Painting Elegant Pumpkins Tutorials

Happy October, today I’m sharing painting elegant pumpkins tutorials with you.

Today is our DIY Challenge hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip,

If you are coming from Jodi’s she’s very creative.

This month’s challenge is anything pumpkins so, I think these tutorials are fun especially because this time of year it’s all about pumpkins, right?

I purchased these pumpkins at the end of fall last year which is a great time to for deals. I’m sure you can find one at any craft store especially now.

Let’s begin shall we?

Items Needed

  • White fake pumpkin size of your choice
  • Jolie antique white paint or any chalk paint of your choice
  • Chip Brush
  • Thin artist brush
  • Light

Elegant Painting Pumpkins Tutorials Larger Pumpkin

The larger pumpkin, it doesn’t have a realistic paint treatment at all, so I lightly added Jolie Vintage white paint. After drying I used a stipple technique to add some texture using the same color. Stippling also adds a realistic look.

Let’s Begin Painting

First, using your chip brush, paint a coat of the antique white paint and allow to dry.

Painting the Pumpkin

Second, once dry using the antique paint use a stippling motion to add texture to the pumpkin also using the antique white paint.

After Some Stippling

Ordinarily I would cover an entire piece when painting and stippling. In this case, a bit of the green bleeding through very lightly adds depth to the pumpkin.

Next, I mixed moss green craft paint with a tiny dot of black to mix a deeper green you see in real pumpkins at our farmers market, I forget the name of them so if anyone knows leave a note in your comment, thank you.

Adding the Green Detail

Using your thin artists brush dip your tip into the green mixture and slowly follow the indentation on the pumpkin from top to bottom.

Adding the Green Detail
Adding the Green Detail
\Adding the Green Detail

Finishing Steps

Lastly, I applied a layer of light brown wax to the pumpkin especially to the seams. Adding the wax gives the pumpkin a similar look to real pumpkins found in nature.

\The Seams After Adding Wax

I also glued a real stem I saved from last year. Saving these is a great idea because they can bring a faux pumpkin alive.

\Finished Pumpkin After Rubbing in Wax and Styled

Elegant Painting Pumpkin Tutorials Smaller Pumpkin

Items Needed

  • Small chip brush
  • Antique white chalk paint

Because this pumpkin I used a dry brush technique this is a quick project. Incidentally, it may be quick but the outcome is beautiful.

Second Pumpkin

Dry brush with Jolie Antique white paint. This step uses very little paint and an important tip is to make sure you off load a bit of paint to achieve the dry brush appearance we are going for with this pumpkin.

Dry Brushing Second Pumpkin

Also for the stem, I dry brushed it with Jolie Farmhouse Beige since I didn’t have a real stem. This is great way to add a realistic touch to a fake stem.

By the way, in this photo notice from using a dry brush the green details still pop. Using these simple steps makes this pumpkin look very real as if you bought it from your local Farmer’s Market.

Second Pumpkin Finished and Styled

I also share another pumpkin tutorial you may like to try making a moss covered pumpkin.

Also visit my fall grapevine citrus wreath another great DIY and this will take you through the holiday season too!

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials for painting elegant pumpkins tutorials.

Do you think you will give this a try? I’d love to know what your thoughts are in the comments.

Now let’s hope over to what creative project Liberty’s sharing

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