Just What I Thought Would Do!

There was a nice nip in the air this weekend.  Lovely brisk mornings making it feel more like fall!

I knew I wanted to add shutters bringing the French Cottage feel to the outside.  Well, they came and were installed last week and…I’m in LOVE, what do you think?

DSC_0035_wm DSC_0036_wm

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Fall Great Room

I’m Peanut and I heard that my brother Reeses got a headline last post, so I told mother to get me in there.  Here I am “stalking” some of those pesky leaves that keep falling on to my domain! LOL  I’ll get them all!


Well, the weather has been rainy, chilly and dreary this week, but I wanted to share some of the things I did in the Family Room today.

Warning:  Many pictures ahead!

Decorating the great room for fall was so much fun.  I really enjoyed making the bookcase somewhat simple.  Using pumpkins along with some acorns I have gave me the feel I was looking for.  The small acorn wreath is from Décor Steals and I placed it on a small easel.  I didn’t care for the easel showing through the wreath.  John suggested putting fabric behind the piece.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  I chose this toile that I had on hand, I love how it looks.

I have so many plans for the bookcase for Christmas!!! Now that will really be picture overload, LOL!



I left the mantle simple since I didn’t want to fight with the TV and I really like the simplicity.


My terrarium, is filled with leaves, pumpkins and pieces of transferware and a small cachet pot.  To finish this off, I added some real mums to my Mercury glass jars.  Don’t know how long they will last indoors.  I have to take them out when watering so I don’t damage the jars.  As you can see, this hasn’t been painted yet but will be, I HOPE, before the holidays.

DSC_0066_wm DSC_0065_wm

On our antique theater trunk, I filled this metal basket with hay and a bunch of pumpkins and gourds from the garden center.  Love the warmth this gives to this area.

DSC_0068_wm DSC_0067_wm DSC_0084_wm

Lastly, there are beaded pumpkins in this wire basket that I purchased a few years ago from HG on our coffee table. 


DSC_0070_wm DSC_0069_wm DSC_0120_wm

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Fall Kitchen

Hi…I’m Reeses and am greeting you today! (I know, I have a Jets tag on for the fall; no comments on this season please LOL)


The kitchen really came together for the autumn season.  I used everything I had from the old house except the three-tier basket in the corner and the real pumpkins.  Oh, and another small crate that John found at the garden center when he went back to get small evergreens for the front porch.  He is so thoughtful and he knew I would love another one of these, big kiss!!!

It looks so pretty filled with my small white pumpkins.  Near this I put another small inexpensive piece I found at the garden center.  It can be used for plants, holding silverware and many other things.  I placed some hay and artichokes I had and I love the touch.

DSC_0094_wm DSC_0093_wm DSC_0091_wm DSC_0092_wm

I am also enjoying our hood decorated for fall too.

DSC_0005 (3)_wm DSC_0008 (2)_wm

I used my French flower-pot with my transfer filled with faux flowers I had from the old house and I just love the colors and the warmth they add.



This cloche you have seen before but I love it with a white larger pumpkin and some faux leaves I had that I purchased from PB while at the other house.


Now, to one of my favorites in the kitchen, my three-tiered basket from my beloved Décor Steals.  I filled this with pumpkins, doilies, my grandmothers again that she made and mason jars.  The doilies are very old and fragile.  I am taking special care of these and enjoy using them in various ways in my vignettes.  The small dish was my grandmothers also and I think it is transferware but I have to do some checking to be sure.  It is very old as well.

DSC_0097_wm DSC_0096_wm

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Fall in the Dining Room

I haven’t shown this room yet, because I wanted our side chairs to be recovered first.  The fabric on these chairs, as you can see, didn’t in any way blend with the area rug we chose from our old house to be placed in this room, horrible fabric, what was I thinking, LOL??

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0006_wm DSC_0007_wm

John recovered them with a fabric that I purchased from beautifulfabrics.com  and I am thrilled with the look.

