Best Vintage Gardening Ideas

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing the best vintage gardening Ideas. This time of year we begin gathering ideas for the garden or gardens on the deck.

I’m also taking part in a Garden or Outdoor Bog Hop. I’m Looking forward to seeing all the inspiration everyone is sharing.

Adding pieces to your garden or your deck is a great way of adding interest and character. As a rule, I’m carfeul not to go overboard. So adding too many elements will look too chaotic and messy. Outdoor decorating the same rules apply, as indoors. Take the time to make sure the to work in odd numbers. Also keeping pieces in a similar color theme.

As an example, I keep our deck neutral and let the best vintage gardening ideas shine along with the flowers. As a rule, I also try to plant flowers in similar colors so pieces aren’t competeing.

Another tip when collecting vintage pieces is to rotate different pieces every season. Doing this is important because it avoids it looking cluttered. I also do this so I have s fresh look every planting season. This is also especially important if your space is smaller.

Let’s Take A Look at Vintage Pieces I Added to My Garden And Deck Last Season

Last summer for example, I did find the best vintage gardening ideas. First, let’s take a look at what I found for our deck. At the thrift store this peretty planter became available and I have not seen a piece like this before, have you?

Next, finding this child size metal headboard to add to our best vintage gardening ideas.

In the meantime you may enjoy reading this post to see other pieces I did find to add to our deck .  As a result of a piece I did find to create a new look to the best vintage gardening ideas.  I may or may not use all the pieces I did use last year.  Remeber, I did mention the clutter factor at the berginning  of this post.

Galvanized buckets and a copper boiler pot can also add to the best vintage ideas.

By the way, this post shares beautiful ideas for adding vintage touches. As an example, look at this bicycle, how pretty will this look in a garden?

A vintage summer garden tour that includes ideas for a she shed and some budget friendly tips of how to add in lots of vintage decor and textures.

This French flower pot can easily be made with a terrocatta flower pot painted with Gesso in white .  Allow to dry  and mix medium grey craft paint and water. Brush on and wipe the excess off.  Apply a tranfer grapchic and flowers reaad about it in this post.        


Another example is using an old piece of furniture as seen in this post.  This piece is gorgeous overflowing with flowers.  Imagine this on a deck or front porch!


Thanks for stopping to visit Cloches & Lavender and I hope you did enjoy seeing the best vintage gardening ideas.  I also hope this inspire you to add pieces to your garden.

Remember to sign up for my newsletter at the top of this post so you will see what I’m upto on my blog.  Now, let’s see what’s next on the tour.

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this one, Cindy, but I love these ideas so much! The flowers you chose are so beautiful and I love all the charm your vintage and antique pieces add as well. They’re fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

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