How My Style Evolved

Hello everyone, hope all is well!

How I discovered my passion?  I would like to say I had my style from a young age and have always dreamed of decorating; but I’m not.

When I was young I cared about cheerleading 24/7.  I actually wrote a small paper when I was ten how I was determined to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader,  no not a lie.

Life happened, I got married to the love of my life and began creating a home.

When we got married I thought I knew my style, notice I said thought.  I was 22 and I followed what my mom loved.

It was American country and I’m talking late 80’s early 90’s country. 

Think mauve, dusty blue, teal and ducks, getting a mental picture?

It was the thing and everyone in my family decorated this way.  I thought that was my style too.

Then, something happened,  I discovered HGTV and discovered Debbie Travis. I watched her every time her show was playing. 

She taught me how to paint furniture and to use tintable glaze adding raw umber or burnt umber.  She showed me how it was able to add dimension and age.


I learned so much by watching her movements with the glaze and listened very closely. 

During this time my husband and I discovered a place we loved to visit any chance we had to go.  Newport,  RI, we loved it there and would visit the Mansions. 

That’s when I discovered French decor and it was gilding, romantic and beautiful colors and fabrics. 


I knew I wanted to incorporate some of these aspects into our home but I didn’t want it to feel to stuffy.

By no means do I feel I’m a decorator but I can honestly say I choose what I absolutely love.  The thing I have been learning over the last few years is it takes patience to get the style the way I want our home.  I have had to remind myself often there is no right or wrong way, I have to decorate for our small family.


I will not be painting my walls different whites either.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the choice.  We have done that already 20 years ago, Atrium white and Dove White Benjamin Moore.

For our home now we enjoy soft color and I  have one dramatic color for the dining room.  I have been lightening this room slowly with pieces and new fabrics for chairs.

Most would think I would start small then I began painting furniture.   No not me, the first pieces I painted was our pine bedroom furniture.


From that moment I began painting furniture it became my passion and adding French touches began to happen.  When I started blogging at Cloches and Lavender is when I discovered chalk paint and wax.  This new method of painting took patience to learn.  I began small and grew more confident as I used the product.  I  have learned tricks and techniques applying the waxes since my first piece I painted.

The more comfortable I became I began adding layers of colors that blend beautifully.   I use different techniques now such as washes and dry brushing to achieve a layered look.

One thing I would hope you take from this post is don’t be afraid of paint.   Don’t be afraid to experiment with techniques you never tried before, it can be learned.   It’s  a process yes, but it is rewarding and brings beauty to pieces you may be tired of  and a new feel in your home.

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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

13 thoughts on “How My Style Evolved

  1. Your style has evolved so much even since you have been blogging and feeling better with your health. I love how you can re love a piece of furniture into a beautiful work of art. I always say if you surround yourself with what you love you never can be out of style or with the “in crowd”. I love that we can all surround ourselves with what we love and not follow trends anymore. I had the dusty mauve and blues when I started my married life like everyone else. It is so great we all find our style now. Happy New Week.

  2. You’re so tight about my health. I didn’t want to get into that part for this post. My health has improved so much I found my passion again. My mind and my soul are so happy and healthy. I’m telling you Kris this drug has put my MS MS almost back to the point where I began failing.

    I take nothing for granted with the mobility I have gotten back. It’s a gift that I won’t take advantage of, ever.

    It’s brought my creative side out in a big way. I am so happy I I don’t follow the masses. I almost began too.

    Have a great week!

  3. It’s fun to look back at where our styles started and where they are now. When I was young, I loved my mother’s trendy style and scoffed at my aunt’s braided rugs and country touches. Of course, when I look around now, I clearly lean more towards my aunt’s style…but definitely have my mom’s, too. Funny how we change. And I loved the early days of HGTV!!

  4. Cindy, I loved this post for so many reasons! First, I totally forgot about Debbie Travis, but like you, I loved her!! She did really inspire us, didn’t she? It is so fun to look at how our taste and style evolves…I finally realized I made my own FrenchGardenHouse home look like an updated version of my European grandparent’s home that I loved so much. A great post!

  5. Kim, I’m with you about HGTV during the earlier days. I enjoyed so many shows during that time. I watch a few shows but not like I used too. Stop with the real estate direction already.

  6. I can tell you love your style. Creating your style with every single piece you share with us. I love all the detailing you have and the techiques you have. Your home is so beautiful.

  7. Everything you have done in your home is beautiful. Thanks fo sharing how it all came about. xo Laura

  8. Such a great post, Cindy! I can relate in so many ways! I loved decor and pretty things from a young age, but as soon as jr high and high school started, I only cared about cheer and social life too. Once I got married, and started to make a home, I started to really discover my style!
    I love your style!! Your painted pieces always look amazzzzing! You have such great talent!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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