Semi Homemade Dessert Ideas

I’m sharing semi homemade dessert ideas.

These simple and quick desserts are great because you can make these sweets ahead of time. By the way, the other thing that makes these particularly perfect is after a large meal these are small and I will be sharing 7 semi homemade dessert ideas with you.

Of course, smaller in size means we are able to enjoy more sweets, right. I figure smaller size desserts less calories, LOL.

Now even though these are semi homemade these sweet desserts are amazing. There’s a secret I am going to share that makes these fast desserts amazing. Ready, brown butter. Browning butter truly makes a huge difference in flavor with desserts.

Additionally, we eat with our eyes first so adding little extra touches to these 7 sweets makes these extra special. It also let’s your family and friends know they are special. Hey, this is what life is about, right.

Number 1

If you follow Cloches & Lavender, you may have seen these recipes last week. These cookie recipes are easy and fly out of our home. I have to make these over and over again during springtime.

The first recipe is a cookie I literally have a hard time keeping in the house. These super quick and are truly fantastic! Once again, adding brown butter makes these cookies amazing!

Tip 1: Key Lime Pie M&M’s are only available for spring.

Tip 2: Also, using a meat mallet and tapping lightly works best to break these candies up. Ever other method turns them to powder. It goes fast since only a handful is necessary for the cookies

By the way, the months will be getting warmer, here’s a great easy recipe to help keep you cool. This is delicious and will be enjoyed by all!

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas cookies with M&Ms

Supplies Needed:

  • Wilton chocolate Melter or double boiler
  • Cookie sheets
  • 9×13 inch baking pan
  • parchment paper
  • Nonstick Aluminum foil
  • small round or small spring shape cookie cutter
  • rubber or silicone spatula
  • small popsicle sticks
  • dark and white chocolate melts
  • fork for drizzling
  • small pot for browning butter
  • mixing bowl
  • metal baking sheets
  • spoon to combine ingredients

Number 2

Here is another easy recipe for a chocolate cookie. Who can have a celebration and not include chocolate?

Tip 1: Both cookie recipes work well if you refrigerate the dough for 5 minutes prior to baking.

I did recently share these chocolate peanut butter chip cookies and they are delicious. Once again adding brown butter adds so much extra flavor to this dessert. WOW the flavor I was squealing with excitement!

This recipe is another quick and easy one to make ahead of time. Ordinarily cookies from scratch take a bit of time however, these go quickly.

Tip 2: Using a smaller cookie scoop keeps the cookies the same size quality of baking

Tip 3: If there are food allergies to peanut butter, I share an alternative.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas chocolate peanut butter chip cookies

Number 3

Individual Size Rich Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

I made the brownies single serve using a small biscuit cutter.

If you have and issue finding a small round biscuit cutter, I did find one HERE at Amazon.

Here using Duncan Hinse brownie mix using vegetable oil is in this recipe. Spread the batter in a 9×13 greased pan.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas

After the brownies cool, I use a small round biscuit cutter to make this individual size. I love having individual size desserts they make occasions feel extra special. What do you think?

brownie being cut with a small biscuit cutter

Making these have a homemade look and feel special I use white chocolate melts. After melting these, using a small fork I drizzle the tops and they look extra festive for Easter.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas brownies covered with white chocolate
7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas brownies with white chocolate drizzle

Number 4

Semi Homemade Desserts Blondies With Embellishments

Follow the directions on the box.

By the way, this recipe is Pillsbury Funfetti Blondie Mix. To make these taste more homemade I again brown butter instead of just melting it as the recipe says.

Pillsbury Funfetti blondie mix box

I also make these in greased 9×13 pan. I also make this recipe individual size using the same biscuit cutter.

Instead of using the Funfetti adding a combination of spring color sprinkles adds a pretty look.

Spring colored sprinkles for 7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas
blondies up close with pink and green sprinkles

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Number 5

Basic White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Who loves chocolate covered pretzels? I’m thinking many of you are saying Me, Me with excitement.
Making this sweet is so simple. Using white chocolate melts, melt the chocolate. Once the chocolate melts simply dip pretzels and lay on foil to set.

white chocolate covered pretzels
white chocolate covered pretzels

One of the best things about using chocolate melts, it sets quickly making these desserts easy.

Number 6

Individual Pound Cake Pops

Here’s such a quick dessert to make to add to other sweets on the table. Purchase a pound cake at the market.

store bought pound cake

Next cut it in thick slices and then cut into quarters.

thick, pieces of cut pound cake

Now add your popsicle sticks through the center and place on a waxed paper sheets covered sheet pan. This is is especially important, so the cakes don’t stick to the sheet pan when freezing.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas pound cake on popsicle sticks laying on parchment paper

Tip 1: Using parchment paper on the baking sheet is important because this avoids the cakes from sticking.

Tip 2: Also, after dipping these in chocolate, it prevents them from sticking to the pan.

After this step, put these in the freezer for 2 hours. I did this to this dessert to be sure the stick was secure for dipping in chocolate.

If you have an issue finding dark chocolate melts, I did find them HERE.

In the meantime, melt your dark chocolate melts. After taking the pound cake pops out of the freezer dip one at time and sprinkle with spring color sprinkles. Place each pound cake pop back on the cold baking sheets. This helps these cakes set fast.

melting dark chocolate
7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas pound cake pops covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles
7 easy semi homemade Easter dessert ideas. pound cake pops covered in dark chocolate with white and pink sprinkles

Tip 3: When removing the pound cake pops grab them by the cake end to keep them intact.

In our family we enjoy cold cake so I will take these sweet treats out a half hour before serving.

Number 7

Easy White Chocolate Macadamia Dessert

Tip 1: Toasting nuts before using them for any recipe brings out the flavor of the nut.

Now number 7 semi homemade dessert ideas is very easy and fast to make.

Toast the macadamia nuts for this snack at 375 for 10 minutes. Let them cool.

Now break the pretzels in small pieces to add a salty taste to this easy Easter dessert.

Tip 2: Add nonstick foil onto a flat surface such as a cutting board.

In the meantime, begin melting the white chocolate melts. Add the macadamia nuts and pretzel pieces to a bowl.

Now pour in the chocolate and mix well.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas white chocolate covered macadamia nuts

After this is mixed well pour it on the foil and spread to smooth a bit. Let the combination set up. After it this easy snack sets up peel of the foil and break into pieces.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas white chocolate covered macadamia nuts with bright pink sprinkled
white chocolate covered macadamia nuts with pretzels and pink and green sprinkles

Finally, Browning Butter For These Semi Homemade Desserts

When browning butter add your stick of butter to a pot and put it over a medium/low flame. After the butter melts, let it get a foam on top.

Tip 1: When I say foam the butter will be covered with a foam on top of the melted butter. At this point carefully tilt the pot to check the butter and its color. It should be an amber color when brown.

It’s important to do because when browning butter, it will become an amber color. Once it foams watch the butter carefully. You don’t want burnt butter in your desserts.

7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas
7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas
7 Easy Semi Homemade Easter Dessert Ideas white chocolate covered macadamia nuts and pound cake pops

Here’s is a post that may be of interest. It shares how I made cheese markers. This post shares how I made my charcruterie board. Wait until you read what it’s made from.

7 easy semi homemade Easter dessert ideas.

I hope you enjoyed these semi homemade dessert ideas. Remember these are simple to do and can be done ahead of time.

I’d love to know if you are going to try any of these ideas. Are you getting ready for Easter or Passover?

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