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Drying Sunflower Heads

This post shows you how to dry sunflower heads and sunflowers on the stem
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time5 mins
2 weeks0 mins
Total Time14 d
Yield: 4 sunflowers
Cost: 5


  • twine or jute, hairspray


Items Needed:
  • sunflowers from any food store
  • jute or twine any craft store
  • dark dry room, basement, closet or attic
  • hairspray
Once sunflowers begin to fall over remove the sunflowerd from the water
Step 1
For Drying Sunflower Heads
  • remove the petals
  • clip the stem to 3"
Place the sunflower heads in a dark dry place for two weeks.  I use my basement.  You can use a closet or a cabinet.
Step  2
For Drying Whole Sunflowers
  • Remove all the leaves
  • Cut stems 6 inches
  • Tie three stems at a time with jute or twine
  • DON'T let the sunflower heads touch
  • Hang in a dark dry place, basement, or closet
Whole sunflowers should dry in two weeks.  It may take a bit longer.  After drying the sunflowers spray the flower petals with a light coat of hairspary.  This should help retain their color and shape