Not Happy and Momma Makes Bread!

Hey everyone, it’s me Reeses taking Momma’s blog over for a minute.  I have not been a happy pup. 

First, I have to deal with this very hot humid weather.  Peanut and I don’t even want to go outside and we haven’t chased each other around our puppy run in weeks.

As if that isn’t bad enough for a pup, it gets worse!

See this house?  See how close it is to us, some people had the nerve to buy it and they are making a racket. 


First, they put this stuff on.  Momma said it is for the siding to hold onto, whatever that is.  They have to make a loud noise with something to make it through the brick so I’m told.

Now, let me explain, you know how loud the fireworks, leaf blower and garbage truck are?  Well, this is triple the loudness!

No way, was I going outside to go potty.  Momma said I had to or I would explode so, she put my leash on and took me outside to go.   She’s a good Momma but I fought her with everything I had and she won.  This is me looking at Momma waiting for her to take me back inside to hide while she takes a picture.


It got worse after this was finished, more people came on Saturday thank goodness  Daddy was home for this part.  There were scrapers, nail things going off it was not fun.  Daddy said they were putting a new roof on, why do they need that?  Thank goodness this only took a day.

Saturday late morning Momma had the nerve to make bread for her and daddy.  She will tell you about it now, psst, it smelled really good but we couldn’t have any.

Peace and quite!


Hello everyone, I made this recipe up Friday and sent John for the ingredients on his way home from work to get started in the morning.

I used an 8 oz. package of cremini, mushrooms cut into smallish cubes, pancetta cut about the same size and a mix of fresh herbs I am growing on the deck.

Speaking of deck, you may have noticed we got our deck stained.  I’ll chat about that another day.

I sautéed the Pancetta first in a bit of olive oil to get a bit more grease.  Once that was finished, I sautéed the mushrooms.  When sautéing the mushrooms I added salt to release the moisture.  I did this so everything would stay moist inside of the bread.   I also added a bit of black pepper. 

While that was sautéing for a bit, I added my fresh herbs.  I minced,  rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley and chives to add to the mushrooms and sautéed for a bit of great flavor.

I let the mushrooms and cooked Pancetta cool together in a bowl for about and hour for the flavors to commingle.

While that was happening John spread out the dough and I put a light layer of shredded mozzarella.   Then adding a layer of Assiago cheese and then Freshly grated parmesan cheeses.


The mixture on top of the cheese.  I spread this evenly over the cheese.


Excuse my hand, before I rolled the bread.


Once I rolled the bread I spread an egg wash to give it a nice sheen.


Right before I put it in the oven.  400 degrees for 20 minutes.



Doesn’t she look beautiful?


Look at my girl Peanut waiting in front of the oven for the bread to be finished.  That face!!


Have a great rest of the week!







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19 thoughts on “Not Happy and Momma Makes Bread!

  1. Reeses is so cute! I always wanted to have a dachshund.
    Even though there is a lot of noise next door at least it’s for a good reason!
    That bread roll looks delicious.

  2. Hi Cindy, what a cute post first from your little darling and then to end with this yummy bread. Oh my goodness now I’m hungry!!
    Hope the racket keeps to a minimum and you begin to cool down.
    Have a great week. xo

  3. Ahhhh those two faces. Just adorable. Hugs to Reeses and Peanut. Bless their hearts to put up with all the noise next door. Hugs from Cooper.

  4. Those poor babies must be so confused and frazzled with all that racket going on?!?! My Yorkie Gracie barks at everything, including falling leaves! LOL Hopefully things will quiet down soon?!?!!?
    That bread looks soooooo delicious too!

  5. Such a cute post! I know how loud it can be to have construction going on close to your house. We lived through it a lot when we first moved here. That bread looks yummy! I’ve never seen that kind before.

  6. Thanks Dianne, I used a small pizza dough from the pizzeria. I have made other breads using the Pillsbury pizza crust. Both ways are very good. Hope you give this a try.

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