How to use Dried Oranges in Seasonal Decor

Christmas in July continues! Today I’m sharing how to use dried oranges in seasonal décor. By the way, I have a great post HERE.

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Dried oranges for seasonal décor as an example, fall  and the upcoming holidays seems a perfect marriage.  It reminds me of slower times and nature and coupling dried citrus with spices such as clove adds instant warmth for the cooler seasons.

Even though the temperature is 90 and very humid after July 4th I can’t help but begin thinking about the months to come.  As a rule, I don’t enjoy rushing through the seasons, life is too short.  However, when the weather is too hot to sit outdoors, I’m at the point of yearning for the cool days ahead.  Truthfully, it’s my favorite time of the year.  So, since it’s the end of Christmas in July, sharing how to use dried oranges in seasonal décor seems fitting.

Let me share links so you can catch up with what has been shared over the last week.

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HERE another great idea that you will be able to use in many different ways throughout the Christmas season.

HERE is something that is so easy but is gorgeous.

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So, since I am having Christmas in July, I think it’s a great time to share how to use dried oranges in seasonal décor.

Dried Citrus In Seasonal Décor

First, I think I will share how I have used dried orange slices during the fall months.  They are particularly pretty with acorns and dried hydrangeas.

The pairing of the dried orange slices with the hydrangeas also may be unexpected.

Dried orange slices with dried hydrangeas
Dried citrus slices with acorns
Close up of dried orange slices and acorns

By the way, my Limelight hydrangeas are budding and I am so excited.  This is also exciting because I enjoy drying as many as I can every season.

By the way, here is an example of how pretty this dried citrus slices looks during the fall season.  

Using It For Christmas Décor

Dried oranges are also perfect for Christmas.  There are many ways to use these.

Some examples for using dried oranges for the holiday season:

First, how about a dried fruit garland.  Here you can see dried whole oranges.  Also you will notice dried apple and per slices as well as chestnuts.

Dried fruit garland with houses and bottle brush trees

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Continuing With How To Use Dried Oranges in Seasonal Décor

Now let’s see how to use dried oranges in seasonal décor. Dried citrus can add a festive and natural feel to your décor especially during the upcoming seasons.

Dehydrated clementine mixed with greens and pinecones.

For example adding dried oranges to the evergreens in this centerpiece adds the perfect amount of color. Also the pinecones add another layer of texture. Here you can also see adding small birch logs to this arrangement with dried oranges adds more interest.

Also, the elegance of the Jardinière and it’s age work well with these natural elements.

Close up of a Jardinière filled with greens and dried oranges, and pine cones
Close up of a small crown and and on top of the greens

Also adding a lace studded crown to this seasonal arrangement adds an elegant look to the rustic dried oranges and pinecones.

An orange with greens and pine cones

I particularly liked adding whole dried oranges last year to our garland on our mantel. I like it so much I may think about doing again with a different twist.

Lastly, here is an example of dried oranges in an thrifted tureen bottom with pinecones and a jingle bell wreath.

A bowl holding dried orange slices and pine cones.

Dried oranges are very easy to make as you will see when you read HERE.  However, if you would rather buy them you can purchase them HERE.


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I hope you are enjoyed Christmas in July and enjoyed the posts and crafts in this series.

Pin for Pinterest showing four examples of dehydrated fruit for seasonal décor

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