Homemade French Pot for the Porch

I decided it was time to make myself some pretty French pots.  These are on our front porch and are very large.

First, I gave these and nice wiping with a soft cloth and then lightly sanded them with a sanding sponge.  I like to do this to all the pots I design’ it gives it some tooth for the Gesso to grab onto.

This is the first pot with the image in reverse waiting for 24 hours to be rubbed VERY carefully off.


These take time as all my pots do.  It’s a process of dry brushing with Gesso in one direction in a random pattern.  After that is set, which doesn’t take but a moment, I go over the entire pot with a sanding sponge and wipe the dust off.

The pot below is the second image drying waiting to be exposed.


After the sanding and wiping are done I add another layer of Gesso and I use a very dry brush and go in a different direction.  Once set’ another sanding and wiping happens with more dry brushing of Gesso.  I repeat this step a third time to get the coverage and the texture of the terracotta exposure I am looking for, these are a labor of love. 

I have done these many ways and this is without a doubt my favorite and will be the way I do most of my pots, not all, for the most part.  It really gives the vintage look.


This is the first image.  Both pots received a coating of Artesian varnish to protect them from the elements.


This is the second image, aren’t they pretty?

The pot below I made many years ago now and I decided to move her outside.  One of my favorite images.

I made one of these for my step mom and she has been using it to plant in for maybe six seasons now.  Looks as good as the day I gave it to her.


Here are the pots on the porch filled with plants we did yesterday.  Yes, I said we, some of you know I have been on a new Biologic for my MS.  

Many things have improved and this is one of them. Last year’  I couldn’t walk from our garage to the front porch.  Well, this year I made it with the aid of my walker.  There may be a day in a year or so with the grace of God I may not need it because the strength I have now is amazing and I will go into that another time.




One mote close up of the images.



If these pots interest anyone contact me in the conversation section of my shop.  They will be more money do to the time and size.  Shipping may be more since they are heavy I need to ship through UPS.  These are worth it, they are stunning in person and I have many images I can use.

Last pot.


We haven’t finished the porch since these are still beautiful.  I can’t take them out.  They won’t last much longer since the temps are going up.

When everything is finished I will be back with more pictures.



Have a wonderful start to your week.  Working on more pots today to place on our deck.  This will happen very soon.  Stay tuned.

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13 thoughts on “Homemade French Pot for the Porch

  1. Hi Cindy, sure hope this works and you see my comment. Love your new pots and the larger styles for your porch are beautiful. Love seeing your process. All your blooms are so pretty. Have fun with those for your deck. xo

  2. Wow! So much work to create these pots but the finished product is really beautiful!

  3. Very nice. Looks pretty. Keep going with your creative self!!!!

  4. These pots are gorgeous. I especially like the ones with colour.

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