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Merry Christmas from Cloches & Lavender

Merry Christmas from Cloches & Lavender, thank you to all my readers for following Cloches & Lavender. The Fall and Christmas season is full of DIY crafts and decorating ideas. I hope you enjoy reading these DIY crafts and tutorials. Also, I'm sharing these DIY crafts from the holidays as a reminder becuase you may… Continue reading Merry Christmas from Cloches & Lavender

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Our Christmas Dining Room

Hello friends, today I'm sharing our Christmas dining room. This year our Christmas table will be smaller. So, it's particularly important makeit pretty. Also today, my friend Tammy from Patina & Paint is sharing her Christmas table. Be sure to visit her blog and there will be a link at the end of this post. I… Continue reading Our Christmas Dining Room

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Christmas Porch & Outdoors Tour

Hello everyone, today I'm sharing our Christmas porch & outdoors tour. Also, I'm posting today with my friend Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip and I can't wait to see her porch.  Please pay Terrie a visit she always shares fun and pretty ideas. Meanwhile, baking has begun as Christmas is around the corner. … Continue reading Christmas Porch & Outdoors Tour


Christmas Foyer

Hello everyone, today I'm sharing our Christmas foyer. It's surprising but none of our friends or family come to our front door. Truth be told, we use our front door for UPS and Fed Ex deliveries. No one may enter our home through the front door but that doesn't mean it gets neglected. For example,… Continue reading Christmas Foyer

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Easy Last Minute Christmas Craft

Hello everyone, I can't believe Christmas is around the corner? Today, I'm sharing an easy last minute Christmas craft. On our dining room chairs I have always hung small wreaths. Many bloggers and my friends do as well. After I was ready to hang mine this year, I thought about hanging 3" Florentine pictures in… Continue reading Easy Last Minute Christmas Craft

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Christmas Great Room Tour

Hello everyone, today I'm sharing our Christmas great room tour. The great room can be seen from many places in our home and it's fun to decorate for the different seasons. Today also is our Christmas Home Tour featuring six bloggers homes.  The tour is being cohosted by me, Cindy from Cloches & Lavender and… Continue reading Christmas Great Room Tour

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A Christmas Kitchen

Hello everyone, today I am sharing a Christmas kitchen.  Grab a hot beverage and enjoy the pretty Christmas décor.  Besides sharing décor there is an updated new project, my curbsde hutch.  Let's begin a Christmas kitchen. Let's Look Inside the Hutch Now, let's look inside the hutch for a Christmas kitchen. The hutch looks dreamy… Continue reading A Christmas Kitchen

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Dehydrated Fruit & Chestnut Garland

Today I am sharing a dehydrated fruit & chestnut garland with you. I wanted to share this so you can make one for your home in time for Christmas. A dehydrated fruit & chestnut garland is perfect for Christmas. Also, this garland would work for your fall decorating as well next year so it's a… Continue reading Dehydrated Fruit & Chestnut Garland

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Easy DIY Snowy Houses

Hello all, today I want to share my easy DIY snowy houses I made.  I bought these last year at the end of the season from Hobby Lobby for half price.   So if you don't have time to make these, Pin this for next Christmas and buy them at the end of this Christmas. Items Needed:… Continue reading Easy DIY Snowy Houses

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Quick & Easy Winter Wreath

Hello everyone, I have a Quick & Easy Winter wreath to share with today. Besides using this wreath for Christmas this wreath would work through the winter months. So it's like getting two wreaths for the price of one. Speaking of price, it's November 10th and that means it's the 10th on the 10th Blog… Continue reading Quick & Easy Winter Wreath