Inspired Creations

Thrift Store Challenge

Welcome to this months Challange. Thanks to our hosts Emily and Tara. Today I'm sharing my silver leaf project. I purchased plastic Christmas balls from Michael's for a steal. Twenty balls for $5, pretty good right? Silver leaf and adhesive was $10 from Amazon so right on target for money, love when that happens.  Mona… Continue reading Thrift Store Challenge


Turkey Sausage Stuffing Meatloaf

Saturday we had my family over.  I love these gatherings, because I enjoy their company and second they love to eat.  It makes me happy to feed people; especially because I love to cook and bake. Everyone of them loves my Thanksgiving stuffing.  It has incredible flavor and texture.  Well, truth, it's not my recipe… Continue reading Turkey Sausage Stuffing Meatloaf