Hello everyone, I hope all is well! 

I am very excited to be  participating in this blog tour.  It was such an honor when Doreen from House Honeys thought of me.  Well, here goes:

A little bit about  me; Cindy from Cloches and Lavender, I have a wonderful husband of 26 years, two miniature short-haired dachshunds that are the loves of our lives.  We have recently completed (finally!) a new home on one level.  We designed it mainly for me to be able to live an easier life.  I have MS and getting around our old home was an issue.  I struggled with doing the things I loved to do when living in our old home.  Taking care of our home became a struggle,  as well as cooking and baking.  I’m now looking forward to getting back to projects, decorating the new house and of course, posting!

I have been following Doreen’s blog for a bit now.   I enjoy hearing about her wonderful cabin and enjoyed following her when she made a beautiful broach bouquet for her daughters wedding this year.  Make sure to hop on over and take a look it turned out, just gorgeous.  It is so creative and unique and I think this was a beautiful and touching thing to make for her daughter that she will have forever.


 So let me get started telling you about Cloches and Lavender
 Here are the four questions I’m supposed to answer:
1) What are you working on right now?
Right now my attention is going to be focused on our new home.  We have been building our home over the past year.  Yes, a year, the winter was so harsh in NJ it has taken some time.  After unpacking tons of  boxes, the projects will begin slowly.  I would like to paint our dining room furniture,  I am not loving the color against the paint color we chose for the walls.
2)  How does my work differ from others in this genre?
The one thing that may differ my blogs from others, is that I have a HUGE passion for baking and cooking.  With our new home being easier for me to function in I will be able to really get back my freedom of baking and  cooking.  I will be writing some posts with this in mind for the future.  I have really enjoyed blogging and with the house taking me away from projects for a year, I must say I took time to really try and learn as much as I could, reading and following many of my favorite blogs. 
3)  Why do I write/create what I do?
I started to blog when I wanted to share my passion for decorating, painting, baking and cooking.  Our home is very important to me, so, I thought it would be fun to take my ideas and the love of these things and share them with people.  I thought this would be a great opportunity because I have MS, and it didn’t allow me to follow a dream that I found I had in my 30′s.  That was, taking design and decorating classes.  I decided this was a way I was able to fulfill that dream.  I have completely fallen in love with this venue. 
4)  How does your writing/creating process work?
 I don’t really have any particular way of writing to be  honest.  I would  have to say, when I have a project I choose to tackle, I get the project finished and just sit down at my computer and let  it come to me.  I would like to work on getting more organized with writing some posts in advance but, that may take a while, LOL.  I touched on this above, I have used this time to read, read and read.  I think my style of writing is improving as I go and that is what I felt needed to be done for my blog to flow better.

Thank you so much again Doreen for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity.  I hope you will take the time to take a look at Cloches and Lavender and follow me on our journey in our new home with our small but great family.

I am now going to introduce you to two fabulous bloggers that I have been following from the beginning.  They each are very talented and have fantastic style.

They Are:


Hi Everyone! This is Jennifer at Town and Country Living!

Town and Country Living is a blog about living life where the suburban streets of Chicago meet the country roads of Illinois prairies.

I truly have the best of both worlds here. Heading east, we enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. Heading west, we’re greeted by farm fields and meadows.

My blog focuses on cottage and farmhouse-style decor for affordable and easy living. Throw in a few DIY projects and recipes, and you have what my blog is all about. And on occasion, I’ll write about local points of interest.

Thanks again to Cynthia for featuring me and my blog!!


Hello…I’m Heather from New House New Home New Life

close-up wire basket light

“I’m just a Canadian girl who’s lived in and around the big city for most of my life. Until three years ago, when my big city husband took a job in a small town in farm country. So I retired from a stressful job, moved to a small town and started restoring an older home, bringing the gardens back to life and pursuing all things domestic including refabulating furniture. My blog, New House New Home New Life tells this story. At the top of the page, you’ll see my logo – “Domestically obsessed and blogging about it” Well, that just about sums up my life.”

Thank you Cindy, for thinking of me to join the tour.

The End is Nearing

Things are progressing quickly with the house and there are many things to take care of right now.  Everything is turning out beautifully and just how we have hoped.  The hardwoods are finished and the dark walnut is GORGEOUS!!!  The quartz got installed yesterday and the backsplash tile is getting finished.  Let me just say, SINGING A VERY HAPPY TUNE!!!!!

