Christmas Bedroom 2014

This has been quite the Christmas for me.  Decorating has been a pleasure and exciting for me.   I did something this year that I have been wanting to do for years.  The problem, the house was too big and by the time I reached the second level I ran out of steam.  This year, not a chance.

Some may be tiring of hearing the same phrase over and over but this home has truly opened my life up to be able to do all the things that bring me joy.  I have to say this has been a GIFT I don’t take lightly.

I decorated our bedroom for the first time and I am so happy that I was able to give John and I the gift of Christmas in our bedroom.

Now keep in mind I have not revealed this whole room yet and I will be just showing our Christmas décor.  The full bedroom reveals will be soon. 

I changed the snowman pillow from the foyer to go on the bed.  The size is better suited for this spot.  The Hitchcock chair in the foyer received a new pillow I purchased from Décor Steals, Mr. Caribou pillow took its place.


I also added a berry wreath to the foot of the bed.  I love plaid for Christmas, it is just perfect for me and says Christmas so the ribbon is what is holding it  in place with a simple bow.

I added simple burlap stockings I bought from Etsy a few years ago with some greens draping over the edge.


On this dresser top I received the most beautiful gift from a dear friend for a house-warming gift.  We were at Audrey’s and I was thrilled and so very touched. 


This cloche is just magnificent and I wanted it in a spot I would see every morning and every night before going to sleep. 


The vintage bottle brush tree, greens and beaded wreath were part of the package.  I used my grandmothers silver tarnished sugar bowl to hold the tree and placed a rolled piece of Christmas paper tied with Noel ribbon for an added touch.


For next year, I would like to find a silver tray or platter to go underneath.  I think that will finish this perfectly.

The door is adorned with this lovely wreath from the old house from Balsam Hill and I made a bow out of music note ribbon.



The other spot is the top of another dresser with berries and greens in a French flower bucket.



I used this French soap dish that was given to me from my stepmom purchased on a recent trip made to Virginia.  I added a small bottle brush tree and glitter light bulb ornaments.

Either side of the dresser has some Christmas too.  Some lighted glistening branches and a lighted tree on the other.



This Christmas has been very special for our small family and I hope you have enjoyed seeing what has taken place in our new home.

Now, believe it or not I haven’t finished wrapping better move on this, you think?

Last night, I decided to bake 6 dozen cookies, LOL.  It was a fast-moving time around here but so much fun. 

Tree Time!!!

Today is very windy and cold in NJ and it feels like Christmas.  I baked a wonderful cheesecake last night for company this weekend.  The house smelled wonderful with gingersnap crust, butter and vanilla extract.  When the cheesecake filling was added and baked the house smelled like home!

We went with more rustic type trees in this house, twig trees to be exact.  They are pre-lit incandescent soft clear bulbs and add that touch of soft glow that is loved at Christmas. 6.5 ft. and 4.5 seemed to be a great choice, perfect for me to decorate.


Thought this gave a good shot of the branches of these trees.

The tree in the foyer is placed in a wooden sled I bought 25 years ago.  It used to be bright red and have holly leaves on it.  It felt it to cartoonish for me as we got older. 

Years back, before I even knew what blogging was I painted it with black paint and aged over that with silver paint I mixed with umber paint and clear glaze.  So wish I had those pictures now.


I added stencils using joint compound that gave it the raised look.  After it was dry I added my silver mixture.  Bam, beauty.



This tree  is filled with German glass ornaments, adore the soft glow.





This tree is our 6.5 ft. tree and is in the Great room.  This tree has all glass ornaments also, many that are Christopher Radko and Old World ornaments.   It also has some ornaments from Poland and all German ornaments on it that I cherish. 

I don’t have a theme to our trees.  I add any glass ornaments that are beautiful, have shimmer and touch me in some way.

  DSC_0083_wm DSC_0084_wm DSC_0085_wm DSC_0086_wm DSC_0087_wm  DSC_0088_wm DSC_0089_wm DSC_0161_wm DSC_0162_wm

Added an Italian ornament for me.  John has quite a few of Irish on our tree.

