Flatbread Friday

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well!

We usually have pizza Friday at our home.  It’s been a tradition of ours for 25 years.  Once in awhile we change it up and make a small flatbread.  I come up with different variations for the topping.  I enjoy working with different ingredients.

For this flatbread I used sausage not in the casing that was previously baked and browned in the oven.  I do it this way instead of frying as I did for many years, faster, less work, time and mess.

You may be saying this sausage looks like flat logs.  Well, when my hubby went to the store he bought Italian sausage already out of the casing.  He was supposed to buy Turkey sausage for a different recipe.  No way was this not getting used, it was two pounds.  So, I formed larger sausage links to use in my homemade tomato sauce and to use for flatbreads.


Funny, my hubby never gets it wrong must have not had coffee yet, ha, ha.

Besides sausage this has Baby Bella mushrooms sliced and sautéed with two smashed garlic gloves, salt, pepper and a bit of dried Italian seasoning for flavor.  I opted for Baby Bella because I like their flavor more than white mushrooms.  I allow the garlic to infuse the olive oil making sure the cloves get slightly brown.  Not too much or the taste will become bitter.


Once the mushrooms are browned I add sundried tomatoes that come dried in a bag.  I cut them in pieces to make them bite size with a scissors designated for food.  I add them to the mushrooms to soften and add flavor.  My garlic is resting with the mushrooms and are ready to warm.


I then add two tablespoons sundried tomato pesto.  I normally make this fresh but I used what I had on hand, this added another layer of flavor.  After giving it a stir to mix together I added the small chopped sausage and reduced the heat to simmer for five minutes to allow the flavors to come together.


I grated fresh Gouda, I enjoy using gouda because it melts very well.  Fontina or provolone grated would work well for this too.  If you would like mozzarella that’s not a problem.  Make sure it isn’t packed in water it will make this mushy.


While I am  doing this I have the oven preheated at 450 with our pizza stone.  Key with making this and homemade pizza is having a hot oven.  If you don’t have a stone a baking sheet will work fine.  Depending on your oven you may want to cook it a minute or two longer.

We purchase homemade dough that are flatbread size from a restaurant he frequents in NYC.  you can purchase fresh dough from a Pizzeria or make your own.  If you purchase regular size dough I suggest cutting the dough in half.  Wrap in Press and Seal, place in air tight zip bag and freeze for another time.

I will post more of these and homemade stuffed breads soon!

Once the ingredients are combined and cool to the touch, we don'[t want burned finger tips John flattens and stretches the dough.

The ingredients are sprinkled on and the cheese is also sprinkled on top.  This is baked for seven minutes.

20200131_184549Doesn’t this look delicious?   Believe me it is and I hope you give this a try! 

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19 thoughts on “Flatbread Friday

  1. Looks and sounds AMAZING, Cindy! I LOVE sundried tomatoes and baby Bellas are hubby’s favorite so this will be perfect for us! So fun that you have a pizza night! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. This looks so good, Cindy! You are such a good cook. I haven’t made pizza in a really long time, we usually order in. We have amazing pizza in our neck of the woods and I’m not a great cook! 😉

  3. Oh my, this looks delicious! I have never made a flatbread at home, only pizza. We love flatbreads, this will be one I am going to try for sure!

  4. This looks and sounds delicious, Cindy! I love these kinds of meals. Quick, easy, and filling. I hope you’re doing well! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.

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