A Touch of Silver

Evening all…it’s me, Peanut again.  Well, today I gave Momma a hand with her latest project but she swore me to secrecy, in exchange for my continued “constant attention” LOL

Today’s quick project is down below…but I’ll be back soon to tell you about my hard work soon.


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week, time just flies.  I have to say this is one of my favorite holidays.  Looking forward to the first one in our new home! I love the turkey and all the fixings and this year we are having Audrey and her new beaux over too…which will be extra special.  That means LEFTOVERS, since I always over cook LOL…nothing better!!!

My dad gave me some beautiful pieces of sterling silver and silver plate that were my grandmothers.  She had an eye for gorgeous pieces when shopping antique shops.  I will be posting about many of the pieces as time goes by but for today I wanted share these beauties which were mostly doubles and extra pieces…so I asked John to make me napkin rings out of the sliver plate spoons in the collection.  He used a piece of pipe and bent them around.  I think they’ll make nice additions to the Thanksgiving table scape.

DSC_0039_wm DSC_0041_wm

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Bit of a Change

Hello everyone, hope all is well.  The weather is a changing, cold air is moving into NJ.  Actually, most of the country.  I’m not sure I’m ready for this, LOL.

You may remember, I showed these stools I purchased from Décor Steals a while back.  Well, I lived with them for a bit and decided I needed to make a minor adjustment.

I didn’t feel as though the light color of the legs was working with the rest of the black furniture in the room.  I took out my Antiquing Glaze from Lowes and gave them a wash.  I lived with it for a while and I felt another coat was needed.  I am very happier with them darker.


Picture below with one coat of antiquing glaze


Picture below with the second coat of antiquing glaze


I hope everyone stays warm and has a good weekend!  The one positive is we get to make our first fire in the new house!!!

Folding Beauty

Hello again, another busy Sunday for us pups.  There seems to be something going on that needs our attention, Momma must be off posting again.  But at least the Jets won…almost a miracle these days! We think she’s going to tell you about the laundry room and the table daddy built, what a racket he made with the biscuit joiner, the sanding and the nail gun…Geez 


Thank you babies for letting everyone know what I was going to talk about today, I am sorry I disturbed your rest.  DSC_0048_wm DSC_0038_wm DSC_0040_wm DSC_0041_wm The one thing that you do as a housewife that never goes away is laundry.  This really helps me feel better about doing this chore.  John did such a great job building this folding table.  It is large with a great balustrade at the end.  I saw it on Van Dykes, it is large and I think it adds a great touch. DSC_0014_wm He stained it dark walnut and used wax to protect the wood top.   I also wanted to show where I hang our clothes for drying.  I am a bit strange, I only put whites in the dryer.  I am not a fan of soft jeans at all.  Many make fun of me because most don’t enjoy stiff jeans but this girl does. Anyway, John bought a piece of cedar from Lowes and stained it for me and hung it on the wall.  I went to Country Curtains and purchased curtain holders in Amber glass and use that to hang our pants, etc.  I think it is pretty cool. DSC_0025_wm DSC_0025_wm DSC_0026_wm I utilized my old picture hook to hold the clothes pin bag. DSC_0024_wm The bag is from an Etsy shop and I feel bad that I can’t remember which shop I made the purchase.  Two reasons, 1, I would love to go back and 2, I would love to give a shout out for their shop,. The cabinets are off the shelf from Home Depot and so are the knobs.  Love the color of these. DSC_0028_wm Notice the large sink in the corner, well, that is really for Peanut and Reeses.  This is their bath tub.  Bath time is big around here, they have always enjoyed them since we brought them home.  They even have their own rubber mat for the bottom so they don’t slip.  A little loved these two, no not much, LOL.  This is also a utility sink.  Don’t worry it gets scrubbed down before the pups go in for safety. DSC_0031_wm All of the prints in the room are from the old house.  They don’t have the laundry room theme but they are so pretty and make the room cheery. Even though our laundry/mudroom is accessed through the garage, I added a welcoming fall wreath for back door friends. DSC_0018_wm View as you enter. DSC_0020_wm DSC_0033_wm I selected a wood lighting fixture to compliment the wood pieces throughout this room, even the wood look tile on the floor. DSC_0004_wm The projects are happening and it is fun and a tad frustrating at times.  It takes me so much longer these days to paint, but that is how it is and I try not to fret too much. More to come soon!!!

