wire up the furniture leg and carefully pull the bulb out the other side. 

adding the the light to the candle for the rustic home décor DIY
pulling the light bulb through the opening of the candle DIY
showing the light up close for the flameless candle

To prevent the wire from slipping out the bottom we simply added a small piece of duct tape to secure to the bottom of my rustic Christmas décor DIY candle.

duct  tape to hold the wire in the candle base

Adding the Empty Flame Bulb To The Top To Rustic DIY

Step 8

Now, we place the empty flame bulb over the LED light.  We pushed it into to the opening from the drill. 

adding the empty bulb over the LED light for my rustic Christmas DIY
showing the rustic Christmas DIY lit

After this, I added a beads of hot glue to secure the bulb to my DIY.

adding the glue around the bulb to hold it in tightly
showing the DIY before decorated

Lastly, here’s my rustic Christmas décor DIY on display.  Sitting on antique dishes surrounded by small white tipped pinecones and bottle brush trees.   I’m over the moon happy with this project.  It’s easier then I ever thought.  Stay tuned I have another shorter furniture leg.  A flameless votive candle may be made in the near future.

home décor DIY on dishes with pinecones and bottle brush trees
closeup of the DIY, pinecones and trees

So the next time you see couch legs grab some and make this rustic Christmas candle. I’d love to read your thoughts about this fun project! Happy crafting!

Rustic Christmas Decor Flameless Candle

How to make your own flameless candle
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time30 mins
Total Time35 mins
Keyword: christmas crafts, decorating idea, diy,, easy craft, easy craft ideas, holiday
Yield: 1
Cost: $5


  • drill, old flame lightbulb, glue gun, glue sticks, good craft paint brush, LED battery operated craft lights link in post


DIY Flameless Candle
Items Needed:
  • wood closet pole from any home improvement store
  • white chalk or craft paint
  • good quality craft paint brush
  • LED  battery operated craft lights – link is available in post
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
Step 1
Cut closet pole to desired length.  Since closet poles are long cut you can make many of these flaemless candles.  The lights are inexpensive and easy to use so take advantage of the length of the pole and make yourself a few of these Flameless candles.
Drill a hole through the center of the candle base you cut from the closet pole this is where the light wire will slide through
Step 2
Paint candle base with white paint.  3 coats is needed to cover well.  Let dry
Step 3
Heat glue gun and grab glue sticks.  Once hot apply drips to the candle base to look like wax drips.  Begin at the top of the candle base and drag your glue gun downward.  Make different length drips and layer the lengths to give it the look of wax.
Step 4
Get base of bulb ready with a drill to open the bottom.  As shown in the post pictures
Step 5
Put light kits together and slide the wire up the center of the candle base.  Use a small piece of duct tape to keep wire stable over the bottom hole on the candle base
Step 6
Add a dot of glue carefully to the base of bulb and add to the top.  This keeps the bulb stable
Add hot glue in a circular motion to the top of the candle base to resemble wax as shown in the post above
Step 7
Add light brown wax or watered down brown craft paint lightly to the drips to look like soot
Final Step
Add to dispaly in your home.  If you would like to see examples checkout my Pinterst boards for different display ideas
This is an easy and inexpensive way to make flameless candles.
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  1. Cindy, I do believe you are the most creative person I know! Your rustic Christmas candle turned out perfect. Your entire vignette is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful week sweet friend!

  2. LOVE this, Cindy! At first I thought this was one of those vintage plastic candles. (I have one) But this is so much prettier being wood. Great idea, especially the wax on the sides. Pinned!

  3. This is great. So many creative ideas – and who knew? A furniture leg to start?

  4. This looks amazing, Cindy! I love how you made the wax drippings with hot glue…it looks so realistic. Now you can enjoy the look of a lit candle without worrying about it being a fire hazard. Pinned!

  5. DYING OVER THIS RIGHT NOW, Cindy! You are the most creative person I’ve ever met. I cannot get over this post. It doesn’t even look like a table leg at all. I don’t know when your best selling craft book is coming out but count me first in line. Yet another post of yours I’m loving and pinning! Hugs, CoCo

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