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In the first photo you will notice molding, this was leftover from our house build.  The molding was used for our window trim on the outside.  Free and brand new molding wasn’t going into the garbage.


What do you do,  you make a large frame.  My hubby did the cutting, we don’t let me near power tools.  I’m not upset by this because frankly, this girl doesn’t desire to learn.  I’m the idea, painting and pretty.

John didn’t take many in between photos.  He rarely forgets but he just finished our deck HERE and is a tad burned out.  Doesn’t stop me from having ideas.  Those  who have been following me for a while knows I have the BEST husband on earth.  If you are new I would love for to look at a few posts to get to know me.  You’ll see what I mean and I would love for us to connect.



The plan is to add this toile fabric to the finished frame.


Didn’t this turn out great?  We’re not finished yet.  Next is adding appliques to the corners.


Here they are with the primer added.  Aren’t they pretty?


When using chalk paint I don’t usually prime.  I decided to use primer this time because the base of these moldings was slick since it was for outside.


The first color I used was ASCP Louis Blue and let it cure overnight for best results.  The reason I did this was because I used ASCP Cocco as a wash over the Louis Blue to add demension. 


Next step clear wax was added and lightly wiped off.  This allows the dark wax to be moved around and to have it heavier in places.


If dark wax was place directly on the frame it would be to heavy and wouldn’t move.

Notice the look in the close ups I added so you can get a better view of the layering..

I used gilding on the appliques to make them stand out and to have a bit of an elegant touch.


I painted a small frame I had on hand silver to tie in with the appliques.  It then got hung with a small boxwood wreath in the center using ribbon.


Here it is hanging in my office.  I couldn’t be happier it’s exactly as I envisioned.


Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the post and my outcome.   I would love for you to follow my blog to see what I am up to.

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39 thoughts on “Window Molding to Frame

  1. Thanks Terrie and thanks for Pinning. I had fun using these pieces to create something I love.

    I didn’t want to throw them out.

    Enjoy your day and clicking on your link right now. Great joining you.

  2. Beautiful as always!

    On Mon, Jun 24, 2019, 7:01 AM Cloches & Lavender wrote:

    > Cloches & Lavender posted: “Welcome to Thrift Store Challange! In the > first photo you will notice molding, this was leftover from our house > build. The molding was used for our window trim on the outside. Free and > brand new molding wasn’t going into the garbage. What do you do,” >

  3. I totally agree. My husband is great at asking me if I could use the leftover wood pieces he has. This I said absolutely because we basically paid for it with the build.

    Enjoy your day

  4. This looks so cool. I love it. What a great decoration. Happy New Week.

  5. Don’t know exact measurements I can measure and let you know. Very large, great statement piece. I wanted something large in my office.

    I’ll measure later and let you know.

  6. That turned out great! I have the same fabric as curtains but in a different color. Just beautiful!

  7. What a super smart DIY frame… and it looks lovely! I love the toile fabric used for the artwork! I’ve seen this done with wallpaper before, but I think I like the fabric better! Blessed to have you at Tuesday Turn About!

  8. It is beautiful. I love the fabric and have never found it in the blue only in the brown I used in fall. My mom used to put fabric on her wall using starch as a holder. When she got tired of it she just peeled it off. I love how the frame turned out and the frame and wreath took it over the top.

  9. Thanks Cathy love using frames in different ways. I remember when fabric was done that way on walls.

    Toile is a favorite and timeless. Have a great 4th.

  10. Cindy, what a beautiful job you made of using the frame and toile. Toile always gets my attention because it is just so charming. I can’t resist it. I can’t do things like that any more but I enjoy looking at your work. It’s fabulous! Take care, my friend! Hugs

  11. Thanks so Sandi I enjoy painting very much. I don’t take this for granted for one second.

    Love your visits you have been with me always.


  12. Well, that is just beautiful and I love the fabric! The little corner details make such a difference. I need to remember that trick!

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