New Deck and Flower Pretty

Yay, deck reveal day! The new deck and flower pretty is the plan for today. Look at this sky down below, beautiful and there hasn’t been many this spring.  


John did a fantastic job on our deck and I love it.  This angle is out our kitchen door on to the deck with one step down.

The little lattice gate John put together as a just in case thing.   Peanut is too short to ever think about running down the main deck stairs.  Reeses is little too but if he saw a squirrel we don’t want to take a chance.


You can see the striations of color in the Trex boards.  Hence the decision to have black rails with a Trex board on top. I also think it makes the deck feel elegant.


I’m loving the rug I found on Wayfair.  It was very inexpensive and free shipping.  I love the color of blue and it gives a French feel which I was hoping to achieve.


The furniture we had from our old house.  It has held up great and I was concerned of the quality when I bought it.  I found it on JcPenny two years before we moved so going on seven years it looks brand new.  Loving the neutral cushions too.


I have had this crate for a few years now.  I like the rustic French feel filled with beautiful pink flowers.  As you can see we were enjoying a glass of wine.


This photo shows you the back side of the crate with a small table with the pretty battery operated candle to add some texture.  Love the image being on both sides.


The rails look wonderful don’t they?  The flower pots are all designed by yours truly.  I love using the reverse transfer method with French graphics.  The larger pot I recently painted and you can read about it HERE.  They are 20 year old pots I wanted to give a lighter feel.



A closer look at the pots.  I think I achieved a French feel with the large pot.


Doesn’t the pot above have a beautiful image?  Reverse transferring is easy and so much fun.  If anyone is interested I am willing to do a tutorial. There are many examples on Pinterest too.  


Another pot I repainted.  In this view is what we call the puppy run.  It is open to the deck as you can see.  I will do a post about information on this another time.  Let me just say the BEST money we spent ever!


Reeses sitting looking around, he loves it out here.

Below are more pots I painted and did reverse transfers.  Love the lantern there too to add some texture.  I had to take a picture of Peanut doing here favorite thing, sniffing.




A pretty sight with the pots filled with pink beauty.



This is the step back into the kitchen.  John made this from scratch.  It’s perfect height for our little girl.  Notice how short her legs are?  The white piece she is sniffing is motion lights we installed after she lost her vision in her eye, to help her see.  We have them out the other door leading directly into their run.


Had to show this beauty one more time.  Hope you liked the deck and seeing all the pretty touches.  I hope you have a great start to your week. 

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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

36 thoughts on “New Deck and Flower Pretty

  1. How very beautiful! I am so impressed with the build and the decorating. Everything ties together so nicely and the colors are wonderful. Now I wouldn’t want to put you through any trouble or extra work, but I’ve never done a reverse transfer. I’d love to learn how!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the visit. I’m loving the pink and thinking this may be the color I use from now on. Loving the new deck. Such a happy place now a nbn d we get great shade

  3. So absolutely beautiful. Bravo John on the deck. It looks fabulous. He should be so proud of how it all came out. The rug is gorgeous too. I love that you planted all your pretty painted pots they look beautiful too. Little sniffing and checking it all out is so cute. Buddy loves to sniff everything too. Enjoy sitting out on your new deck. It is so pretty and inviting.

  4. I can’t believe the job he did with many cuts he isn’t used to. I love it and I am happy with the pots. I think pink will be my flower color from now on.

    Have a good week

  5. I can’t believe what a wonderful job John did Cyn. You definitely have a keeper there, and the way you both take such great care of your pups warms my heart. How thoughtful to put a step low enough for them. Now ALL of you can enjoy this drop dead gorgeous deck for many years to come.

    When we put a trex deck in at our cabin I felt like it was one of the best things we did. Now mind you, we had it done professionally since it was a second story and needed some serious concrete supports, but nevertheless it was money well spent. Of course, we only had it for about three years before we sold lol.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Doreen. We are loving the deck. Yes we always look out for our babies. We can’t help ourselves, they’re so good and cute.

    We feel like we have beautiful spot now. Only if the weather would cooperate. Rain and clouds most days. One or two days sun.


  7. Oh it looks fabulous!!!! Some day I will also swap out my deck boards for Trex, what a blessing that will be. As it is, right now I need to power wash and stain my deck….I just never seem to have time, sigh. Looks fantastic, what a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine!!

  8. Hi Debbie thanks for the visit. We are so happy. We were tired of painting the deck with solid stain. As you know the winters make it so it’s a task every year.


  9. Wow! What a lovely deck! Your hubby did a fabulous job and you must be so thrilled. Love the pots, especially the patisserie one! The pink posies look great with the colour of the deck too. Your pups are so cute and I love their names. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by. I hope you’re doing well. Hugs, Sandi

  10. Your deck is beautiful! I am sure you will enjoy spending lots of time out there this summer! The Trex decking looks great. Do you have a gate to keep the dogs from getting out in the yard? Reese is such a cutie! I know you have to be careful with dachshunds backs, but I know they do love to chase a bird or a squirrel. Your furniture really does look like new, so great that it has held up so well being 7 years old! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  11. Thanks for stopping by. Believe me we think of everything with our babies. Our family & friends say in there next life they want to come back as our dogs. We built the stairs for them. They would never jump off but if you look at my post I mention the gate daddy built.

    They have their own area off our deck that is huge. I’ll post that another time.

  12. That is beautiful! I have started tackling our deck this year; we have a rather large deck right off our kitchen and it has been sitting empty for years (we also have a patio underneath the deck that we use much more frequently).

  13. Hi Cindy, it is so nice to finally get acquainted with your blog! I will be sure to list your blog on my blog roll. I love your deck – isn’t Trex the greatest? That’s what we just had our little front porch rebuilt with. We are loving it. I also love all your pretty touches…that rug is beautiful (doesn’t even look like an outdoor rug!) and your flowers and flower pots so pretty. I’ll have to look up about that reverse transfer!

  14. Cindy, your deck looks just lovely! I love the color you chose, as well as the flowers/planters you have accenting everything. Beautiful! Here by was of Style Showcase. We would be blessed to have you link-up at Tuesday Turn About (I believe we are the newest party on the block 😉 ) Hope to see you there… we close the party at midnight PST on Friday.

  15. Cindy, your deck looks just lovely! I love the color you chose, as well as the flowers/planters you have accenting everything. Beautiful! Here by was of Style Showcase. We would be blessed to have you link-up at Tuesday Turn About (I believe we are the newest party on the block 😉 ) Hope to see you there… we close the party at midnight PST on Friday.

  16. Thanks Amber. I’m loving it and am so happy with the Frrench feel and pink flowers are going to be my go to flower.

    Thanks for pinning. Really embracing life and working on blogging again.

  17. Hi Melanie so happy you stopped over. Happy I found you through Instagram. Thanks for the blog roll addition. I check your blog daily. Enjoy seeing your life.

    Loving the rug because it’s recycled plastic. Wondered if it would feel scratchy but doesn’t. Price tag was great too.

  18. Julie thanks very much. Always enjoy meeting new bloggers. I would love to join the party. Try to get there in a bit.

    The pots are 20 years old. Prior post I showed how I transformed them for a French feel

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, Cindy! John did an amazing job on the deck. It looks amazing. The blue rug is sooo pretty; and your flower pots and pink flowers are perfect accents. Enjoy it!

  20. Great job on the deck, Cindy! Your choice in rugs is perfect, and I adore that French crate you have. The flowers really pop and bring the space to life. Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About!

  21. Didn’t he and love the pots I redid and the ones I designed.

    Been meaning to tell you that you really found your element with becoming a travel blog. You make it so fun

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