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Welcome to Dachshund Drive!


When building our home five years ago we knew we were moving back to where it would be safe and time for Reeses and Peanut to know what it was like to be dogs.

Although we are only 15 minutes further from our old home it is much lower known as the valley.  Previously we lived in the second highest point in NJ.  NJ doesn’t have a lot of mountain area but where we lived was considered the mountain.  This was not exactly a safe place to let small dogs run free and play.  Hawks and black bear were very common and in our yard a daily event.  This made them unsafe and me having MS wasn’t easy either.  The ground was very rocky and not easy for me to walk around at the time.

Where we live now is flat as a penny so John and I decided it was worth the investment to build them their own area.  Being Dachshund they don’t require a ton of area so we didn’t have to fence in our entire yard besides the fact it would have cost a fortune.

What built was this:


Dachshund Drive and as you can see this by no means is small especially for them to run and play.  This had to be raised to make it even with our back doors and deck.  

The grass is beautiful in here isn’t it?   Well, it isn’t real grass.  Say what?  It’s grass often used for putting greens and recreational areas in northern NJ.  Our landscapers worked with John and the builder for a design.  Our landscapers have done this in many areas of northern NJ.


Some of our friends and neighbors have asked if the grass area smells from urine and the answer is No!  There is gravel and sand beneath that absorbs the odor.  The rain also helps to wash residue away and there is a bleach and water combination the landscapers can use if needed.  In five years we have never needed it to be cleaned.


Dachshund have short legs and our girl Peanut has very short legs.  Being that we didn’t want her to have issues John wanted to design the steps especially for her.  We even showed our vet and he was very pleased for her safety.

After a few years of living here I mentioned to John how great it would be to take the rail off the side of the deck so they can play and run up to us on the deck if they chose too.   John took the rail off.


Again, keeping Peanut in mind he built steps to suit here body to make it safe.  Reeses has a much different body even though they are twin brother and sister.  He’s like a deer when he leaps.  Reeses’s tail is making an appearance here.

This was a great idea because the deck is the first place they hop to after doing their business to sniff and be very nosey with the flowers  during the summer.

We say hands down this is the best money we have spent on this home.  Opening the door and letting them out can’t be any easier.  They have so much freedom.  They chase each other everyday like maniacs up the deck down to their run and then continue into the house.  How they never hit furniture is beyond us.  Don’t be fooled by their little legs they are fast.


Winter is easy cleanup too.  John shovels if it is deep snow but if not he takes his push broom and sweeps.  The sun comes out and hits the grass and the warmth of the sun on the grass makes it spotless.

If you have the ability to do this I would say the money is worth every cent.  In the first season we got our moneys worth and it is perfect for smaller dogs.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Reeses and Peanut’s playground.

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24 thoughts on “Dachshund Drive

  1. This is such a smart idea! We had a dachshund for 16 years and we experienced the back troubles that they often have. Your area will keep them safe from other animals but also make it less likely that they hurt themselves. I like it!

  2. Too stinking cute!!! We have two SLH deoxies ~ one of whom is named ‘Peanut’!!
    Are yours minis or standards?
    Where did you get your sign from?? We have a sign (a square up on one corner) that has an outline of a LH, that says “Dachshund Crossing”

  3. What a great place for the pups to play! Great idea!

  4. I hope you don’t get my comment twice, it told me it was duplicate content, but I don’t see it so here goes! I love it, you guys are the best pet owners taking your pups’ comfort and needs into consideration. It looks wonderful!

  5. Thank you Kim we love our babies. Friends and family say they want to come back in life and be our dog. We can’t help ourselves they’re adorable and soooo good

  6. What a great area for your little pups! And the stair steps were very thoughtful, too! I bet your pets feel very loved! Always blessed to see you at TTA!

  7. What a cute play area for your sweet fur babies. They will love it. The faux grass looks great. We have to keep them safe. Thank you for your sweet visit.

  8. I will be a regular. Thanks for visiting back. They’re definitely our babies. They’re so good not to mention adorable it’s a mo brainer.

    Hope your improving and you are in my thoughts.


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