Love of Florentine

I have to confess, I have a love for Florentine, it’s beauty and sense of romance speak to my heart

A little background I found…Florentine crafts made in Florence, Italy are a centuries-old tradition maintained by several artisan guilds.  Florentine style, especially in items produced in from the mid-19th century onward, typically reflect a contemporary interpretation of Renaissance art and furnishings.  Popular items made in Florentine style include gilded leather, reproduction furniture, gilded decoupage plaques and triptychs and tables inlaid with marble and rare wood.  

In an effort to boost Florence’s economy, and promote its crafts to tourists, a museum of decorative arts opened in the Bargello in 1865.  This, in combination with Florence’s reputation in fine arts, led to rapid growth in demand for the craft products among tourists, particularly from England.

Florentine-style crafts have an ornate appearance, and are typically gold gilded, or have gold paint applied to resemble gilding.  Decoupage usually includes reproductions of well-known Classical Florentine art works, which may or may not be religious in nature.

Florentine-style crafts remain collectable today.  Florentine trays, frames, mirrors, boxes, plaques, candelabras and Florentine furniture, are incorporated into interior decorating in recent years and are magical. 

So, I have been incorporating some things into my decor; I have a beautiful candelabra and a collection of plaques ranging from medium to small sizes, I enjoy trying to use some of my smaller pieces differently.

Here, I decided to hang a small piece in the center of my boxwood wreath.


My candelabra sits on a small stack of antique books. When lit the glow of the Florentine is sheer beauty.  I added a piece of very old lace that was my grandmother’s as a bookmark, I think she would approve.


In other places I added small plaques to easels.  Dried rose buds makes this have a sense of more romance.    Another I added a small embellished crown.  


This small Florentine tray has blue accents adding a plaster ware bust, and dried chamomile buds reminds us spring isn’t far.


I have shared this piece a few times, the cherubs and roses on the corners add so much elegance and a sense of whimsy.  The delicate nature and soft hues of the dried hydrangea petals are perfect for spring.


Having a love for Lavender I grabbed this old frame filled with tiny sprigs.  How much prettiness does this add?


The scenic Florentine plaque is beautiful and I would love to find another. 

Do you enjoy Florentine?  Maybe this will make you look into adding some pieces to your home. 

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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

13 thoughts on “Love of Florentine

  1. Cindy I love all your Florentine decor pieces. The candelabra is gorgeous. So romantic and beautiful. Have a great week.

  2. Love the new look, Cindy and the post! You have such beautiful treasures and I always enjoy seeing how you display them!

  3. These are all so beautiful. I’ve always loved this style too but unfortunately have not come across a piece yet. Are you finding all these locally or buying them online?

  4. Such pretty pieces, Cindy. I can see why you love them. xo Laura

  5. Cindy these pieces are all gorgeous and I love the way you have everything displayed too. It all looks amazing. I’m so inspired to find some pieces of my own now. Thanks so much for sharing this! Hope you’re having the best weekend, CoCo

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