Plantings Begin

Hello everyone hope a is well!

Planting has begun at our home and I couldn’t be happier.

NJ being hit so hard I was fretting over garden centers opening. Ours isn’t far from us at all. They have everyone wearing masks or you’re not allowed inside. They also only let in so many at once.

I told John what to look for an he found everything. I have the best hubby around, I’m blessed, truly.

Just wanted to give you a peek.


I hope you’re having gardening time at your home and enjoy your Memorial day! Speaking of which, please take time to remember all the fallen soldiers that have sacrificed everything to give us the freedoms we have today!

4 thoughts on “Plantings Begin”

  1. What kind of tree is that with the pretty purple flowers? I want one for myself, now!😁

  2. Love your sweet lavender tree. I got one and I hope it does all right with all the rain we have had. Looking good. Have a nice memorial day.

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