Melamine Plates I Did Find and Love

Happy Monday, I hope everyone did have a great weekend!  Today I am sharing Melamine plates I did find and love.  Because May is here, I think this is a great time to share these fun ideas.   And wait until you visit the links below, the Melamine plates are pretty and make gatherings festive.

These are especially great because Melamine plates I did find and love are perfect for Memorial day, graduation parties and barbeques.

By the way, wait until you see the beautiful dessert at the bottom of this post!  It’s being served on these plates I did find and love.

Today, is also the 10 on the 10th Tammy from Patina and Paint is our host.  This is where I join in with group of bloggers sharing outdoors or garden ideas for $10 or less.  I will have links to visit each blog so please visit each one of these to see what ideas they are sharing.

10th on the 10th graphic

For example, these plates I did find and love I also use all summer.  These are fun, speak to the summer season while also sharing a variety of summer bicycles.  Also reminding me of riding bikes along the beach in south Jersey.   Besides, these Melamine plates I did find, work especially well for Memorial day and the 4th of July with their patriotic touches.

Bicycle Melamine Plate Set

Using Melamine Plates I Did Find And Love And Seeing Our Friends For The First Time Since The Pandemic

By the way, this weekend is the first time we have had our best friends over for a visit and a meal since the pandemic. 

They also have two mini Dachshunds.  The four dogs haven’t been together in so long they will be happy.  I will have four dachshund’s enjoying our Dachshund Drive as we call it.  Read the details in this post if you are a dog owner.  You will enjoy reading this because you won’t believe the information I share that will make life easier as a pet lover.

As a result of being the first time in a year, I will be using the Melamine plates I did find and love.  Of course, a decadent dessert is also a must for us to enjoy on these plates together.  I will share the details of the dessert at the end of this post.

Additionally, Melamine is sturdy to hold cumbersome food such as, corn on the cob, chicken, steak and ribs during the summer months.  It’s also dishwasher safe.  No microwaving with these plates.   

Incidentally, I’m sharing other plates I did find and love that work well for summer gatherings.  Are you ready to see patterns I did find?  Of course you are!

By the way, for all the Pioneer Woman lovers these plates are pretty with their floral patterns.

Besides this pattern these Melamine plates are available in this pattern.

Pioneer women plates
Pioneer Women plates

Melamine Plates I Find a And Love Can Be Used For A Cheese Board Too

Having a wine tasting as an example filled with a variety of cheese, meats, nuts and dried fruit is a great option to use these plates.   

Also a dessert charcruterie as I share here these Melamine plates I did find and love are a cute choiceMaking a dessert board is also an easy choice for the warmer months . Incidentally, having a dessert board doesn’t have to be fancy.  Semi-homemade and purchasing dessert from a market is fine.  It’s being with friends and family that is most important.  

Appetizer Melamine Plates Set Of 4

Using Melamine Plates I  Did Find And Love For Fruit Is A Great Idea Too

In addition to desserts, how about adding a variety of dessert wines or cordials for your friends or family try.  This is a fun activity with friends that some may never have tried before.  It’s a simple, relaxing with minimal fuss free evening or late afternoon during the warm months.

As an example, how about serving fresh fruits on these plates?  Many fruits are in season during the warmer months. For example, berries, cherries, peaches, nectarines and melon. 

Using any of these Melamine plates is is also great for setting up a chocolate fondue for dipping an assortment of fresh fruit for a gathering. A fun Sangria would be nice and refreshing. 

Also, grilling fruit is a fun way to use these Melamine plates I did find and love.  As an example grilling nectarines, peaches and melon is a great option.  Grilling fruit is also great because the grill tends to bring out the natural sugar.  These plates I love would work perfectly. 

Lastly, we can not forget ice cream on a hot summer evening watching fire flies in the yard.  These bowls will be perfect.

Instructions For My Decadent Dessert

Begin by making Duncan Hines brownies in a 9 x 13 pan and make them for fudgy brownies

Duncan Hines brownie mix

While they are baking begin breaking Pirouette Cookies. You can make these the height of the pan you will use for your ice cream cake

pirouette cookies broken in half

After the brownies have cooled slightly, begin cutting pieces to fit a single size spring form pan.  Press lightly into the bottom of the pan

brownies in small springform pan
brownie again for Melamine plates I did find and love

Next lightly press the cookies into the brownie filling the edge and freeze overnight.  Freezing these overnight will also make this very cold so the cookies are frozen into place.

Melamine plates I did find and love pirouette cookies getting added
pirouette cookies finished being added to Melamine plates I did find and love
four cakes started

Also, any leftover brownies place into a small food processor to grind.  After grinding them place this in a bowl and let set in the refrigerator overnight.  I also did this because the brownies are fudgy and needed to stiffen.  The next day remove them and they will be stiff.  Don’t be concerned.  Move them around with a spoon slightly and site at room temperature.

brownie in food processor

Next, I began adding my extra creamy Breyers vanilla ice cream.  Using a drinking glass to press the ice cream slightly to flatten.  Continue this process until the ice cream is filled to the top.

Breyers vanilla ice cream
ice cream getting added to cakes Melamine plates I did find and love
ice cream filled
last bit of ice cresam

Lastly, sprinkle the tops with the ground up brownies and freeze at a minimum of overnight.

sprinkling chopped brownie on the ice crem

Melamine plates I did find and love
the finished on a dessert board

Decadent desserts on my vintage wine crate DIY that may interest you to make!

Serve and enjoy!

Enjoy Melamine Plates I Love And Enjoy This Dessert

I hope you enjoyed this post about Melamine plates  I did find and love.  Also I hope you may have found plates you will enjoy.

Melamine plates I did find and love

I hope you give this dessert a try it’s delicious, easy and a great summer dessert. Thank you for visiting and remember these cakes can be made for $10.00 or less!

another look at the ice cream cakes
Melamine plates I did find and love cake cut in half

Also, let me know if you see any plates you may like and buy in the comments.  I hope you’ll sign up to follow Cloches & Lavender and will sign up for my newsletter also.

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  1. Cindy I LOVE those plates and can’t wait to try out the dessert. Pinning it for later for sure! I think these plates are the cutest I’ve seen in quite some time.

  2. This looks delicious!!!! I’m going to make this, my boys would love it!!!! Loving the plates too!!!

  3. It’s wonderful that you finally were able to get together with your friends and their dogs. You melanine plates are perfect for summer entertaining and your dessert looks so yummy.

  4. Oh my goodness that dessert looks amazing and the dishes are darling! It sounds like it was a wonderful day!!

  5. OMG! those bicycle plates are the cutest!!! And that cake looks amazing! Such a great idea!

  6. Hey there Cindy,
    Love love love all the melamine plates you’ve found!!! I do love the Pioneer Woman’s cookware and I drool over her goodies! Since my kitchen is full, I tend to pick up little things for my daughter who loves anything with greens and any of these would work well in her kitchen! Definitely going to try the ice cream-brownie-Pirouline treat! <3

    Happy to be hopping with you yet again,
    Barb 🙂

  7. These plates are so pretty and your dessert looks amazing too! I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for the easy to follow step by step. My family is going to love it. Hugs, CoCo

  8. Those plates are cute! I have a stash of melamine, love them, esp for outdoors. That dessert truly look amazing!

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