Christmas and Inspector

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  John and I were sick, bummer but we made the best of the situation.  We had slices of fresh cooked turkey from the market.  I put chicken stock in stuffing cubes added a bit of butter on top and placed in the oven.  I knew we had cranberry sauce in the refrigerator.  Once fall arrives it’s always here for us to use so we made “after Thanksgiving sandwiches” and snuggled with our babies.

Not the plan but sometimes you have to take lemons and make lemonade, right?

A couple of days later we were feeling better and we began decorating for Christmas. 

Okay, I can’t lie, since we were supposed to go to family for Thanksgiving I told John, I was going to start decorating for Christmas the weekend before the holiday.  I couldn’t help myself.


This is my inspector Reeses .  He loves Christmas with all the boxes.  He smells every item as I take them out of the boxes.  He is adorable during this process. 

During the week I was taking pieces out and every time he heard movement he would run like a deer to see and smell. By the end of everyday he was exhausted.

We say Reeses is the toddler and his sister Peanut is the infant.


This year I wanted to be finished early so we are able to enjoy every moment of the season.  It goes by so quickly and I want to enjoy baking with less pressure.

This buffet is on the back wall is in our great room.  I have painted it a couple of times.



The candle holders you see in the photos I recently made from old buffet lamps.  Loved the pieces however, I never turned the lamps on but I saved the bases.




The mirror over the buffet also received a recent update.  It used to be grey and I didn’t like the look with the color of the buffet and the rest of the colors going on in the room. 

I have promised to show changes that have taken place in this room.

So, what did I do to change this mirror?  Well, I used a combination of raw and burnt umber on the base.  I layered two very light coats of ASCP Chateau Grey and waited until just dry.  Using a damp rag I removed the paint in places I wanted a worn appearance.  I’m thrilled with how everything works together.




So, what was done to candle holders?  John took the wiring out and I needed to add a flat base for items to sit.  I had three inch flower pot bottoms in my office so John drilled wholes in the center and used a small screw to attach to the top.


Before I painted


Above you can see how wonderful they turned out.  I painted both in ASCP in French Linen and instead of gilding wax I decided to use white wax.  Below are close ups of the white wax.



I love the way the wax is soft and looks with French Linen.  You can see the details on these and understand why I couldn’t part with them.

This year I went with many bottle brush trees.  Most I have had for quite a while.  I am a big fan of champagne and white.  Below in my antique Jardinière I used greens with champagne bottle brush trees, pine cones and for a bit of whimsy I added a rusted crown. 


Gilded artichokes I have had for years are a favorite of mine and are perfect for this spot and the deer add pretty accents.




I will end with these to loves and beauties of ours. Pretend John isn’t standing there in his shorts it was early evening. Their stockings will be filled with toys for Christmas .  Shhh, don’t tell them.


Hoping you are beginning to enjoy this wonderful time of year


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11 thoughts on “Christmas and Inspector

  1. Hi Cindy. OMG I love Reeses trying to be helpful and make sure all the Christmas Decorations are good to use!!! Too cute. Buddy is my inspector general of operation Christmas here at my house too. He is so curious and has to smell everything too. Must be a doxie thing!!! The Jardinière with the bottle brush trees is gorgeous I really love that. Love see the two fur babies on their Wally Beds too. Have fun decorating.

  2. Love what you did with the mirror! Those pups of yours are adorable and I like their stockings. Glad you’re both feeling better. This busy season is not a great time to be down with something. Take care, Cindy!

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your decorating looks wonderful.

  4. Cindy you did a wonderful job transforming these treasures and your mirror is beautiful. Your home is decorated so perfectly for Christmas. Your little loves are adorable. Happy December.

  5. Just catching up on my blog reading – sorry to read that you were under the weather for Thanksgiving, but sounds like you made the best of it. The candlesticks are terrific, and the artichokes are perfect on top. But the last picture of the pups is the best. Seems to me they know to look forward to their Christmas stocking!

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