Master Closet Update on a Budget

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Taking a little detour from the Kitchen project tonight to speak about my master bedroom closet so I can link it to my first party.  Check out the link at the end of my post. 

When we built our house back in 1995 most people didn’t build extravagant closets as they do today.  We just had a standard builder’s grade closet.

A few years back, when we were repainting the bedroom, I decided we needed to make changes to our closet to improve storage and give it the more elegant feel that was becoming all the rage.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any before pictures, but you’ll get the idea when looking at the current pictures.

Originally, when you faced the closet from the bedroom, all you saw were three shelves that the builder put in and I wanted them a little more private for toiletries, etc. and more pleasing to the eye; so I asked John to build doors that would open upwards, to accommodate the space limitations. Once the doors were on, I added appliques to the front so we would have that nice hidden storage and it would be neat and clean. Finally, we painted and fauxed to give an aged effect.

Master Closet Shelves - After

The drawer cabinets underneath the shelves were plain wood pieces we had used in another room years back and we found that they fit perfectly under the “new” shelves to give an appearance of a custom piece. Again, and we primed, painted and fauxed to match the doors and the shelves so it would appear to be one piece.  I fauxed these with raw umber glaze.

Master Closet Drawer Below Shelves

The shelves that hold John’s shirts used to be a bookshelf so I primed, painted and got my raw umber glaze out and fauxed that as well so it would match the rest of the closet.  It gives the appearance of a custom addition to the space.

Converted Bookshelf to Closet Peice

We stained the poles Provence to make appear more elegant.  We also purchased metal brackets to hold the rods up instead of the plastic ones the builder gave us.

John and I decided to take it one step further and make shoe racks.  We purchased pieces of pine and proceeded to make boxes that would fit our shoes and we staggered them to give it a nice effect.  I hit them with a hammer and screwdriver to make them look old to go with style of the rest of the room and then we stained them Provence. The last thing I decided to do was change the builder grade light out for a small chandelier.  It also gives us better light.

"Her" Shoe Rack
"His" Shoe Rack
Shoe Racks
Closet Finale'

I hope you enjoyed sharing in our closet project…be sure to check out 

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  1. I’ve never used glaze, but it looks amazing….love the finish. I’m impressed with how you did this all yourself. I’d love o be so handy!

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