Utilizing an architectural piece in my outdoor design

Hello to everyone, it was extremely hot in NJ this weekend! Let’s see what is new at Cloches and Lavender?

Today, I am utilizing an architectural piece in my outdoor design.

My Thrift Gate Find

I have been fortunate to find great pieces to add interest and character to our garden deck and yard.

Let’s Take a Look

I shared pieces recently found for our deck HERE

We have two doors on our shed, I made a wreath for one and thought, instead of making another wreath, an architectural piece to hanging would be different.

John went to pick up Florentine table, I will speak about in an upcoming post. This piece happened to be outside of the thrift store. He sent a picture and I loved it so he brought the piece home as well.

Having beautiful age and patina, I added a protective coat of Artisan Enhancement top coat.

Where Can This Be Found?

You can find it at Artisan Enhancement Top Coat

In Process

I like taking a bit of time to seal and save the patina on old pieces I find.

Finished Project

The gate is pretty from the street for our neighbors to enjoy, I feel it shows we love our home. Neighbors have stopped to mention the care and attention we give our home often asking, where can I find a home like yours?

Next summer this area will be filled with yellow Moonbeam Coreopsis we planted this year.

I hope the next time you are thrifting you think about adding an architectural element to your garden, deck or yard.

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11 thoughts on “Utilizing an architectural piece in my outdoor design

  1. What a great piece. I love that it is so sturdy looking but still has a nice style. Good job and you found the perfect spot for it. xo Diana

  2. Looks beautiful Cindy. I cannot wait to see the table. Have a great start to the new week.

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