DSC_0164_wm DSC_0165_wm

John placed our Mercury glass tree topper on and put some bulbs inside to make it glow, LOVE this man, always thinking.

 I tried our old tree skirt and it was to fancy for this tree, these are more old-fashioned and rustic.  So what to do in a hurry, well, you make one with what you have on hand.  I had a roll of burlap and some French Script ribbon I purchased from Ballard on sale a couple of years ago.

I had some burlap around and French Script ribbon I purchased from Ballard on sale.  I’ve been stalling to use this ribbon.  Love it and I know I can’t get it from them again but this was perfect.




I think the tree skirt adds the perfect finishing touch.  What do you think???

Have a great weekend everyone.  Much to do and more posts to get out.


Great Room 2014

Time is slipping away so be ready for many posts. 

The great room was such a joy to decorate.  I did many things I have been wanting to do for a long time. 

The treasure of this home is I can see most of the decorations in the main rooms from here.  I have never had that before and I LOVE it!!! 

There are many, many pictures so I figured I’d let the pictures speak for themselves.






This picture above shows a Christmas Lladro John bought me years ago and it is my favorite one that I have.  Very corny but, I always say this is John and I every Christmas.



 The pups stockings

DSC_0067_wm DSC_0068_wm DSC_0077_wm DSC_0072_wm




Coffee Bar


Coffee Table


DSC_0078_wm DSC_0079_wm DSC_0080_wm






More posts to come!!!

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Christmas Kitchen Part Two


I have to hustle here getting our home posted for Christmas.  Thanksgiving being so late threw me out of whack.  Christmas is almost here, time is just moving so quickly.

Today I am showing the rest of the kitchen.  I made sure I added some touches to our hood this is fun to decorate.  I have a love of bottle brush trees and found these to at craft fair I went to last year in an old castle we attend in NJ every year.  They use this as a way to raise money for upkeep and it is such a beautiful place.

I saw these and was excited to add them for my décor this year.  I placed them on decorative boxes I purchased from JoAnn’s.  I also bought this garland at the same fair and I love that it drapes so well and has some brown touches to give it a realistic look.


I didn’t feel like hanging my kissing ball this year.  It is pretty so I placed it on a Christmas plate I had from years ago.  Next to that I used a glass jar and added a candle and placed a French ornament that I won in a giveaway.  I also have many pieces of beaded fruit so I place a bunch in an antique pitcher from John’s aunt they she brought back from Ireland many, many years ago.


Then I decided to add just a bit to the shelves where the microwave is and used two small cloches.  One holds small items, a piece of wrapping paper I rolled up and tied with velvet ribbon, a small bottle brush tree and ceramic skates that holds toothpicks.  I decided to tuck a piece of greenery inside.  My other  cloche holds a winter bird house I found at Michael’s.  I also used a small Christmas tray found at the same craft fair I mentioned earlier.

DSC_0020_wm DSC_0021_wm DSC_0022_wm DSC_0023_wm DSC_0024_wm

DSC_0028_wm DSC_0026_wm

On the other end of the counter I wanted to use my blackboard art with another bottle brush tree I found at Home Goods and used a ceramic Cocoa mug I received as a gift a few years ago.


This is the other side of the kitchen where I placed some gilded artichokes I purchased from a store Ivanka’s.  I go to this shop around the holidays every year.  I wanted to use this sparkly final I had with a touch of greenery to add warmth.

DSC_0030_wm DSC_0031_wm DSC_0033_wm

There you have the rest of our kitchen for Christmas.

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Quick Addition

Hi everyone, I was looking at the kitchen table at the end of the week and felt it needed something else.  Does that every happen to you? Everything seems to be just so and you walk past something and say, you know if I just did this it would look better. 

This happened to me with the kitchen table.  I love our centerpiece this year but I decided to add mason jars on either end with fresh greens, cranberries and plaid ribbon.  I like this better…..what do you think???