I’ll show this room in its entirety in a few weeks.  For now, it is minimal, to show my fall décor.

I still haven’t gotten to painting the buffet or the table base, these projects are slated to get finished before the holidays, fingers crossed, LOL!

The table is decorated with my favorite cloche and I used old tea cups that were my grandmothers, some of these date back to the 40’s.  I thought I’d dress them with little faux pumpkins I had in my arsenal.  You’ll notice that I used the mirror from our old powder room that received a makeover which I wrote about in an earlier post.

I had these mercury glass acorns I purchased last year.  I knew I would work them into my fall décor in the new house.  Also added, is a doily that was my grandmothers.  When I went to the garden center to buy real pumpkins I thought this would make a nice addition.

DSC_0072_wm DSC_0071_wm DSC_0004 (2)_wm

This little side table is decorated with a crate I found on sale from the garden center, when I saw this baby there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me.  I was thrilled I was able to find small white pumpkins this year, love them!!!  They aren’t always available for some reason in my part of NJ.


I will see you soon, I hope everyone is enjoying great weather!

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Autumn in the Entry

Before I show the entry for fall I have to share a picture I took with my phone the other night.  John and the pups are taking walks every night in the new neighborhood.  They were so tired afterwards I found the shot priceless!!!


I was excited to use my olive bucket for the fall season and added a pillow cover I purchased from PB with an insert.  I really am loving the pheasant motif and purchased the acorn wreath from Décor Steals and just love it.

DSC_0083_wm DSC_0001_wm

The French tin flower bucket I made last year with a transfer and I had some faux color to give it a warm feeling.  I added a few mercury glass acorns that I had on hand.  Love mercury glass and acorns.  You may pick up on that when seeing other areas of the house, LOL.


Fall Front Porch

Finally, a nice cool day came along and I took the opportunity to get some outside fall decorating done! Being the first time decorating our new front porch, it was a special treat to be able to use flowering Kale again.  No more critters to worry about munching away on these beauties. I was getting anxious seeing everyone decorating in blogland for the season and I had nothing even started, LOL.  Of course, my John, being the person of reason reminded me this isn’t a race.  We recently added the railings and the front walkway and we will tackle landscaping this spring  So, I decided to keep it a bit simple this year. I have been enjoying the season in our neighborhood and everyone is really embracing the fall. I was hoping our shutters would be put up on the house before I posted but the builder hasn’t gotten to it yet.  When they are up I will post.  I decided to wait on them to see if I really felt the house needed them.  I thought the house felt  a little flat in front so I  made the choice to add them. Will update once they’re up! DSC_0051_wm DSC_0055_wm DSC_0058_wm DSC_0059_wm DSC_0060_wm DSC_0052_wm I am linking to: http://www.thededicatedhouse.com/2014/10/make-it-pretty-monday-week-116.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheDedicatedHouse+%28The+Dedicated+House%29

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French Country Kitchen

Next stop, our kitchen.  I took a long time deciding what I really wanted in our kitchen. I didn’t want anything trendy and I knew I wanted something that was timeless.   We got caught in that trap with our old home and I was not going to make that mistake again.

I know many choose white cabinets with glaze for their French kitchen but I am not a fan for our home.  It took many hours to find what I really wanted.   Painted glazed cabinets were an option but I was afraid I would tire of that and they were a bit more costly for our kitchen.  So, I chose these and am thrilled with the choice.  They have a rubbed affect even though they aren’t.  I  also knew I wanted our knobs to be simple and not be the focal point of the kitchen.  I have seen some kitchens where the knobs are beautiful but at times you noticed that more than the beauty of the cabinets.


The counters, quartz, why quartz, easy choice for me.  No maintenance and this can be cleaned with anything and will not scorch from a hot-pot.  Will not stain from olive oil, red wine or any other foods or drinks.  It is indestructible.  A bit more expense but worth every penny not to mention it is gorgeous and there are many choices.

