Tradition How To Make Pizza

Today, we are talking tradition how to make pizza.

For 25 years it’s been a family tradition, homemade pizza. To be exact, we refer to it as “Pizza Friday”

This family tradition has become especially fun with our friends. In fact, some friends say to us, we want to come for pizza Friday.

So, some Fridays we change it up a bit. This particular Friday, we made Fig jam pizza.

Have you ever had fig jam on pizza?

Well, with the right toppings, it’s fantastic. By the way, this isn’t breakfast jam.

No, this is thick and decadent. It’s not as sweet as regular jam.

Do We Make Our Own Dough

Do we make our own dough? No we don’t.

You may be wondering why? We don’t make our own dough for our tradition how to make pizza because our market sells fresh dough.

This dough is from the Bronx. NYC is well known for their bread, a.k.a. especially bagels.

Here is the link Bronx City Baking.

Bronx City Baking dough for our pizza

It’s not only that NYC makes great bagels. There’s a reason the doughs are truly wonderful.

Of course, NYC is well known for cuisine. However, they are well known for doughs of all kinds. So, there’s a secret, it’s,

Ready? It’s NYC water that makes their bread outstanding.

The water in the City has calcium and magnesium and these strength the gluten in the dough.

So, this is the reason their bagels and pizza dough are loved by many. So, we purchase our dough for tradition how to make pizza.

First, Prebaking The Dough For Our Pizza

Because we have the tradition of making pizza, we have two pizza stones. On our grill and our oven. During the harsh winters we use the oven. But, we love making pizza on the grill.

When using our oven, the temperature is set to 500 degrees. Our pizza stone also stays in our one oven all the time.

Here’s the pizza dough screen and peel we use.

Pizza peel and baking screen for the dough

When using our oven we generally heat our pizza stone for at least an hour at 500 degrees. We do this because having a hot stone is extremely important.

Tools For Making Pizza:

  • Pizza stone
  • Peel
  • Pizza screen
  • cheese grater
  • pizza wheel

Spreading The Dough And Using Corn Meal For This Process

Because this has become a tradition of making pizza we have learned a few tricks.

Before spreading the dough for our pizza making, we sit it at room temperature for five minutes. Any longer it becomes sticky. Less time it’s too cold and when spreading it tends to bounce out of shape.

Also, we learned corn meal is game changer for homemade pizza. It prevents it from sticking to the pizza peel. It also, adds great texture ad crunch to the pizza dough.

So, before adding the pizza dough to the peel sprinkle yellow corn meal on the pizza peel.

corn meal sprinkled before the dough is pressed into shape

After five minutes, we spread the dough into shape to make the pizza.

In the meantime, take the fig jam out if in the refrigerator to warm up a bit.

Now bake your dough for one minute.

A Trick We Learned

When bringing your dough inside for adding the fig jam. Lightly flip it to the other side. This removes the air bubbles that form on pizza dough at times.

dough flipped to other side after grilling for pizza

Topping Suggestions For Fig Jam Pizza

When making our our fig jam pizza we use different toppings.

In particular, spicy Italian sausage removed from the casing and sauted is a great, option. Mixing the spicy sausage with the richeness of the jam is a great combination.

spicy sausage removed from the casing and sauted

Another great option is buying a rotissaire chicken. I generally pull the chicken off the bone.

Additionally, this gives you enough chicken to make other pizzas. Freeze it in containers and take it out the night before you make a pizza.

Cheese Options For The Tradition When Making Fig Jam Pizza

There are a few opitions when adding cheese to fig jam pizza

Grated Cheese Options:

  • fresh gouda
  • Smoked Mozzerrla
  • a combination of assiago, mozzerrla and parmasen
  • crumbled blue cheese

How Long To Cook The Pizza After The Toppings Are Added

Now, let’s cook the pizza. After taking the dough out of the oven or off the grill add the jam.

