Yummy Flatbread

Hello my sweet friends, I have an easy, fast and delicious flatbread to share.

John and I have been having homemade pizza Fridays for over 25 years.

We’ve been changing it up once in awhile with flatbreads. We make them smaller because toppings are added and we watch our calories and carbs. Funny, I realized when I share recipes they are often carbs, ha, ha.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days we indulge a bit since the rest of the days we are very regimented with our diets.

Anyway, back to the flatbread, spread your dough to the size shown.


This is dough John brings home from a restaurant across the street from his office. Oh boy, things better get back to normal soon we’re getting dangerously low. The water in NYC makes for the best dough around, not even kidding a smidgen.

John and I use a pizza stone on our grill as well as in our oven, he cooked this for one minute on the stone.


While still warm I spread organic fig jam on top, yes fig jam.



I had leftover chicken from the grill seasoned with only salt and pepper. After heating it slightly in the microwave I cut it into bite sized pieces.

Spread it evenly over the jam.

Next, I made a mixture of Gouda, Asiago and Fontina cheese and sprinkled on top.


John placed the bread back on the stone for seven minutes.


Trust me, it’s delicious!  This would also be great with Brie or Gorgonzola.


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7 thoughts on “Yummy Flatbread

  1. Yummy!!!! I love stuff like this. Thin crust flatbread with yummy toppings. Happy Sunday Cindy.

  2. There’s nothing like the smell and taste of bread right out of the oven. One of these days I better make some pizza dough. I can’t get any NY water, but it should turn out okay with our Pacific Northwest kind. – Margy

  3. I’ve never been a pizza fan. It’s because of the tomato based sauce but holy guacamole, this sounds amazing! I never thought to just get dough from a restaurant either! That is genius! Looking forward to finding and trying some fig jam!

  4. You have to try this it’s amazing.   I have another flatbread on my blog I posted not too long ago.No sauce on that either.   So happy you may give it a try!Regards,Cindy

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