DIY Wood Christmas Tags

Hello everyone, I’m sharing DIY Wood Christmas tags today and they were a fun project to create.

Today is the first Wednesday of the month and that means it’s DIY Challenge day hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip and this month’s theme is anything Christmas.  Here’s the catch everything already had to be purchased for the challenge.

If you are coming here from visiting Terrie welcome.  Isn’t Terrie always creative?

Luckily, I purchased everything I needed for my projects before the challenge was decided. So, I gave it some thought and chose my DIY Wood Christmas Tags.

Supplies for DIY Christmas Tags

  • 1/4″ craft board from Lowes
  • Chop saw
  • 220 grit sanding sponge
  • Drill and drill bit
  • ASCP Old white chalk paint or paint of your choice
  • Light brown wax
  • Grey craft paint or color of your choice
  • Grain Sack Stencils
  • Washers
  • Scissors
  • White vinegar, peroxide and table salt
  • Small plastic container or large strong plastic cup
  • Twine
  • Images

Let’s Begin Making the Tags

Before we begin, full disclosure my John does the measuring and cutting. This girl wants nothing to do with power tools. I design it, he builds it and I make pieces pretty.

I have seen these tags many times on Pinterest but I didn’t want them to be large. So, after thinking a bit, I decided small tags would be better suited for my needs.

Incidentally, these would look cute hanging from a package as a gift tag. They would also make great ornaments hanging from a smaller Christmas tree or scattered in a piece of ironstone.

John cut the tags the length I wanted and then cut the edges to form a tag shape using his chop saw.

After cutting the tags he also drilled holes that were as wide as the inside of a small washer.

Next, I took over, using a 220 grit sanding sponge I sanded the edge of the tags.

So then, I painted the tags with two coats of ASCP Old white chalk paint. Drying in between each coat.

Excuse the working space and pictures. My office was getting repainted during this part of me creating and the lighting wasn’t great that day.

An Experiment to Create Rusted Washers

In the meantime, I tried an experiment and mixed white vinegar, peroxide and table salt in a small plastic container. Not wanting shiny washers, I looked online in search for making metal rusty. Many suggested mixing these ingredients together. None had any information of quantity so I went with a little of this and a little of that and waited to see what happened.

As a result, the washers turned black not what I wanted. All of a sudden a lightbulb moment happened, air is what I needed. Yes good old air, to get the concoction to work and sure enough an hour later the solution looked like this. The directions I found online didn’t mention the air part of the equation.

After waiting a while I took the washers out and folded paper towels and let them dry. The washers got even better, look.

Lastly, I added a coat of Artisan Enhancement adding more depth to the rusted washers.

What I Did While Waiting for the Washers to Dry

By the way, while waiting I began stenciling the DIY wood Christmas tags with grey craft paint using the Grain sack stencil.

You can find the grain sack stencil in this post  I share a simple Christmas DIY you may feel inspired to try.

After stenciling using my sanding sponge I sanded the stencil to give it an aged appearance. Namely I do this to add character.

Afterward, I used E6000 to attach the rusted washers to each tag. This added even more character to my DIY wood Christmas tags.

So, I noticed my E6000 tube had no nasal. I had to improvise using a wooden stick.

Next, using my my light brown wax  I applied a coat and rubbed with a rag adding more character.

Knowing I didn’t want to stencil I began looking on Etsy for French Christmas image downloads.    Etsy has beautiful images and they are inexpensive and the shops send them in reverse as well as an example this shop is great and is my third visit.

Using paper we had which is thick like cardstock I printed my images thumbprint size. Also using Mod Podge I had in my office I added them to each tag.

Deciding the Images Placement

A Tip After Images are Applied

As a result of using reverse imaging on pieces I created, I learned a trick and here’s a tip.

Once your image is dry apply a light coat of ASCP clear wax and your image whether color or black and white will intensify. It’s worth the step and cost of the wax to have a beautifully finished product.

Lastly, add your string to give these the finished tag look and use in many different ways I suggested and enjoy!

Now hop over to see Tammy at Paint and Patina and see her gorgeous Advent Calendar.

Do you have projects in the works? I’d love for you to let me know in your comment.


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