One of two jams in the jar we use

This is one of two brands we use for our fig jam pizza. Also, scroll through my images at the end of this post to see the other brand we use.

The jam added to the dough before I spread it

Spread with the back of a large spoon to evenly coat.


Next, add the sausage covering evenly.

sausage spread and added

Now grate the gouda and cover well.

the brand of cheese we use
Pizza with the cheese grated and going back to finish cooking

Place the fig jam pizza back on the stone and cook for 7 more minutes. Because our grill gets hot spots, we rotate the pizza at the 3 1/2 minute mark. This prevents the crust from cooking unevenly.

Our finished product

However, when making it in the oven we cook the pizza for 7 minutes. The times may vary based on your oven and grill. Cut and enjoy!

two pieces getting ready to be served

By the way, you may enjoy this recipe too!

I hope you enjoyed traditon, how to make pizza. Do you have any recipes you make that are a tradition beside the holiday season?


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Fig Jam Pizza

Fig jam pizza with sauted sausage and grated gouda
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 17 mins
0 mins
Total Time 17 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 375 kcal


  • pizza stone,cheese grater, skillet, pizza peel, pizza baking screen, oven or grill


  • 1 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
  • 4 links Italian spicy sausage removed from the casing
  • 3 heaping tbsp fig jam
  • 1/2 round gouda cheese



Fig Jam Pizza
Preheat oven to 500 with pizza stone 1 hour before cooking 
For the grill heat it on high with the pizza stone for 1 hour
Add 1 tbsp of oilive oil to a skillet and brown sausage until done.  
Remove and add to a bowl to cool slightly
5 minutes before preparing the pizza remove the dough from the refrigerator
Put the fig jam in a bowl and stir
Sprinkle the pizza peel with yellow cornmeal 
Add the dough and shape your crust
Add the shaped crust to the baking screen and cook for 1 minute
Remove the dough from the grill or the oven bring inside and lightly flip over to remove any air bubbles
Spread the fig jam immediately on the warm dough
Add the sausage meat
Grate the gouda to cover the sausage well
Using the pizza peel add it bake to the grill or oven
For the grill heat it for 7 minutes rotating the dough at the 1/2  way mark to keep the crust cooking evenly
For the oven return to the stone and cook for 7 minutes
Time may differ a bit depending on the oven and grill used
And enjoy
Note: This pizza is not overly sweet.  The fig jam is not like breakfast jam

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  1. Cindy, this is pinned! Your tips are great, and especially helpful to this novice! I’ve been reluctant to make my own pizza using fresh dough, but I think I’m going to try it. I love fig jam pizza with proscuitto and gorganzola. Can’t wait to try!

  2. OMG Cindy this has my mouth watering. How delish this is. Thanks for sharing. I love to make things like this on a Friday night too. We watch shows and have pizza. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. This looks delicious and I would never have thought of the combination. I feel in love with fig preserves over the summer … and I can see how they’d translate well to a pizza. Yum Yum! xo

  4. I could eat pizza 7 days a week, but I’ve never made it myself. This looks interesting!! Maybe one day I’ll give it a try!!

  5. I do love fig jam on pizza, but have never paired it with spicy Italian sausage. Yum! Sounds like a good combo. Pizza Friday is a fab tradition to share with your friends.

  6. I must bought some fig jam because I love figs…did not know what I was goin to do with it….NOW I DO! thank you for sharing this!!

  7. Friday night has always been pizza night in our house too! My husband makes the dough, sauce and toppings. We’ve never made a fig jam pizza, but we might have to give it a try! Thanks for the cornmeal tip.

  8. I have never heard of this Cindy but I love pizza and I love figs so I can’t wait to try this recipe. There are a lot of people from NY and NJ that live in Florida and we always say the best pizza places are the ones that are owned by true New Yorkers! Super excited to try this! Hugs, CoCo

  9. Such an amazing idea! We love fig jam in my home and use it every time with put appetizers together. This will be added to our list!

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