I am very backed up with blogs and am very busy now so I will be offline with answering blogs for a few weeks.  We have to get moved in and settled.  The boxes, millions of them.  We forgot how many, YIKES.

Thank you to my followers for hanging in there with me through this build and lack of projects.  It is safe to say I have many repainting of furniture in the future once the dust settles.  Many things will be happening in the future so my new followers, hang in there the fun will begin!!

More Happenings!!!

It was a beautiful weekend in NJ and the week has slowly turned hot and humid, ICK!!!

Well things are progressing more and more with the house.  The corbels are hung and I love what they add to these large doorways.

DSC_0006_wm DSC_0007_wm

I can’t wait to see them with the furnishings, Furnishings! Boy, we will have to get acquainted; we haven’t seen each other in a year LOL.  It is amazing how much you can miss your things over this much time.

The appliances are in, YAY, so happy with everything we purchased.  The quartz counters have been templated and will be installed on Monday.

The hardwood floors are getting stained this week in dark walnut and John and I can’t wait to see them.  We are going with a matte poly finish.

All the plumbing is in, the electricity is working, the toilets are in place and flushing!!  I had to christen one while we were there this weekend, LOL.  The vanities and faucets are beautiful and I thought I would give you a peek at our gorgeous lights in the master bathroom, one over each sink.  Are these GORGEOUS or what, LOVE!!!

DSC_0015_wm DSC_0018_wm

The air conditioning condenser is in place outside, which I am sure the workers will be grateful for while doing those floors.

The grading of the yard will be getting done which is great for Peanut and Reeses so we can begin getting their own personal area ready for them to do their business and be able to romp when home alone with momma.  They will be doing this with me watching of course, safety first, LOL.

June 24th is approaching quickly.  Many little things still need to be finished.

Hmmm Think About These??

Hello everyone things are really moving on the new house, it is so exciting to see everything getting pretty and the finishing touches happening!!!

Speaking of finishing touches, I thought I would show you a couple that we purchased from Van Dykes Restorers to add some touches to our finishing’s.  I purchased these corbels to add some embellishment to molding.  For where you might ask, now you know I can’t tell you that, LOL!!!  Trust me they will be a great touch for where they are slated to go.

DSC_0013_wm DSC_0014_wm

I also ordered these beautiful appliques which I painted and then glazed with raw umber paint added to plain glaze.  I wanted to give them an aged look and I love the way they turned out.  Okay, since you have been left hanging on so many other things I will toss you a bone, LOL.  These will be added to the doors on our bookcase in the great room.  When you see these in place they are going to be a perfect touch.

DSC_0017_wm DSC_0027_wm

More to come, it is getting really close.  I can just burst and am I getting the decorating bug big time!!!

Till next time, stay well.

Getting Really Close

Hello everyone, the weather was GORGEOUS here in NJ this weekend.  We took our babies to the new house and enjoyed sitting on the deck for a spell today. 

Such EXCITING news, we are going to be in by the end of June, we booked our movers for the 24th.  I can’t believe we get to see our stuff!!  It has been a year, LOL, who would have thought that, not us that’s for sure.

Here are some snippets of things around the new place.  The one thing I can say is I LOVE everything that is getting finished.  Our fireplace mantle is perfect.  Our builder’s son did the job and I got the picture from PINTEREST and it came out perfectly.  The bookcase that we have next to the fireplace, squeal with excitement.  That means, if you hear someone squealing loudly it is me and I am jumping up and down, even though I can’t jump anymore, LOL!!!!  I am so unbelievably happy I can’t stand it.

I purchased appliques for the doors of the bookcase and will be painting them to match the trim throughout the house.  I am also going to use glaze and age them and we will add them to the doors and I think they are going to add such a great touch.

We chose our stain color for the front door and our hardwood floors, and no, I can’t tell you because what fun would that be for you ladies???  You’ll have to wait and see and I think it is going to be a great finishing touch.

The medallions have been hung as well as the lights and they are gorgeous, have I used that word enough for you yet???  By the way, I will give you a few peeks but I can’t tell you what room they are in because that would ruin another surprise and I wouldn’t want to do that to my girlfriends, No, No.

DSC_0009_wm DSC_0010_wm DSC_0011_wm DSC_0014_wm DSC_0032_wm

The builder also added my purchases for the pillars out front and ready, GORGEOUS!!!!  Just wait until I can show you what they have added, yes, you have to wait.  Now no one would want to see that before the sod is put down and the yard is fully grated, would they, No.

