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How To Make Flameless Candle DIY

How to make your own flameless candle
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time30 mins
Total Time35 mins
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Yield: 1
Cost: $5


  • drill, old flame lightbulb, glue gun, glue sticks, good craft paint brush, LED battery operated craft lights link in post


DIY Flameless Candle
Items Needed:
  • wood closet pole from any home improvement store
  • white chalk or craft paint
  • good quality craft paint brush
  • LED  battery operated craft lights - link is available in post
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
Step 1
Cut closet pole to desired length.  Since closet poles are long cut you can make many of these flaemless candles.  The lights are inexpensive and easy to use so take advantage of the length of the pole and make yourself a few of these Flameless candles.
Drill a hole through the center of the candle base you cut from the closet pole this is where the light wire will slide through
Step 2
Paint candle base with white paint.  3 coats is needed to cover well.  Let dry
Step 3
Heat glue gun and grab glue sticks.  Once hot apply drips to the candle base to look like wax drips.  Begin at the top of the candle base and drag your glue gun downward.  Make different length drips and layer the lengths to give it the look of wax.
Step 4
Get base of bulb ready with a drill to open the bottom.  As shown in the post pictures
Step 5
Put light kits together and slide the wire up the center of the candle base.  Use a small piece of duct tape to keep wire stable over the bottom hole on the candle base
Step 6
Add a dot of glue carefully to the base of bulb and add to the top.  This keeps the bulb stable
Add hot glue in a circular motion to the top of the candle base to resemble wax as shown in the post above
Step 7
Add light brown wax or watered down brown craft paint lightly to the drips to look like soot
Final Step
Add to dispaly in your home.  If you would like to see examples checkout my Pinterst boards for different display ideas
This is an easy and inexpensive way to make flameless candles.