DSC_0035_wm DSC_0037_wm

Next, I knew a farmhouse sink was a definite and it needed to be large.  I have many large platters, cutting boards and pots.  I didn’t want to struggle cleaning after a meal.



The tile surprisingly enough didn’t take me more than a half hour to make a decision.  I knew I wanted rustic subway tile and basically this color and when I saw it I said that is the one.

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0017_wm DSC_0039_wm

We didn’t go with too many bells and whistles in our cabinets.  For me, it was important to have pot drawers and a great spot for the garbage and recycling.  I happen to like the lazy Susan feature for my herbs and baking.  May be a bit old-fashioned but it always worked for me in our other home.

We were going to have to incur the expense of a hood since we were getting a commercial oven.  Since I have freedom of movement and I am able to enjoy cooking and baking John thought we should splurge.  We decided to add a single wall oven do to the fact that I use two ovens often and this would enable us to keep our pizza stone in the oven all the time.  We have homemade pizza every Friday, it is a tradition.



The cow head was a purchase from Décor Steals and a gift from Audrey.  It has its prominent place on our hood.


We kept our kitchen table we purchased from Ballard a few years ago.  We got a great sale, love that!  The chairs as I mentioned in my other post will get a coat of chalk paint.  They are a shade off for me and too shiny.  You’ll notice we set it on a diagonal, to have a little different look.



I am thrilled with the lighting we chose.  They are casual but elegant and other ceiling medallion I painted and fauxed.

DSC_0049_wm DSC_0054_wm DSC_0042_wm

I used my French flower pots I made using the Mod Podge Transfer method.  I plan to make more of these down the road.  As you can see, one is filled with bright lemons for summer and the other I use for my wooden utensils so they are easily accessible when cooking.

DSC_0028_wm DSC_0062_wm

Almost all the decor in this kitchen if from the old house.  It is amazing to us and some family and friends how differently and new everything looks in this home.

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0015_wm DSC_0039_wm

My gates from the old mantle found a home in our kitchen along with some dishes I purchased  a long time ago on one of our travels in NJ.  I love the way this turned out and the boxwood wreath, another love of mine, finishes this off beautifully.

DSC_0052_wm DSC_0050_wm

I have been eyeing these matts from Ballard for quite a long time, which I really like and they are machine washable.  Great with two little doxies walking all over.  I have one in front of the Range and one in front of the sink.


Our kitchen has turned out exactly as I hoped and I am so happy and feel truly blessed to have this gorgeous kitchen to cook and bake for family and friends.

DSC_0069_wm DSC_0065_wm DSC_0064_wm DSC_0056_wm DSC_0057_wm

I can’t wait to add touches of fall to this room and have the smells and baking for fall and the holidays in our home.  My, I just said holidays, they will be here before we know it, LOL.

More to come!

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Great Room Finale

Beware this is a long one, LOL!

Now that you have seen our bookcase, fireplace, etc. I wanted to show the rest of our great room.  There is still work to be finished in the room such as, an area rug and painting my green buffet on the back wall.  I don’t care for that green in this room at all.

Our furniture pieces are from the other house.  The tables have a toile on black finish, they may not be for everyone but we really like them.  The coffee table took a very long time to find since I was rather picky about what I wanted.



On top of our coffee table, I placed a basket I purchased from PB.  On sale, free shipping and American Express points, not bad I think.  I filled this piece with some candle holders and decorating books that I enjoy.  The pedestal and dish on top, we made years ago.  It is just a spindle that John cut down for me and then I painted it a few different colors and he placed the plate on top that I had on hand.  I just threw a pomegranate and pear on top for now.  I have plans for this basket for the fall and Christmas.  Pumpkins and such, watch out, LOL.



I didn’t want to place items on the end tables since the lamps are large and I felt it would add clutter.