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Some Additions

Hello everyone, time has been flying.  I apologize for being somewhat MIA but many projects are underway.

Our weather has been great and our Halloween uneventful, which was a bit of a surprise.  When we lived in this area some years ago trick or treating was a HUGE deal.  I am talking 200 kids at least and John would have to stop and buy more candy on his way home. 

On with the post, the Mudroom/Laundry room has been getting some additions. 

We had this bench in our old home and I knew I wanted to use it but wasn’t sure where.  John suggested the mudroom for seating to take our boots off in the wet winter months.  I was all for that but, thought, we need to do something to make it more useful.


The seat is from an old buggy we purchased years ago.  We knew it wasn’t an antique but we thought it was cool.  So, what to use as storage underneath???  The decision, purchase stock cabinets to attach to the bottom .

This is where John of course came in.  He added wood to the top of the cabinets to give the bench strength and more stability.

I painted the white cabinets Meil chalk paint from Maison Blanche.  I never used this paint before but it interested me since there is no odor and VOC free.  Two coats of paint and an application of antique dark wax to add age.  This wax is the best I have used without a doubt, much more play time.  Oil-rubbed bronze knobs we had on hand from the old house and TA-DAH a bench.

DSC_0004_wm DSC_0010_wm DSC_0018_wm

The area while working, LOL.

We are happy with our tile choice, love the rustic wood look.


The dog bone is from Lowes.  You will notice below, we have many leashes and collars for the pups.  They have collars for Christmas too.


The picture over the bench we had and was a Home Goods find.

The tin pieces above the door are from an antique store in Lambertville, PA.  They add some charm.


The bead board behind the bench was added when building the house to give it a more cozy look.

The pillows on the bench I purchased from Country Curtains and Home Goods a few years back.  


I found the coat rack from PB catalog, on sale, so coats can be hung.  Note:  collars and leashes, LOL.  I also added an Irish walking stick John received from a friend years back.  A bucket of lavender with a piece of lace to make it feel like home.

DSC_0004 (2)_wm

Next up, the folding table John made to add to the laundry side




Just What I Thought Would Do!

There was a nice nip in the air this weekend.  Lovely brisk mornings making it feel more like fall!

I knew I wanted to add shutters bringing the French Cottage feel to the outside.  Well, they came and were installed last week and…I’m in LOVE, what do you think?

DSC_0035_wm DSC_0036_wm

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Fall Great Room

I’m Peanut and I heard that my brother Reeses got a headline last post, so I told mother to get me in there.  Here I am “stalking” some of those pesky leaves that keep falling on to my domain! LOL  I’ll get them all!


Well, the weather has been rainy, chilly and dreary this week, but I wanted to share some of the things I did in the Family Room today.

Warning:  Many pictures ahead!

Decorating the great room for fall was so much fun.  I really enjoyed making the bookcase somewhat simple.  Using pumpkins along with some acorns I have gave me the feel I was looking for.  The small acorn wreath is from Décor Steals and I placed it on a small easel.  I didn’t care for the easel showing through the wreath.  John suggested putting fabric behind the piece.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  I chose this toile that I had on hand, I love how it looks.

I have so many plans for the bookcase for Christmas!!! Now that will really be picture overload, LOL!



I left the mantle simple since I didn’t want to fight with the TV and I really like the simplicity.


My terrarium, is filled with leaves, pumpkins and pieces of transferware and a small cachet pot.  To finish this off, I added some real mums to my Mercury glass jars.  Don’t know how long they will last indoors.  I have to take them out when watering so I don’t damage the jars.  As you can see, this hasn’t been painted yet but will be, I HOPE, before the holidays.

DSC_0066_wm DSC_0065_wm

On our antique theater trunk, I filled this metal basket with hay and a bunch of pumpkins and gourds from the garden center.  Love the warmth this gives to this area.

DSC_0068_wm DSC_0067_wm DSC_0084_wm

Lastly, there are beaded pumpkins in this wire basket that I purchased a few years ago from HG on our coffee table. 


DSC_0070_wm DSC_0069_wm DSC_0120_wm

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Fall Kitchen

Hi…I’m Reeses and am greeting you today! (I know, I have a Jets tag on for the fall; no comments on this season please LOL)


The kitchen really came together for the autumn season.  I used everything I had from the old house except the three-tier basket in the corner and the real pumpkins.  Oh, and another small crate that John found at the garden center when he went back to get small evergreens for the front porch.  He is so thoughtful and he knew I would love another one of these, big kiss!!!

