Our Girl Peanut

Hello everyone, it has been a while. 

Many of you know we have two tween dachshunds named Peanut and Reeses.  They are the loves of our lives.  

They eight years old which we can not believe.  Because they are small we have always referred to them as the puppies.

Me being home all the time I am with them 24/7.  I am attached to them and they are very attached to me.  They have seen me through some tough times with my MS and are aware that momma doesn’t move as fast as daddy.

Make no mistake, they love their daddy.  When he comes home at night they can’t wait for him to get in the house.  Our girl Peanut is very vocal.  We call her the talker.  She talks and talks until John is in the house.  It is quite adorable.



A few weeks ago I took them out like a regular Monday morning.  John was off that day and was in his office.

When they were out, they pooped right away and Peanut turned around to look at me as she always does and I yelled John, quick something is wrong with Peanut’s eye.



He came running and scooped her up and brought her inside so we could see.  I called our vet immediately.  John put here in the car and took her right away.

In the meantime I took care of her brother Reeses.  He was crying because Peanut was not there.  He didn’t understand, they are never apart.  I distracted him with breakfast which is not hard to do especially with dachshunds.



John brought  her home and at the time there was an ulceration and scratch on her eye.

By Tuesday, I knew something was not right.  I was not able to get the term out of my brain.  I kept telling our vet there looks like a film was on her eye.

He wanted to see her the next morning.  My dear friend Audrey came and took us to the vet.  He took one look and said it’s cloudy, this isn’t good.  Right then I knew Glaucoma.

I looked before we went and I was praying it wasn’t.  He checked her pressure in her eyes.  Left 14, right 60.

He called all the specialists he knew which are only three in the state of NJ.  He said the only one that can see her today was in Redbank, NJ, south of us.  We took them to Audrey’s car and off we went for an 1 1/2 car ride.

When the specialists checked her he confirmed it was glaucoma.  What came next I didn’t expect, she is blind in that eye he said.  I couldn’t breath for a minute. 

I understand specialists have to be straight forward.  I know from experiences but this man I did not like.  I decided right then and there, after this making an appppoitment for someone closer.


Reeses the Hunter

Audrey has had dachshunds for twenty years and she stepped into action and knew all the right questions to ask.  She knows me and knew I was scared to death.  

We got her meds immediately at this facility.  

A cute part of the story, we went to a parking lot and parked and Audrey took the drops and put the first in her eye.  We had to wait 5 minutes and do the other.  People must have thought we were nuts.

The only thing they could see was me in the back seat.  I was with the pups.  Audrey was in the front with her rearend to the dashboard with a bottle in her hand.  She gave Peanut the second drop and we were on the road again.

The return trip took 2 1/2 hours.  We hit tons of traffic.  Audrey is a trooper.  I never told her that when in bumper to bumper traffic I get claustrophobic.  I never stop talking.  I talked for two and a half hours pretty much nonstop.


Reeses Going for the Kill

When we got closer to home I told her.   Her ride home was PEACE, LOL.

We are doing 26 drops in  her eye a day.  She’s such a good girl about it and knows after each shot she gets fresh string beans.  Reeses gets some because he checks on her after every shot, no lie.


 Spreadsheet for Drops



Most of you in blogland know Kris from Junk Chic Cottage.  She is such a wonderful person and she loves Peanut and Reeses.  She contacted me because she had our old address.  She sent the pups toys which they went crazy over as you can see in the photos above.  


Beautiful Card with a Lovely Note from Kris

She also sent them treats and they love them.  She even sent Mommy and daddy. gifts.


Treats they Love

Dark chocolate for me, my favorite and milk for John.  Adore John, everyone knows that, however, I said save the wrappers I want to take a picture.  He threw them out before I said anything and took out the garbage.  You will have to take my word for it on this one .

Kris, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You thinking of us and knowing how much we love these two is amazing.  Your kindness to me will never be forgotten.

Until next time,  many big projects will be shown.  Peanut sees new specialists August 13th.



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18 thoughts on “Our Girl Peanut

  1. awwww….bless little Peanut’s heart…sending warm wishes and hopes that things will be good when ya’ll next visit the doctor.

  2. Hi Cindy, Peanut is so sweet and I know how scary this has been. She is so cute and I hope and pray your next vet visit will be promising after the meds. Your friend Audrey is very special to help you in such a huge way. Kris sent the sweetest gifts and so thoughtful too.
    Wishing you peaceful days and less stress going forward. Sending big hugs your way my friend.
    Celestina Marie

  3. Thanks for the visit my friend. We need to get the pressure down so she doesn’t lose her eye. Our vet says we’re far from that but we have to get it down.

    They are such good pups too.

  4. So happy to see Peanut doing so much better with the drops. Love seeing their sweet little faces today on your blog post. Also glad you all received your treats to say Get Well Soon. Hugs and prayers the drops keep working.

  5. Thanks again Kris, I loved the notecards. You caring enough to reach means the world. I wish you could have seen how happy and crazy they were. It was hysterical.

    Thanks again

  6. I know how much you love your pups (and no matter how old they are they will ALWAYS be pups) and who could blame you?! They’re so adorable and such wonderful companions. Peanut is in good hands. ❤️

  7. I am so very happy that your baby is doing so well. I am glad you were right on top of things and didn’t wait-that makes a world of difference, I believe.

    Kris and I go back a ways and I have to say that she one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. Always thinking of someone else.

    BTW-Thanks for stopping over and popping in to my new blog. You all just mean the world to me with your support. Blessings and prayer for your Peanut AND you! xo Diana

  8. Diana, of course I would support you. You are another one of a kind person. You amaze me with your caring heart and soul. I love that you make us laugh when you post. You love your family above all.

    I knew we would love these babies but we never thought we would be in love with them. The joy they bring to us every day is amazing. They make me laugh outloud everyday.

    Have a super weekend


  9. So sorry about Peanut! Hope she does well. The gifts from Kris are so thoughtful. She is a sweetie!

  10. Hey ~ I have a dachsie named ‘Peanut’, too!! She is a standard Long-haired ~ I named her Peanut because she was the runt of the litter; her 6 sisters were all about 9 oz. @ birth; she was only 6! She now weighs 27 lbs of solid muscle!
    I hope your Peanut does well with her eye drops, and that the new specialist has a much better bedside manner!

  11. We named ours Peanut because she has very tiny legs.

    My husband called me Peanut and I said, I want to give her my nickname. So happy I did because she’s smaller than her brother.

    My husband named her brother Reeses

    Thanks for sharing and stopping by.


  12. I’m glad you baby Peanut is feeling better. Will the drops get rid of glaucoma? Some vets can have the worse bedside manner. I’ll pray and keep hope she will be better soon! Take care!

  13. Oh, what an ordeal you all had to go through! Having had pets most of my life, I know how it feels when one of your pet babies isn’t well. Good for you for persisting and getting to the bottom of Peanut’s problem. I hope she improves soon. How sweet of Kris! From reading her blog, I’m not at all surprised to hear about the kindness she showed you!

  14. Hi Cathy, thanks for the visit.   Glaucoma will never go away.   We have to get it under control.  We are still doing 26 drops a day in that eye.   The pressure hasn’t gone up but it needs to come down.  Vet sees her every week right now  Have a super day 

    Thanks, Cindy

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