It’s A Shower Thing

A good friend of ours is starting a business and I wanted to share his product with you.  Checkout this super idea!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to this coming from the beach to your home? 


What a great way to get the dirt from gardening, landscaping and sweat off before entering  the house?

Imagine your dogs running around in the dirt, woods, your lake or beach?  Before they bring the outdoors to your clean home, a quick bath. 

Those Labrador’s, Golden Retrievers,  can be a big load to lift, not with this shower, worry no more, here’s an answer.

Shipping to the Tri-state area for now.  This could be a super idea for your outdoor living.




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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

5 thoughts on “It’s A Shower Thing

  1. Hi Cindy, this looks like a great idea. I can see a huge benefit for those living by the water and more. Best of luck to your friends business!!
    Have a great week. xo

  2. Oh my gosh! This is beautiful! Shortly after we bought the cabin we got an outdoor shower from Sundance catalog. Turns out we never used it. I think it’s much more practical for beach homes rather than lake homes. For sure if I had a beach home I would be getting this. I’m certain your friend will do well.


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