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Hello everyone hope you’re all had a great weekend!

I have had this door in our dining room since we moved into this house.  I have been wanting to make it lighter and decided last week to get her done. 

Before I did that I decided a while ago to make the mirror have a mercury glass look with a French stencil.  I looked on Pinterest to get the steps I needed to achieve the mercury glass look.  There are many different tutorials on how this is done.

Do this step outside, it’s smelly and can be messy.  I’m not going to lie here, the first shot with this didn’t work, we took too much of the backing off.  What to do, you look on Pinterest for ways to make a piece off glass have a mercury glass look.

I apologize I didn’t take before, during and after of this project but it was before my infusion drug and I was working with a hope and prayer, only pictures I have.


In Our Garage


Stencil in Reverse

Those of you who have been following me know I love to paint furniture, it’s a passion of mine.

I take time to plan the color and look I’m wanting to achieve for a piece.  For this projecte I wanted a soft blue tone. I’m beginning to add more soft French blues to our dining room, I’m a fan of blue and tans together.


French Linen

The original color I painted the door is ASCP French Linen.  I decided to use the color to my advantage.  I made sure not to cover every spot of the color of French Linen.  I thought having bits and pieces peeking out would add texture. 



Duck Egg Blue

Once dry overnight, I grabbed ASCP Old White and gave the door a quick wash.  Instead of mixing the paint with water as I usually do I chose to spray with water once I did a stoke of Old White to make the paint moveable.   I did this step strategically so the French Linen was visible.


After drying overnight again, I did a dry brushing of ASCP Country Grey.  When dry brushing I find it best to use an .89 cheap chip brush. I have many in my stash that are broken in to use for dry brushing.  Fore dry brusing barely any paint should be one the very tip of the bristles.  



Country Grey Dry Brush Before Wax

I like dry brushing pieces sometimes for texture, for me, it gives a piece that layered look.  The trick is to use very, very little paint and work the color in areas a little at a time to show texture.  Paint can always be added after you stand back and take a look..  I feel it makes the piece more interesting.  I’m not one to do this to furniture I normally save it for accessories and accent pieces.

Once I felt finished with the dry brushing it was time to wax.  For this project I was again very strategic with wax. I made sure to clear wax the entire door.  After this step was cured I moved to a Maison Blanche light brown wax.  I didn’t t want the door to get to heavy looking with dark wax.  When waxing with the light brown wax I used a stencil brush for the process.  Why, I wanted the wax on the edges and over the Country Grey.  The other spot I wanted a touch was the French Linen that was exposed.  Why, to accentuate the color to add depth, hope that makes sense. 




After attaching the metal gate I thought a small boxwood wreath with simple burlap ribbon would be a perfect finishing touch! 


What do you think? 

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16 thoughts on “Door Makeover

  1. Bravo!!! This is so gorgeous. I am so happy to see someone like me that can see the beauty in an old door or window and re love it so beautifully. Your paint technique made this so gorgeous. Love Love Love this. Great job Cindy. Have a great week.

  2. Love doors, don’t have room for more but I made this what I love. Now that we found a great thrifting spot we find treasures that need love.

    Working on one this week.

    Say woof, wood to Buddy from his fellow and lady doxies

  3. Your door is absolutely GORGEOUS, Cindy! I love the colors you chose and great job on the paint techniques! It looks perfectly aged and perfectly lovely in your home!

  4. Wow Cindy! You did an amazing job, and I really like how the stencil added such charm!!! It is a beautiful piece that you’ve created!

  5. Wow – that’s lovely! You did a great job with all the layers – it’s perfect! 💙 I hope you’re feeling ok from the infusion. Those can be pretty tough, and for you to be doing something like this is really a testament to your strength and creativity! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love that door and what you did to it is absolutely amazing. It’s a focal piece for sure.

  7. You did an amazing job! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s, you are being featured tomorrow evening on my blog!

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