The pillows on the arm chairs are from Country Curtains that I purchased a few years ago and the pillows on the couches are from HG, my favorite store.  I would like to incorporate these pillows when we do recover these items.  I just love the lines of this furniture.  Furniture has gotten a bit too bulky for me so I would like to save these pieces.


The footstools I purchased from Décor Steals.  After living with them for a few weeks I think I may antique the legs a bit to blend in with the rest of the room.

The wood chest in between the chairs is an old theatre trunk we purchased at a store in our travels.  We usually store some firewood inside.

The large corbel behind the chairs I purchased unfinished from Van Dykes and painted it with chalk paint and used dark wax.  I may add a bit more color over this to give it an older look.  Projects just keep popping into my head, LOL.


The large artwork on the wall over the buffet I made for our old foyer before I started blogging.  It is constructed from plywood that John had on hand, 3/4″ thickness to be exact, very heavy.  I don’t remember what base color I used since it is a bit ago.  I added plaster to stencils I had from other projects.  It was a process since each section of plaster had to dry.  This piece borders the family room, the dining room and the kitchen…so I don’t show it in the final room shot—since no peaking at these rooms just yet! 


I do not remember the paint color I started with since it was so long ago.  I do remember taking stencils I had on hand and layering them with joint compound.  I did this in steps to allow the stencils to dry so it took a few days. I then lightly sanded the stencils to take the ridges off and followed that with layering on random colors and antiquing it to finish the process.  I love this piece and think it turned our pretty well.  I receive many compliments on this piece.

I have always been proud of these accomplishments since I learned how to faux from watching Debbie Travis on HGTV years ago.

The beautiful terrarium was another Christmas gift from Audrey last year.  I have plans to display items inside for fall and Christmas.  Since fall is around the corner I decided to just put it out now.

These Mercury glass pieces I purchased from Ballard when they were on sale a few years ago. 

You will notice many items above our doorways and over the large window in this room.  All of these pieces I made before blogging too.  Many are just made from large appliques I ordered from Van Dykes placed on pieces of scrap plywood John had around from other projects.  I painted and fauxed all of them using clear glaze mixed with raw umber. 

DSC_0017_wm DSC_0015_wm DSC_0016_wm

The ivory piece over the doorway as you enter the foyer is from a leaf that we took off an old coffee table.  I coated it in plaster and added a small applique in the center which we had on hand as well as corner pieces.  I then primed the piece and used clear glaze with raw umber paint to give it an aged look.  Love it! 

I also hung our Mora clock in this room that I purchased from Amy at Maison Décor two years ago now.  I love it and adore the look.

DSC_0003 (3)_wm

There you have it, the great room.  Still a work in progress but I will keep you updated on the rug and painting of that green buffet.

DSC_0023_wm DSC_0010_wm

Next stop the kitchen!!!

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Next Stop……

I thought after taking you through our foyer I would take you into our great room for our next stop on our tour of the new house.  I have so many plans for this space for the fall and Christmas already.  I will do this in pieces so you can enjoy what is in this room with a complete shot in the last post.

You may remember, that I mentioned what I should do with the spot next to the fireplace that wasn’t going to have a bookcase.  Well, I chose to put the coffee bar that I painted and fauxed in the other house.  I am so pleased with the way this looks and I added some touches above using great pieces purchased from HG and an old piece of fence we purchased many years ago at a festival.


As you can see we did place our television above the fireplace.   Great decision, it is at the perfect level for our viewing enjoyment, so happy about that.  Jeff our carpenter, made our mantle from a picture I printed from Pinterest, he did an amazing job and captured every detail.  I placed this wooden piece that Audrey had purchased for me last Christmas from a shop she found on Etsy.  For now I filled it with lavender.  I can’t wait to fill this with goodies for fall and Christmas.  The pieces on either side are from the old house.  The small pineapple finial is a piece from an old fence that we purchased from a craft festival years ago.

