Wreath and Flower Cone

Hello everyone, today is our Summer DIY Challenge hosted by Terrie at Decorate and More With Tip, thanks for hosting Terrie.

If you’re coming from visiting Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate wasn’t her wreath pretty?

This month’s challenge is anything summer, I decided to share two pieces I created for the challenge.

Let’s begin with the Boxwood wreath:

Lemons and boxwood say summer to me.

Most of the items I needed for my wreath were in my craft closet. My boxwood wreath is plastic and will be perfect to add to our shed door.

Items Needed:

  • Boxwood Wreath
  • Faux Lemons
  • Bow
  • Small drill bit and drill
  • Green florist wire

My husband took the lemons out to the garage and drilled holes through the top of the lemon, in one side and out the other. Next, I placed the green wire through the lemons making sure the wire was long enough to wrap around the wreath. I wanted to be able to twist the wire tightly for the lemons to be secure.

I laid the pieces on my wreath to check the placement. Laying my bow down let me see where the lemons would best fit before I secured them to the wreath. This allowed me to see three lemons was the best look.

Once the lemons were all secure, I added my bow. I bought mine at Michael’s since it was on sale and saved me a step.

Knowing the wreath would be hanging from a nail on the inside of our shed door I used jute wrapped around the wreath tying a knot on either end.

Here it is hanging on our shed. We just planted Moonbeam Coreopsis and Salvia Perennials. Next summer this will be filled with tiny yellow flowers and deep purple.

Now let’s begin the Cone project:

A French flower cone is something I have been wanting to make for a some time.

First, I searched Pinterest and then Google on how to create my cone. I found a YouTube video, I will attach the link at the bottom of my post.

First, deciding on paper to use for my cone was easy. Years ago, I purchased heavy French script wrapping paper from Ballard.

Next, my plan was to make the edging pretty. My first thought was to use lace ribbon and attach with glue, but while creating the cone, I realized that may be a difficult process. You’ll see below i went in a different direction.

To create a specific size cone (the video recommended 12×12), I used a square canvas picture we had in the garage, that was about 16×16 which better suited the scale. and traced around the picture.

Next, was cutting my square from the roll of paper.

After watching the YouTube video, I knew how to create my cone and items needed.

Items Needed:

  • Paper of your choice
  • Glue stick
  • Single hole punch
  • Decorative hole punch for edging
  • Ribbon 

I didn’t have the edging punch so my husband went to get one at Michael’s, yes he’s the best!

I folded my paper point to point as the video stated to form a triangle, then cut the paper in half. This will allow you to roll the paper to form the cone shape.

Before forming the cone, I used a Matha Stewart decorative punch to create my pretty edge. I did this step a bit differently from the video, I found it easier.

Now, begin rolling your paper, as you get your cone formed use your glue stick to hold the edges making sure they line up as you go around. I found I needed to press the paper firmly to keep the edges aligned.

These pictures of me forming my cone were taken as dry run before I created my final cone.

I plan on making more of these for Christmas and may try double sided tape next time.

Once the cone was finished, I chose my ribbon and grabbed my hole punch.

I added holes on either side with my hole punch.

My craft room is very messy at the moment, too many things going on at once, ha, ha.

I placed my blue gingham ribbon through the holes making a knot larger than the hole to secure.

I filled the cone with these delicate faux flowers from Magnolia Market.

I hope you enjoyed both of these projects and found inspiration to create your own wreath or flower cone.

Next visit Liberty to see what she created at B4 and Afters


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23 thoughts on “Wreath and Flower Cone

  1. Girl!! You had me at lemons!! I love your pretty wreath and your cone is just lovely too!! Great job on both tutorials!!

  2. Great job Cindy. Both are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the tutorials.

  3. I got to get one of those trim punches. I had no idea they made those! I love how simple and fresh your cone looks, perfect on your door. Your boxwood wreath is adorable too, simple and summery!

  4. Beautiful wreaths, Cindy!!! I love the French script paper and will have to look for some like yours… I was thinking you’ll have to make a second square boxwood wreath for the other shed door. They will look awesome at Christmas, too, with just a few tweaks! 🙂

    Fun hop! Enjoy your pretty decorations,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Cute little projects — the cone anyone can do! I like crafts like that. It’s great crafting and hopping with you!


  6. The non-traditional shape of the boxwood wreath is lovely! What a bright spot that makes in your garden! That flower cone is so delicate and lovely! I am thinking I need to make one for my guest bedroom!

  7. Both of these projects are great. Not sure which one I like better. Thank you for the clear instructions.

  8. Beautiful! You have such a lovely decorating eye and the DIY skills to create what you envision. Love it. I also love your pretty nails. My hands are a wreck! I feel like this incessant washing has number on them…and I can’t remember the last time I wore my rings. You’ve inspired me to put them on! Happy 4th!

  9. Hi Kim, I never take them off. Funny, first manicure I received the day before since the virus. My salon let’s her come to my house since I have been going there so long

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