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Today I am sharing how to make easy applesauce. Let me share this recipe.

I got this easy applesauce recipe from my mom. I’m truly not sure how this recipe for applesauce came into our home, however, it is very good! I have been making this quick recipe for many years. In fact, we jokingly say, this simple applesauce has made me and my husband applesauce snobs.

This recipe is beyond easy but don’t let this fool you into thinking it may not be as good as I am saying. Trust me you will love it.

I will however share a secret; this applesauce is even more fun to make now.  Years ago, it took longer to peel, core and slice the apples from the orchard.  The slicer I did use back then you can find HERE on Amazon. 

For the most part I try to use sweet apples to make this side dish. I do this because this quick recipe has no added sugar. For example, think Gala apples, Winesap, Golden Delicious, Macoun are great too.

apple on the kitchenaid slicer/peeler
the apple being cored, peeled and sliced for the applesauce

By the way, when making this simple applesauce you won’t believe how fast and truly easy it is to make. And guess how you cook the apples? Crockpot, NO. Slow Cooker, NO. I cook the apples in the MICROWAVE in a 2-quart microwave safe dish! Don’t be fooled by the microwave applesauce because this applesauce is thick, smooth and creamy!

water being added to the sliced apples before it goes in the microwave

After removing the dish of apples from the microwave, simply add them to a blender and add cinnamon. Set the blender on puree and blend. If you don’t have a puree setting set the blender on the highest speed, you can. This is what makes this cinnamon applesauce thick and smooth.

apples after removing them from the microwave for the applesauce
adding the cooked apples to the blender to puree on high
applesauce after being blended on high
applesauce in a pretty Mason jar with apples and Cinnamon sticks

For another great and easy recipe click HERE for a soft biscotti recipes with tips.  This is light and easy to make.  It also will be great for Thanksgiving! I hope you give this easy cinnamon applesauce a try because it’s the best!

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Now since I have become a baker and cook I own a KitchenAid stand mixer.   I highly recommend buying this product to save a ton of time to make this easy applesauce.  Beside working for apples, use yams or white potatoes to make curly fries easily. 

Also making Zoodles using Zucchini and Butternut Squash and using it for spaghetti is a great twist.   This product works like a dream and now is the time to make the purchase because many places have this attachment on sale. 


Easy Applesauce

Easy Applesauce

This applesauce is very quick to make and you use the microwave
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
0 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 10 people
Calories 49 kcal


  • blender, peeler, corer and slicer for the apples, microwave, 2 quart casserole bowl


  • 6 cups sliced apples
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 tblsp lemon juice from fresh lemon
  • cinnamon to taste


Slice core and peel apples.  Approximately 9 apples depending on size
Add room temperature water and lemon juice to the apples
Microwave on high for 12 minutes
Pour the apples with the water into the blender.
Add cinnamon to taste and puree or blend on the highest speed to make the applesauce creamy
Add to a Mason jar and refrigerate
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  1. Oh, boy this good! I wish I could eat apples, but my allergies won’t let me, but this would be on the top of my list.

  2. I haven’t had homemade applesauce since I was a child. My grandmother made it for us in freezer containers and it was so good. I have a giant bag of apples picked over the weekend at a local orchard. I will use some of them to make applesauce to enjoy.

  3. What a simple way to make applesauce! I just got a kitchenaid mixer and am definitely going to buy the attachment you suggested!

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