DSC_0003 (2)_wm


And now this beauty, our bookcase, this was handmade by our carpenter Jeff, what a talented guy.  He took his cue from a sketch that John made for him on a piece of paper.  John, as talented as he is, is not the best person at drawing a design.  Jeff just sort of ran with it and came up with this and it is just stunning.  Many of the items are from our old home.  A few are new items that I purchased from Décor Steals while at Audrey’s.  You know, when you see something on there, you have to jump on them while you have the chance.  I added some decorating books that I enjoy and a few faux books as well to throw some texture into the balance.

DSC_0003 (3)_wm

DSC_0011_wm DSC_0012_wm

The doors on the bottom have the appliques I purchased from Van Dykes.  I painted them to match the bookcase and then went over them with glaze mixed with raw umber paint.  I think they add a nice touch.

So there you have it, the first portion of our great room.  I hope you enjoyed the view and as I mentioned I can’t wait to take this in a different direction for fall, which is approaching soon and deck it out for Christmas.

DSC_0006 (2)_wm


More on the way…….

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Welcome to our home, the foyer is the place to begin.  This will be a great place for our guest s to enter and enjoy our home and I hope you agree. 


I added  our Bombay chest using the items I already had that were from other areas in our old home.  Many items are favorites, the large yellow vase I purchased at HG and added my favorite things, lavender!  Love the contrast in color.  I always have a candle in the foyer to greet everyone with a beautiful scent of home.  I chose to start with Autumn since it is quickly approaching.  Placing it on this aged terracotta pedestal adds some height and zing.  This lamp we have had for years and I can’t even remember where we got it from and I used one of my faux books from HG to elevate it, nice. 


This filigree pear is another favorite, my stepmom brought this piece back from Caroline for me. 

The picture above I had from Art.com., one of my realtors was hoping for this if I didn’t use it, sorry Judy!


I had another favorite touch to add which is, SURPRISE, a small mercury glass cloche, imagine that lavender and cloches, hmmmm.  I added a moss ball and a clay tag that I purchased from Rosemary at Villabarnes a couple years ago.  You may notice them in other small sections of the house, maybe even under another cloche.

I couldn’t wait to use my olive bucket I purchased from Décor Steals while the house was being built.  Love this piece and when I saw this I jumped on it and this will be a staple in our home décor.  I added some of my favorite pillows from HG and Etsy as well as a wonderful piece of toile fabric I had on hand from the old house.


Across from that I placed a Hitchcock chair that was my moms.  I was with her when I was little for a sidewalk sale at a furniture store that we still purchased our furniture from today when we brought this item home.  I was little but remember that day.  I sometimes want to give it a wash of paint but then I can’t bring myself to touch a great piece, even thought slightly shipped, it was moms, so a bit tough, maybe some day.  I thought this pillow was a great addition for the chair from Country Curtains.  Have you noticed a pattern, Country Curtains fan here, LOL.


The stained glass window above our coat closet, is a piece that we purchased years ago from auction on EBay.  This one made it safely, while the other one gets repaired that was damaged in the move.  I enjoy the light hitting it in this spot in the late afternoon. 


This large finial in the corner we had on our hearth in the old house and I thought it was perfect for this corner and added a pedestal I aged to give it height.


The piece you see over the doorway that takes you into our great room is from Ballard which I am sure is familiar to many of you Ballard fans.  Couldn’t pass this sign up when I bought this for John’s old office.  Shhh, I swiped this from him, LOL.


We round out with a rug I re-purposed from our other house and the medallion the ceiling which I made several for the house with a faux treatment to offer some character.


DSC_0005_wm DSC_0011_wm DSC_0012_wm DSC_0014_wm

I hope you enjoyed the place to enter into our wonderful new home.  We are so in LOVE with this home I can’t even get it across with writing.  I wake every morning happy to be here with my small family.  Stay turned for more!!!

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