DSC_0011_wm DSC_0012_wm

More to come!!!

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I’m Being Featured

I am so excited and honored that Anne from Design Dreams at Anne featured me here open-house-sundays-10-cloches-lavender with a tour of our new home. 

I will be sharing a few rooms and projects and showing some of my Christmas decorating. 

Anne is a very talented DIY’er and is not afraid to tackle any project.  No matter the size of the project she does a beautiful job and has no fear.  Here are a couple of her projects that I remember well and really have enjoyed.

Thank you again Anne for this opportunity.

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Christmas Kitchen – Part One


Christmas decorating has been hectic this year.  I had to go through 27 years of decorations and decide what I was going to keep, decorate with this year, save for other years and giveaway.  It took a while and poor John must have been up and down the attic stairs a million times.  What a great guy I have, very lucky.

I have seen everyone’s décor and it has been beautiful.  I may not have replied but I was not being rude I was just so busy trying to get things situated.

Having Thanksgiving pushed me back as well.  Next year, Thanksgiving here is going to be decorated for Christmas.  It is just the way it has to be since things take longer.

Now the babbling will end and on with our Part One of the Kitchen decked out for Christmas.

First picture, giving you a full view of our eating area.  The wreaths on the back of the chairs I have had for years.  They were purchased from Ballard and are faux Boxwood.  I added a pretty wired-edge red ribbon.


Our centerpiece is a mix of greens, pinecones and a bottlebrush tree.  I used a reclaimed wood tray I bought from Décor Steals or Antique Farmhouse, I can’t remember.  I received a set of two and the other I used on our dining room table which will be seen in an upcoming post. 

DSC_0001 (2)_wm

These advertising jars are transferware I purchased from Nancy’s Daily Dish shortly after we moved in and got somewhat settled.  I knew I wanted these and she was having a sale and I grabbed them.  I also have the lids.

One you will notice is filled with cinnamon sticks and the other is silver plate pieces I received from my dad that were my grandmothers.  She had quite an eye for antiquing.


Below is a close up of forks that are part of the collection.  These are my favorites.  Look at the detail, gorgeous!!!

DSC_0002 (2)_wm

DSC_0004 (2)_wm

A closer shot of the Ginger Preserve jar and the silver plate pieces, so pretty, jut look at the detail!

I moved my terrarium to the kitchen for Christmas and placed one of my Byer’s Choice that I have quite collected over time and bottle brush trees, a small bottlebrush wreath and large jingle bells I purchased from Michael’s.

The piece of silver is a creamer that was also my grandmothers. I haven’t polished these.  I really enjoy the patina.  I have the sugar bowl which I used in the bedroom.  That post is yet to come.


I used larger Boxwood wreaths for the end chairs  since these are the captain chairs. You may notice there is no runner or coverings on the kitchen table.  This was done for practical reasons.  John and I have dinner here every night. 


The shot below is another angle of the eating area and is showing the small vignette I posted yesterday with my three their basket from Décor Steals.  This will be a staple in our kitchen for decorating, love this piece!  

The small wreaths on the windows by the door are from Balsam Hill.  Love their stuff, so realistic looking.  I have two larger wreathes I used elsewhere.  They will shown in upcoming posts too.

I have said upcoming posts quite a bit in this post.  Being that I finished later than normal time is running out.  I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks, YIKES!!!

DSC_0013 (2)_wm

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  The weather will be a bit warmer  in NJ, 40’s to 50.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I will be baking and wrapping.  I hope you are all doing something you enjoy for the holidays too!

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Christmas Vignette

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Cloches and Lavender.  Took some time to go through all our items to decide what I was going to use and keep but boy the house was so much fun to decorate!!!


The temperatures are sure making it feel like Christmas.  The fire has been roaring.


The music has been playing along with some classic Christmas movies.  Christmas in Connecticut,  The Bishop’s Wife,  It Happened on 5th Avenue. 

