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Hello everyone, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous in NJ. We were way overdue for some sunshine and nice temperatures.

Get ready, this isn’t an exaggeration, NJ has been stuck in a terrible weather pattern for two years! Yes, you read that right, two years of clouds and humid weather.

I have been pleasantly surprised and I’m sure I am not alone for NJ residents.

My plants have been growing well because of this and has made me love my plants and flowers again. The past two summers nothing grew right from the lack of sun and horrible humidity.

I wanted to pop on quickly this morning to share our front door basket. Those of you who follow Cloches and Lavender know I bought this door basket from Ballard for a great price, you also know I use it for every season filled with beautiful plants and greenery.

This summer I decided to fill it with these beauties and they are doing really well.  I love the color against the black door and can’t wait for them to trail more.


I will be sharing more of our flowers as they progress throughout the summer.

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19 thoughts on “Flower Basket

  1. Living in N.C. these past few years has been like Fla. Lots and lots of rain,and high temperatures. This spring has been very wet but temps have been cooler. The garden is loving it but me not so much. Being outside has been my solace during these difficult time and shut down. I have been running out to gather some blooms between the downpours and made some pretty arrangements. If I can’t be out in the garden I will bring the garden inside.🙂

  2. How pretty! Glad you weather is playing nice! It is rainy here all week.

  3. This is so pretty, Cindy! Glad you are getting nice weather!

  4. Glad you are seeing some of the beautiful summer weather. Finally!!!! We have had the same weather pattern too. Today though the temps are rising again and had to shut the windows and put the air on. It will be 90’s the rest of this week. Last week all week it was 70’s and gorgeous. Your flowers in the basket are gorgeous. They do look so pretty against your black door. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. What a fabulous front door, Cindy! I adore the color and the basket and the contrast. And I’m sure it looks wonderful in the sun!! Enjoy the weather.

  6. Love those beautiful flowers in that sweet basket! We have had lots of rain in Florida. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. That’s just gorgeous, Cindy. I love the basket – have to take a peek at Ballard and see what they’ve got. I’m loving the weather here (well, except for today!) – my flowers are doing amazing, also!

  8. Cindy, your little basket looks beautiful with these flowers in it! We were having lovely weather but the humidity rolled in… I DID find Nevada is looking pretty good during our travels. Close enough to my mother-in-law and friends and family in California but far enough away from crazy taxes. 🙂

    Enjoy your sweet basket and I hope your good weather continues all summer,
    Barb 🙂

  9. So pretty!! Love the basket and love those beautiful blooms! Yay for flower season!

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