Weathered Buckets/Planters

Hello sweet friends, hope all is well!  Hoping in real quick to share quick finds I plan on using for plants on our deck this year.

We saw these on Instagram at the our thrifting spot.  They were a steal so John drove with his mask in hand to pick them up curbside for me, he’s the best!


The old dairy pail has such neat graphics so I added a clear coat of Artisan top coat to make it really stand out.

John and I love cars and we watch the auto channel and saw them add a clear coat to a rusted car.  Sounds weird but it looked gorgeous.


So, I decided to do it to the large pail.  Look how gorgeous the graphice are!


I can’t wait to fill these with plants!

I’m going to add them to our deck mixed with more formal planters we have had forever and received a face lift last season.

I’m love mixing very old with new an admirer of rustic and elegance!


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French décor is a favorite, along with my passion for painting furniture. I love upcycling and giving pieces new life in my home. As I love to Cook and Bake, sharing a favorite recipe happens here too.

22 thoughts on “Weathered Buckets/Planters

  1. First of all those planters are gorgeous just the way they are and you adding a little magic to the bigger one will just be the icing on the cake. Love the character of these. Have fun with them.

  2. I love your vintage containers, and these will look beautiful with flowers planted in them on your deck. I especially love the oblong copper container. I have seen these at antique shops, and they can cost a pretty penny. You definitely found a treasure! Take care, and happy Monday!

  3. What great finds and such a perfect way to preserve the graphics. xo Laura

  4. You found some great containers! I can’t wait to see how they look on your porch with plants in them.

  5. Oh my, Cindy! I just love your vintage containers! I so miss heading out to our local thrift stores and antique shops whenever I feel like it! Oh well, I guess I’m saving a little $ huh? Always the bright side!

    1. I do too. It’s awesome that ours posts on Instagram and stagers customers and does curbside pickup.

      They’re small business and need the income so if it’s something I love John my love goes

  6. These buckets are going to look amazing with your flowers in them. So much personality!!

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