Glorious Thrifting Find!

Hello sweet friends, hope you are all doing well!  Today, I would like to share a glorious thrifting find!

Imagine a surprise looking on Instagram and your favorite thrifting spot posts a picture of a piece you know is hard to find?  Well, that happened and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Alabaster is a big find for French decorating and to find a piece thrifting is even more amazing.  I sent a DM to the thrift store and the owner told me to contact a woman that has a booth in her shop.


I had to jump to Facebook to contact her and immediately.  I knew I had moments to grab this because anything French in this store flies out the door.  I asked if it was still available and how much?


Ready, $15!  Now, to find this piece is big especially for the price.  The major reason I wanted this so badly is the bird.  Almost always, the birds are missing.  Not only is the bird attached, the size is amazing!  Notice in the picture above the blank marking where one of four birds would be.

I will be sharing where I am displaying this glorious find soon!!

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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

12 thoughts on “Glorious Thrifting Find!

  1. Beautiful, great find Cindy!! I love alabaster.. My shipping container has finally arrived from Ireland and I have a few alabaster pieces in it. I got mine from Egypt!!
    Something wonderful about alabaster!
    Your piece is exquisite!

  2. I love it and I have a smaller version in one of our bathrooms. When I saw the bird I jumped very rare!

    Enjoy seeing your treasures! Share your pieces too

  3. Oh Cindy what a find. I love the bird on there too. That is so great it was still attached. You are so right most of those kind of pieces the birds are broken off. I cannot wait to see how you display it. This little fun and special things make life a little easier don’t they? Glad you got some joy and were able to snatch this one up.

  4. Oh my goodness, such an amazing find!! I’ve been looking for an alabaster bird bath for years, and no luck! You totally scored!! Love it!!

  5. Wow, that is a beautiful piece! And a wonderful price, too.

  6. A very lovely piece, Cindy, and an awesome price too! Can’t wait to see how you display it!

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