As you can see stockings have been hung with greenery.  Baking will begin this weekend.


Check back much posting will be taking place to show my Christmas ideas for this WONDERFUL FIRST CHRISTMAS IN THE NEW HOUSE!!!!

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Big Project, FINISHED!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful day, Audrey and her beaux Joe came with the pups and Joe’s son to spend the day with us.  I actually did a lot of cooking, baking and preparing myself, more than has happened in years.  I even was able to do the dishes without struggles.  John helped me of course, we know how much there is to do for Thanksgiving, LOL.  Having the ability to move for the day and not struggle made me so happy!!! Now on with the post, I FINALLY finished some large furniture projects and now Christmas decorating has taken my attention front and center. I wanted to share what has been taking place in our dining room.  I painted these pieces years ago before blogging when at the old house.  It was plain oak and it became to overbearing for me and I wanted the painted look.  I know many may gasp that I painted good furniture, it had to be done, I was not happy with all the oak.   The green went well in the other house working with our wall color and our rug.  The rug we used to have in the dining room was to large for the new house.  To give the paint age, I used Raw Umber paint mixed with plain glaze.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did not like the green with the wall color, so repainting was necessary.  Well, they are finally finished and I wanted to share them with you all. I painted the base of our table Choclat in Masion Blanche paint, two coats.  I  used dark wax on the base to add some contrast to the color.  I also wanted to try a product of theirs, Le Dirt. After the wax had 10 minutes to set I strategically placed the Le Dirt in the creases I wanted to have the look of added age and I also placed a larger amount on the applique. DSC_0003 (3) DSC_0031_wm The next piece I tackled was the buffet.  I used the same process but added appliques to the doors for added detail.  They were purchased from Architectural Depot.  I added a coat of ASCP in Coco to the edges and the moldings on the base and wiped it right off to reveal a bit of the brown. The waxing process was next and I added some more Le Dirt to the moldings on the bottom and the edges including the appliques. The one other change I made, was to add a toile fabric to the inside.  I purchased it from JoAnn’s, 50% off, GREAT deal!!  I think it adds charm, now, when I take my dishes out I get to see this pretty fabric.  Take a look below and I hope you like how it turned out. DSC_0002_wm DSC_0009_wm DSC_0011_wm DSC_0012_wm DSC_0022_wm DSC_0023_wm DSC_0012_wm I must admit John handled the fabric part.  No power tools are allowed in my hands for safety reasons and I don’t have the motor skills to cut a straight edge with my MS, weird Huh….. Not that I am whining by any means, my leg brace is so very helpful and gives me the strength I need to work and get projects done.  The one hurdle is, bending and getting down on the floor is a bit of an issue.  It actually is a bit painful on my ankle, nothing they can do, so it took me longer to get things painted.  But hey, LOOK I DID IT and  I’m able to do the things I love again on my own.  They just take a bit longer. Full dining room reveal coming very soon all decked out for Christmas. I am Linking to:

A Touch of Silver

Evening all…it’s me, Peanut again.  Well, today I gave Momma a hand with her latest project but she swore me to secrecy, in exchange for my continued “constant attention” LOL

Today’s quick project is down below…but I’ll be back soon to tell you about my hard work soon.


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week, time just flies.  I have to say this is one of my favorite holidays.  Looking forward to the first one in our new home! I love the turkey and all the fixings and this year we are having Audrey and her new beaux over too…which will be extra special.  That means LEFTOVERS, since I always over cook LOL…nothing better!!!

My dad gave me some beautiful pieces of sterling silver and silver plate that were my grandmothers.  She had an eye for gorgeous pieces when shopping antique shops.  I will be posting about many of the pieces as time goes by but for today I wanted share these beauties which were mostly doubles and extra pieces…so I asked John to make me napkin rings out of the sliver plate spoons in the collection.  He used a piece of pipe and bent them around.  I think they’ll make nice additions to the Thanksgiving table scape.

DSC_0039_wm DSC_0041_wm

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