Shrimp Kabobs with Roasted Corn


It has been very hot and extrememly humid in NJ. How has the weather been where you are? Today I’m sharing shrimp kabobs with roasted corn! July and August in NJ makes me yearn for cooler days. If it was hot I’d almost be able to deal with it but NJ summers tend to be […]

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Citrus Biscotti with Chocolate Drizzle

Citrus Biscotti

This citrus biscotti with chocolate drizzle is the perfect easy light dessert! It’s refreshing and is full of flavor and truly tastes amazing! So how about a light cookie to share with friends while having your favorite after-dinner drink? What’s Biscotti? Why is the name Biscotti? Why is the name Biscotti? Well basically, Biscotti means […]

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Easy to Make Decadent Dessert

Individual sweet treats

Do you need an easy dessert? Well today I’m sharing an easy to make decadent dessert. By the way, this sweet treat is perfect for warm weather gatherings! This treat will make everyone say WOW! Because this rich ice cream dessert looks like it takes hours to make. When in fact it takes little prep […]

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Easy Chocolate Candy Cups

Well, today I’m sharing how to make easy chocolate candy cups! These are so easy and fast you are going to love these! First of all, these are HUGE crowd pleasers and are delicious! I actually should have added a row of exclamation marks because these are so simple, but I won’t. Okay, maybe one […]

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Welcome Home Saturday Décor Inspiration

It’s exciting to be joining some of my favorite Bloggers as a guest host for the second time for weekly their weekly blogging series. Welcome Home Saturday is a great place to see home decor inspiration. Can you believe we are heading to the unofficial start to summer? Memorial Day is around the corner? This […]

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Sugared Champagne Raspberries

Do you love raspberries? Of course, this little red berry is delicious. Well, how to make sugared champagne raspberries is AMAZING! Besides the fact berries are low in calories, these provide potassium, they are great for the heart and they lower blood pressure. Also, this fruit contains omeg-3 fatty acids which makes these even healthier. […]

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