It looks so pretty filled with my small white pumpkins.  Near this I put another small inexpensive piece I found at the garden center.  It can be used for plants, holding silverware and many other things.  I placed some hay and artichokes I had and I love the touch.

DSC_0094_wm DSC_0093_wm DSC_0091_wm DSC_0092_wm

I am also enjoying our hood decorated for fall too.

DSC_0005 (3)_wm DSC_0008 (2)_wm

I used my French flower-pot with my transfer filled with faux flowers I had from the old house and I just love the colors and the warmth they add.



This cloche you have seen before but I love it with a white larger pumpkin and some faux leaves I had that I purchased from PB while at the other house.


Now, to one of my favorites in the kitchen, my three-tiered basket from my beloved Décor Steals.  I filled this with pumpkins, doilies, my grandmothers again that she made and mason jars.  The doilies are very old and fragile.  I am taking special care of these and enjoy using them in various ways in my vignettes.  The small dish was my grandmothers also and I think it is transferware but I have to do some checking to be sure.  It is very old as well.

DSC_0097_wm DSC_0096_wm

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Fall in the Dining Room

I haven’t shown this room yet, because I wanted our side chairs to be recovered first.  The fabric on these chairs, as you can see, didn’t in any way blend with the area rug we chose from our old house to be placed in this room, horrible fabric, what was I thinking, LOL??

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0006_wm DSC_0007_wm

John recovered them with a fabric that I purchased from beautifulfabrics.com  and I am thrilled with the look.

I’ll show this room in its entirety in a few weeks.  For now, it is minimal, to show my fall décor.

I still haven’t gotten to painting the buffet or the table base, these projects are slated to get finished before the holidays, fingers crossed, LOL!

The table is decorated with my favorite cloche and I used old tea cups that were my grandmothers, some of these date back to the 40’s.  I thought I’d dress them with little faux pumpkins I had in my arsenal.  You’ll notice that I used the mirror from our old powder room that received a makeover which I wrote about in an earlier post.

I had these mercury glass acorns I purchased last year.  I knew I would work them into my fall décor in the new house.  Also added, is a doily that was my grandmothers.  When I went to the garden center to buy real pumpkins I thought this would make a nice addition.

DSC_0072_wm DSC_0071_wm DSC_0004 (2)_wm

This little side table is decorated with a crate I found on sale from the garden center, when I saw this baby there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me.  I was thrilled I was able to find small white pumpkins this year, love them!!!  They aren’t always available for some reason in my part of NJ.


I will see you soon, I hope everyone is enjoying great weather!

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Autumn in the Entry

Before I show the entry for fall I have to share a picture I took with my phone the other night.  John and the pups are taking walks every night in the new neighborhood.  They were so tired afterwards I found the shot priceless!!!


I was excited to use my olive bucket for the fall season and added a pillow cover I purchased from PB with an insert.  I really am loving the pheasant motif and purchased the acorn wreath from Décor Steals and just love it.

DSC_0083_wm DSC_0001_wm

The French tin flower bucket I made last year with a transfer and I had some faux color to give it a warm feeling.  I added a few mercury glass acorns that I had on hand.  Love mercury glass and acorns.  You may pick up on that when seeing other areas of the house, LOL.


Fall Front Porch

Finally, a nice cool day came along and I took the opportunity to get some outside fall decorating done! Being the first time decorating our new front porch, it was a special treat to be able to use flowering Kale again.  No more critters to worry about munching away on these beauties. I was getting anxious seeing everyone decorating in blogland for the season and I had nothing even started, LOL.  Of course, my John, being the person of reason reminded me this isn’t a race.  We recently added the railings and the front walkway and we will tackle landscaping this spring  So, I decided to keep it a bit simple this year. I have been enjoying the season in our neighborhood and everyone is really embracing the fall. I was hoping our shutters would be put up on the house before I posted but the builder hasn’t gotten to it yet.  When they are up I will post.  I decided to wait on them to see if I really felt the house needed them.  I thought the house felt  a little flat in front so I  made the choice to add them. Will update once they’re up! DSC_0051_wm DSC_0055_wm DSC_0058_wm DSC_0059_wm DSC_0060_wm DSC_0052_wm I am linking to: http://www.thededicatedhouse.com/2014/10/make-it-pretty-monday-week-116.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheDedicatedHouse+%28The+Dedicated+House%29

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