Dining Room Changes

Rain has been the weather of the week here in Northern New Jersey.  Someone needs to tell Mother Nature one day a week of sun is not enough for the humans, pups and flowers in this home. 

We will survive but it’s depressing and I would like to enjoy our deck my hubby worked hard to make pretty. HERE

Let’s talk dining room changes and improvements.  When we were building and choosing paint colors I knew I wanted one dramatic room of color.  This room was it but I forgot how dark our window treatments were.  The build took a year because of harsh winter conditions so  clearly I wasn’t thinking.


I lived with the window treatments for a few years not realizing what the issue was with this room.

We were dealing with more important issues at the time, my MS.  Top priority for us all the time.


Fast forward flour years and many positive things happened with my illness.  Without getting into to much detail, my MS was going downhill after almost 20 years.

Decorating and painting furniture which I love was not a priority or on my mind.  Then a few years ago a new biologic was approved quickly by the FDA for MS.

This was called the gamechanger in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  Trying to be patient waiting was excruciating but was and is a blessing.  Gamechanger is the absolute call for this biologic at least for me.


My health has improved so much I sometimes feel as though I am dreaming.  Am I, NO, decorating and my passion for painting are back.

Finally, looking in the room with new perspective I asked, Why would I choose this wall color with dark window treatments, it looks like a cave.  Admit it, it’s okay, it was going through your mind after the first picture.

I also remember our old dining room was Bleeker Beige Benjamin Moore, hence the darker window treatments.

I digress for a second, stay tuned for an upcoming DIY on the door pictured.


Loving this color and knowing it wasn’t going anywhere the clear choice was lightening up the window treatments.  As you can see the curtains were one of the game changers for this room not to mention more with my style.

The rug also went to a new home, hubbies office.  We love the rug in the first picture but it was to small and also not the look we wanted. I will get back to that in a few minutes.


Isn’t this antique French crate amazing?  I love it and will be a staple on our dining room table.  It’s filled with mason jars I had and beautiful white roses.

Think about this piece with dried Limelights in fall and/or spring.  Christmas filled with greens and/or bottle brush trees which I adore.

The age and patina on this piece shows which makes it that much better.  Think of the stories it could tell.  Think of families using it over many generations for different items.  True beauty of an antique piece is the history, age and patina.


Notice the markings on this side.

I love a topiary in French décor.  There’s a bit of formality and rustic all at once.


I made these topiaries a while ago and changed the vessels they were in to these pots with a treatment to give them an aged feel.  If you would enjoy a tutorial let me know in the comments and I will give one easy and quite relaxing.




We bought this rug from Esale Rugs link HERE  the sale price with free shipping could not be beat.  When we saw the price with the sale we thought we were imagining things.  Come July 4th weekend I am sure they will have another sale.


This small table I recently repainted and glazed and will touch base on this in another post soon.


Ignore the outlet, it’s life and with still using a walker not safe for narrow walking.


The urn below was a Ballard purchase a very long time ago.  I did the treatment on this and will touch base on that with the table soon.





The frame I painted and added some gilding with a plate that was my grandmother’s’

Love the piece beneath with a boxwood wreath.  Who doesn’t love boxwood?


A Paris sign adds a bit of flare.


Love the basket filled with greens and roses to add texture and tie in with the centerpiece.  I have a thing for crowns.  Anyone spy the small one in the antique tureen?


Another look.



Hope you enjoyed this post and check the links I added.  Hopefully the weather is going to be as glorious as predicted this weekend, fingers crossed.


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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

23 thoughts on “Dining Room Changes

  1. You have such a stunning dining room, so spacious and what great choices you’ve made. I’m particularly drawn to the gorgeous centerpiece which, as you mentioned, is so versatile for the different seasons.

    So glad you’re feeling better :).


  2. Your dining room is beautiful. I cannot wait to see what you do with the door. I love the french centerpiece with the white flowers so pretty. I am just beyond happy for you that you are in remission and feeling so much better on the new medications. Hugs to Peanut and Reeses from Buddy.

  3. Hi Kris thanks for taking time to pop over. I know things must be crazy with the selling and moving.

    The changes are absolutely mind blowing. I saw improvement from the beginning but after every infusion I get better and stronger. Things I’m doing is beyond what I thought.

    Hugs to Buddy from Reeses and Peanut

  4. First and most importantly, I’m so happy to read that you continue to do well health-wise! Second, love the new curtains and rug – the lighter palette really shows off your beautiful dining room. Third – enough rain already!

  5. Wow!! Now that is a room! I love all the changes, they really lighten it up. It’s wonderful to hear that you are feeling so well. It’s terrible when you’re suffering. Enjoy that room until you can get back on the deck. Ugh…rain here, too…and I’m tired of it!

  6. I hear you with the rain. Second spring NJ has had rain and clouds.

    It’s truly been amazing with my health. I don’t take any of for granted.

    Fingers crossed for the w

  7. I have a long dining room table, and I think the way you’ve done the runners on yours will help with mine! Thanks for that idea! I also love the metal Paris sign. Everything looks simply lovely!

    Cottage Blessings,

  8. Thanks Linda the improvements have been amazing and we are so happy.

    I love the crate too. From esty edithandevelynvintage. From France I couldn’t resist

  9. The dining room looks so much brighter now.

    I had no idea that there were such break throughs in MS treatments. How wonderful to have your life back

  10. This biologic has made so many improvements I feel like I am dreaming. Embracing every second.

    The dining room had to be lightened. Noe I love it one more tweak.

    Looking forward to reading more about your trip to Paris. Don’t leave anything out.

  11. I LOVE your new molding to frame post but I couldn’t see how to leave a comment. LOL What a wonderful dining room you have.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Wow! Those curtains and the new rug made such a difference in the overall space. Much brighter. I love the topiaries and have been meaning to make some for quite a while but for some reason I just haven’t. I’m not quite sure why? Keep up the great work, Cindy. You have a real talent for painting and glazing techniques. It’s all very lovely.

  13. Thanks Tara I love painting furniture I find it very relaxing.

    Making a topiary is fun but a messy project.

    So happy I lightened things up. Don’t know how I didn’t realize it from the get go

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