Kitchen Project on a Budget – “the bar area”

Happy Friday! Hope all is well.

As I continue our kitchen project journey with you, tonight I wanted to speak about the area in our kitchen opposite the kitchen table and closest to the family  room; we call it the “bar area” as it has a small wine rack above and we generally use it as a beverage staging area for gatherings.

Kitchen - Bar Area

This is where we store all of our glassware and unlike the rest of the kitchen, we have glass panels in the upper cabinets.

Kitchen - Glass Uppers

 I stained these cabinets as part of my overall cabinet update project that I discussed previously.  In this area I took a little different approach however, I hit these cabinets a bit with a screwdriver and a small hammer to age them before I did the stain treatment. It makes for a subtle difference (not sure if it can be seen in the photos) while giving the cabinets a wine room look. 

Kitchen - Aged Technique

I like what we did with bar because it gives a nice display of our glassware and espresso cups instead of just having it filled with knick-knacks like I did years ago, it is a better use of space and we use all of our glassware more often.

Kitchen - Bar Area

I also did this backsplash with the same techniques as the other backsplash.

Kitchen - Bar Area

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  1. This is such a great area! I love the glass doors to show off your pretty dishes and glasses. It is also a nice transition into the family room. Very useful for entertaining.

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