DSC_0024_wm DSC_0023_wm

The thoughts are going through my head now as to where things will go and I can smell the lavender in my new home that I will purchase once we are in and imagine my cloches and many other items spread around our place which we will call HOME!!!!


When Susan from Must Love Junk contacted me and asked if I would like to be featured in The Spotlight I was speechless and actually gasped. 

I hope you will stop on over to Susan’s and learn more about me.

Susan thank you so much for this opportunity and I can’t wait to be settled and get back to what I enjoy, decorating and projects.

First Project for the New House!!!!


Hi everyone I hope everything is going well.  The weather to start the week  in NJ has been beautiful.  Peanut and Reesses have spring fever for sure.  I can’t wait for them to have their yard!!

The house continues to move along and I finally was able to do my first project for the  house.  I LOVE ceiling medallions and they can cost a fortune if finished.  I purchased five from Architectural Depot.  They have a fantastic selection, styles and great prices.  I made everyone different starting with painting the base coat in Mannequin Cream from Benjamin Moore and used Raw Umber glaze to age each medallion.  They are aged to fit each light they will be highlighting.  Lighter ones are for lighter colored chandeliers and the dark ones are to go with darker and aged chandeliers.  Yes, I have many chandeliers and overhead lights in our new home.  I couldn’t help myself I LOVE chandeliers.  I have mentioned that before.

I needed to get these finished so the electrician can hang them while hanging all the lights.  He may not like us too much when he is finished, LOL.

Enjoy the medallions and I hope you like them.  Once the medallions are  in place and the lighting is installed I will update my photos and write another post.   More news on the house to come.


DSC_0018_wm DSC_0026_wm DSC_0028_wm DSC_0020_wm DSC_0022_wm DSC_0023_wm DSC_0029_wm

I am Linking to:


Columns Are Finished Well Sort of!


The weather in NJ is still humid and cloudy and today heavy rain is expected.  Is it just me or has the weather been a pain from the winter through now.  We get a few nice days and then rain and cool, Twilight Zone, LOL.

Thing are really moving with the house and it so quickly.  More posts will be coming with snippets of things.  I can’t show everything that is happening with full views.  I need to keep everyone guessing and waiting to see when it is all decorated.  So many ideas and plans are going through my mind now.  The brain is in overdrive, LOL.

I have a love of columns and old windows and I have no idea where that love came from.  I am always attracted to them for some reason.  I knew columns would be on the front of house and was extremely excited about the end result.  I assumed they would be round like our old home and have a bit of elegance to them.  Well, they turned out to be square and that didn’t make me happy and I have to admit I did freak a bit.  Then of course, sanity took hole and some help from John and I figured out how I wanted to embellish them a bit.


Lowes to the rescue, I ordered these capital embellishments to add to the top.  They have detailing that I love without going overboard.  I decided to get this molding to add to the bottoms to give them a bit more detail.  I can’t wit to see them added on, I think they will be the perfect finishing touch.


More to come and it is pretty!!!

Another Sneak Peak!

After our beautiful Sunday it has turned very humid and cloudy in NJ, sigh.  Well, I guess just be thankful for the warm weather, right.

All of our tile has now been delivered and the tiling can begin. I can’t wait to see all of our tile finished. I am so happy with all of our choices. Gerry mentioned to John that our tile installer is very good. Here is a sneak peek at what has gotten started. Our shower floor and I LOVE how this has turned out. Just gorgeous!!

 I’m telling you every day something new, FINALLY don’t you think????

DSC_0004_wm DSC_0001_wm

Stay stunned often!!!

Some Finishing Touches

I hope every one had a great and Happy Mothers Day!!!.  It was a gorgeous day in NJ but now the weather has turned more humid and gray.  Getting ready for a fairly rainy week, YUCK!!!

We went to the house yesterday, and with delight our interior doors and trim are getting done.  We decided to choose interior doors that match the front door since we liked it so much.  Seeing them starting to be hung I think we made the right choice.  It really brings things together.


Our trim is also starting to get finished and I am very happy with the choices we made there too.  We decided to go with a picture frame look around the windows in this house instead of actually having windowsills sticking out on the sides.  I am so happy with this choice also.  It still allows for my candles in my window, which I have been doing since marriage.  Just nicer candles now, LOL.


You also may notice we chose large baseboard molding as well.  Love this look and the trim has just enough details! 

DSC_0014_wm DSC_0016_wm

More to come!!!!


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