A Surprise

Many of you know and love Kris from Junk Chic Cottage.  She’s very kind and a caring person. 

If you don’t know Kris definitely visit her blog to see her Cottage she recently moved to with her wonderful husband Terry and a fellow Dachshund lover of handsome Buddy.  Her home is beautiful.  

She recently wrote a post about the Act of Kindness and we were asked to tell a story about our Act of Kindness and these adorable pieces arrived a few days ago.


Isn’t it adorable? I know the pup is, that is Reeses, we call him the inspector.  Every piece that comes in the house has to be sniffed and verified with his approval.

The bird is one of three Kris sent.  I haven’t shown my kitchen decorated for Christmas so I don’t want to give too much away.  

Thank you Kris for being the person that you are and I’m so happy I met a wonderful friend in Blogland.

Hope you come back to see the reveal of my Christmas kitchen and dining room.



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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

12 thoughts on “A Surprise

  1. Awwww Cindy you are so welcome. This is so funny how Reeses is the inspector Buddy is exactly the same way. Must be a male thing with dachshunds! So happy your birds made it to you and I was touched by your acts of kindness and John’s so enjoy your sweet little birds all dressed for winter.

  2. Kris is such a lovely person. Glad the birds passed the smell test. xo Laura

  3. I’ve always said that blogland is so full of wonderful people who support each other and your post Cindy just proved my point. Kris is so wonderful to send these gifts to you.

  4. Kris is a wonderful and kind person. I can’t wait to see the birds in your decor!

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