A Kitchen Table Fail Turns Out Great!

Hello everyone, fair warning this is a LONG post.  In the end, I it is worth seeing and reading this story.

Let’s get started, the plan, to take our kitchen table that you see below and sand it to the bare wood and stain dark walnut and give it an oil rubbed look.  We did this technique to our dining room table years ago and oil is an old technique and gives the wood beauty and strength.



The table sanded, my handyman hubby John did this process for me.


Next step, stain with dark walnut, this is where the fail comes into play. 

See the lines going across the table?  They were horrible, not what I expected at all since this table is from Ballard.  I assumed the entire table would be wood. 

Well, that wasn’t the case the top was veneer.  At this point, I was not a happy women.   I have to admit I panicked a bit.

This was not acceptable to me and I’m thinking OMG we ruined our table! 

Next, I said okay, it’s done now I  have to figure out how to recover.


I realized the solution was going to have to be chalk paint. 

Now people don’t get all annoyed that this was the choice, to me there was NO other choice. 

I asked John to go grab the graphite ASCP and spray the table.  This needed to be sprayed because there was no way I could paint this table by hand. 


After seeing the table painted, I said okay, I can recover from this? 

What did I decide next, layer, layer and layer.  This was not a quick solution but heck I didn’t care I was going to make this work.  After all, what choice did I have?

I went and got many quarts I already had on hand.  The colors, French Linen, Old Ochre, Chocolate Masion Blanche and Paris Grey.


I chose not to take photos of each step because this post would have been a week-long, HA, HA.  The photo above is after a wash of Paris Grey and French Linen was done.  I waited many hours in between washes to really let them set, important step.

This next photo will show some minimal chocolate .


This is when this project really began to take shape. 

There was no sanding since the table had been sprayed, so what did I do?  I took my paint brush and dipped it in water then dipped a small amount of chocolate paint adding it in sections followed by rubbing the paint until I was happy with the look.

The edges I used the dry brush method. 


I took the time to go over every edge with the dry brush technique.   I did this by dabbing my brush in the choclate paint then rubbing it on a rag until barely any paint was showing.  This gives the appearance of wood peeking through.  This took time but so worth it in the end. 


The edge on the other side of the table.




I added a little extra to all four corners to have a nice effect of wood showing.

I added small dabs here and there of the Old Ochre by dipping the brush into water using the smallest amount of paint to add some lightness to the top. 

This by NO means is a quick process.  This job took all weekend because when using washes you really need to wait for each to dry all the way or you will wash it off or it will have a muddy  look.

To finish the table John added three coats of chalk paint flat varnish for great protection since this is a kitchen table.

Now, let’s move to the base.


I knew I didn’t want the base and the top to match. I wanted the table to appear as if it was found separately. 

I first washed the creases with the Masion Blanch chocolate paint adding a decent amount.  I followed with washing the whole bottom with more on the flat parts to give the illusion of feet wear and tear so to speak.                                        


Next step, Paris Grey and dry brush the rest.



Close up of the base in our kitchen.  Notice the brown wash being heavier in some areas than others?





This is where this will make sense.  You may remember the cabinets we chose were wood and we have hardwood floors in the entire house.  NOTE:  floors stained dark walnut, see where I am going with this?


Yes, the Mistake turned out to be a GREAT one so, sometimes things workout the way they should for the BETTTER.

Many of you may remember these candle holders I painted for the table a while back.  They  needed a refresh to flow better with the table.  So, I used gray and burnt umber craft paint to dry bush.



Very fast technique with BIG impact!




The table dressed for fall.


A box I made using a French  graphic from Graphic Fairy’s.  I did a reverse transfer method with my favorite Mod Podge method.

Notice my STRONG love of acorns.






A large wooden acorn from Home Goods a purchase made years ago.



Sorry for the dim photo, this was taken when it got cloudy.


I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for sticking it out for a long one. 

Enjoy the beginning of your week.

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27 thoughts on “A Kitchen Table Fail Turns Out Great!

  1. You definitely saved that table, Cindy! All of the layers of paint really worked out well. I’d have been in tears if I thought I ruined a kitchen table, but you hung in there and really made it work! Beautiful!

  2. Great job on the table, Cindy! A lot of hard work and love went into it and it was such a success. Love your box of pumpkins and acorns too. Your valance also caught my eye because I adore toile! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.


  3. Hi Cindy, WOW you did an amazing job saving this table. I love it and the finish color is beautiful. Your table display is so fall beautiful too. You just have the eye for great detail my friend. Always an inspiration. Have a great week. xo

  4. It’s always amazing how great paint works! I love painted furniture for that reason. I love the new look of your table. Your Fall centerpiece is pretty too. Looks like you’ve found many areas that paint can make a difference!

  5. Sorry you had to go through the stress of thinking your table was ruined but the end result is stunning! Love the new look and love your centerpiece. You really are talented and know your paint!

  6. That was touch and go for a while! It looks amazing! It really pays to take the time to add extra detail.

    (I love acorns too. They’re so freakin cute).


  7. It does pa y off. I have tons of acorns that are fresh from the old house. We sprayed them with poly to preserve. I love those little things. Got the addiction from Audrey

  8. Oh Cindy, what an ordeal, but the transformation of your table is so beautiful!!!! I’m also swooning over the redo of your candlesticks…how perfect they look with the tray on your table. I’m in love with he box covers with the graphic and that oversized acorn. What a beautiful vignette you’ve created for Fall. ❤️

  9. Cindy, you have such amazing talent with painting! A big job, but it turned out beautifully!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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